• PG-13, 1 hr. 37 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Frank Oz
    In Theaters:
    Aug 13, 1999 Wide
    On DVD:
    Jan 18, 2000
  • Universal Studios


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Bowfinger Reviews

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Super Reviewer

September 7, 2013
"Bowfinger" embraces the horrible things that have always come from Hollywood, from the scams to breaking the law, and displays them in a very comedic way in this film, making a film that is clearly going to be terrible from the beginning. Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin shows their true acting talents here as Martin's character runs around the city trying to film Murphy's character to make a film with him as the main star. Things conveniently fall into place and some scenes feel bit easy, but in the end the film is a blast to watch and it really made me laugh a lot. It's not the greatest film in the world, but if you are a fan of films, you should have a blast watching this. The director had an eye for detail her and the screenplay is genius. "Bowfinger" is great!

Super Reviewer

June 27, 2010
Bowfinger is a terrific comedy film. Steve Martin delivers a great performance. I'm usually not a big fan of Eddie Murphy, but in this film he truly is hilarious and gives one terrific performance. A unique comedy, Bowfinger is different from other comedies. The humour is smart, and the acting is great. Which is something that won't appeal to many film viewers, but to those who love this type of humour, give this film a view. The films story is very original, and Martin and Murphy give hilarious performances.
Conner R

Super Reviewer

May 18, 2010
I actually think this is a great movie, it's Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy at the top of their game. Neither have made a better movie since, only making this look like even more of a gem. The movie within a movie aspect is done perfectly, I almost want to see a full version of the horrendous-yet-hilarious sci-fi epic they made. I think the shameless nature of a lot of the characters makes it a lot more realistic and likable than it might have been if they were good people.
Dan S

Super Reviewer

October 8, 2007
Occasionally very funny film concerning a down-on-his-luck movie producer who decides to shoot a movie with the biggest action star in the world - only he doesn't know he's in the movie. While the plot is very clever and it executes some things very well, at the end of the movie I couldn't help but feeling it had potential to be something so much better and funnier. It's definitely an average comedy, but with two huge comedy stars like Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, this thing could've been an absolute riot. I laughed, just not enough to give it a full recommendation.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 23, 2009
I think this film might just be the last time we see Eddie Murphy & Steve Martin being funny.
Jason O

Super Reviewer

August 15, 2009
While I was watching "Bowfinger," I was expecting it to be just a good comedy movie like most Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy movies. I was part right and part wrong. Steve Martin is a struggling filmmaker who wants to make a movie with action star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy). Mr. Bowfinger, (Steve Martin), develops a scheme in which he will make the movie with Kit as its main star by finding Kit at various locations and filming him without him knowing it.
Parts of "Bowfinger" are funny such as when Kit keeps hearing some footsteps and starts getting scared, not knowing that it's just a dog wearing two shoes that's being instructed by Mr. Bowfinger to walk or run. My only complaint is that the movie wasn't as funny as I thought it was gonna be, but it is real entertaining. If you're a Steve Martin or Eddie Murphy fan, I do recommend watching "Bowfinger." You probably won't be disappointed. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. I for one was very disappointed, especially for a Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin movie, even back then. But other people seemed to really like it, so I gave it a more favorable rating then than I would now or should have then.

Super Reviewer

August 9, 2009
The worse movie Steve Martin has ever done. Awful.
Aaron N

Super Reviewer

May 30, 2006
Bowfinger: Did you know that Tom Cruise didn't know he was in that vampire movie until two years later?

I love movies about the making of movies, like Get Shorty, Ed Wood, The Last Shot, and this movie.

Steve Martin wrote this movie about an unsuccessful filmmaker who gets a good script, but with no connections, decides to make the movie, using a big star, without this star knowing he's in the movie.

Dave: But movies cost millions of dollars to make.
Bowfinger: That's after gross net deduction profit percentage deferment ten percent of the nut. Cash, every movie cost $2,184.

Eddie Murphy is this star, in one of his best roles. He plays an egocentric movie star who is also subject to paranoia and depends on a Scientology-like group to help him get by.

Kit: The letter K appears in this script 1,456 times. That's perfectly divisible by 3.
Freddy: So what? So what you saying?
Kit: What am I saying? KKK appears in this script 486 times!

Murphy also plays another one of his best roles in this movie, as the star's brother, Jif, who gets involved in Bowfinger's film.

Bowfinger: Do you have any experience in motion pictures?
Jiff Ramsey: Uh, well, yeah, quite a bit, actually, I have quite a bit of experience. I'm an active, uh, renter at Blockbuster, and I, um, attend the filmed cinema, uh, as much as possible, weekly, bi-weekly, inter-week-... intermediately.
Bowfinger: Would you be willing to cut your hair?
Jiff Ramsey: [sighs] Oh, yes, but, uh, it's usually better if someone else does it. I've had a few... accidents.

This is a very funny movie, that combines a lot of Hollywood satire, with a fun well written story about a bunch of wannabe's trying to make the big time.

Director Frank Oz uses this story, its cast, which also includes supporting performances from Heather Graham, Jaime Kennedy, Christine Baranski, and Terrance Stamp, and the improv skills of both Martin and Murphy to make for a funny movie with many memorable scenes.

Kit Ramsey: Gotcha Suckers!

Super Reviewer

March 4, 2008
Underrated comedy about making independent movies, great film.
Ross C

Super Reviewer

April 15, 2007
Film director attempts to shoot a film without the main star's consent.

Super Reviewer

October 30, 2006
There are some genuinely hilarious moments in this somewhat uneven movie written and directed by Steve Martin, with Eddie Murphy terrific in his dual role and Heather Graham hilarious as a starlet who will do anything to get her big break.

Super Reviewer

November 1, 2007
Before Eddie Murphy seemed to turn his back on films for an older audience and started pandering to kids, he was part of this gem. A great idea delivered to us by great talents.

The concept is one that is so simple yet so brilliant you wonder why no one had tried something of its nature at that point. The idea of making a movie without the actor ever knowing it leads to some promising scenes with the trick being getting the right responses that seem reasonable to the scene in question.

The second point needed to pull it off is the ability to talk your way out of strange situations that arise and to do so with some credibility. And with Steve Martin's character, he's like a used car salesman in the world's biggest car yard. Pitting Bobby Bowfinger with a seemingly optimistic cast and crew makes for many laughs and allows Bobby to do what he does best: be a smooth talking schemer.

Couple that with the blows at so-called religions and you have another solid effort before the two leads, Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, would go on to abominations like Pink Panther and Norbit respectively.

Super Reviewer

October 23, 2007
eddie murphy sucks. period.

Super Reviewer

September 29, 2007
stupidlly funny

Super Reviewer

July 22, 2007
Bowfinger is a desperate producer who wants to make a movie. Hilarious cast and plot.
Jason S

Super Reviewer

December 28, 2006
Nope. Not good.

Super Reviewer

December 28, 2006
A rare aberration from Hollywoods two biggest sell-outs. An enjoyable send-up of the movie making system and themselves. Mildly reminiscent of Peter Sellers' After The Fox.
Jon L

Super Reviewer

June 22, 2006
Funny movie.
Lanning :

Super Reviewer

April 1, 2006
This is the most interesting role(s) Murphy has ever attempted. Although he's history now, barring a major comeback, you could believe that he really had the right stuff in this. I actually thought he really was an actor when I saw this. He was so good on SNL. I wanted Murphy to do way more with his chances. What a waste. When you are one of the lucky ones, you must capitalize on your good fortune. A very good movie.
Steven V

Super Reviewer

October 27, 2007
This movie was really funny. Steve Martin and Eddy Murphy play off each other nicely. Though the movie tends to slow down towards the end, its still a good time.
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