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Seventeen year-old Nathan is in love with Jessica but he just can't pluck up the courage to ask her out. To make matters worse, Samson the school bully is convinced that Nathan is making moves on his flirtatious girlfriend, Cheryl.Then Jessica and Nathan's best friends take matters into their own hands and set them up on a date. However, thanks to the interference of Jessica's disapproving father, the plan falls apart. Mistakenly led to believe that Jessica is going all the way with local lothario Kenneth, Nathan ends up drunk and alone in his bedroom. One careless, but fatal, accident later.But Nathan's mother Grace is not about to let her son go. Seizing upon an old voodoo book she has discovered in the local church, Grace performs a restorative ritual on Nathan and brings him back to life. When he wakes up, Nathan is none the wiser. Except that now he can't feel any pain, he has no pulse and he has a strong desire to eat human flesh.That night, outside the school disco, Nathan is set upon by Samson. He loses control and takes a bite out of Samson's ear. Spitting the flesh out, he runs home and barricades himself in his house. But now Samson has the need to eat, and is keen to sate his hunger. The infection is spreading, with horrific and bloody consequences for the whole neighbourhood.As Grace races to find a way of undoing the voodoo spell, Nathan struggles to save his friends and gorgeous Jessica before he turns against them.In 'Boy Eats Girl' the horror of school takes on a whole new meaning. Forget about the threat of the classroom bully, the anxiety of the rugby field or even the dread of being spurned by the girl you fancy; when your schoolmates develop a taste for human flesh it pays to know who your friends are, and what they've been eating. --© Official Sitemore
Rating: R
Genre: Horror, Art House & International, Comedy
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... [L]ike a lot of uber-low budget living dead films, it ultimately suffers from a lack of zombies.

Full Review… | June 18, 2008

It's a pretty kick ass rom-zom-com that deserves at least a viewing. I'll see it again when it comes to the US...

Full Review… | July 10, 2007
Film Threat

Fun, plain and simple. Don't expect biting social commentary (pun intended), laugh-out-loud humor, or anything groundbreaking for the zombie genre.

Full Review… | March 22, 2006
Dread Central

Full Review… | December 7, 2007
Eye for Film

Full Review… | April 4, 2006
Film Threat

Full Review… | January 31, 2006
Film Ireland Magazine

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Hilarious! The movie follows a close group of friends in a small town. Nathan and Jessica secretly like each other, but cannot find the courage to tell each other about their feelings. At the insistence of Henry and Diggs, Nathan decides to tell Jessica. Cruelly, Jessica's father tells him that she's on another date. On his way home, he sees her in a classmate's car. Assuming that she's not at all what she appears to be, Nathan gets drunk and accidentally hangs himself. Distraught, his mother decides to use a voodoo book to bring him back. Although it didn?t completely work, Nathan is led to believe he's fine until he can no longer curb his hunger which causes an outbreak of reanimated people. Jessica, Diggs, and Henry must fend themselves off.
Great cast- David Leon, Samantha Mumba, Sara James, Laurence Kinlan, Tadhg Murphy, Deirdre O'Kane, and Mark Huberman. Worthy!

Leo L

Super Reviewer


The Irish know how to do horror. I was pleasantly surprised when i pulled this up on my instant play on netflix. It pays homage to zombie films before it, which I love.

raechel gasparac

[i][b]Naked Lunch [/b][/i]>> Very odd little trip of a movie. Entertaining and creative in its own way.

[i][b]Radio Days[/b][/i] >> I love Woody Allen and all, but I wasn't too thrilled with this bland era film about the boom of the radio and how it affected the everyday family.

[i][b]Boy Eats Girl[/b][/i] >> Cheesy and funny B-movie with zombies.

[i][b]Michael Clayton[/b][/i] >> Very good suspense thriller.

[i][b]The Great Yokai War[/b][/i] >> Somewhat imaginative, lacks focus.

Casey Bruno

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