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October 27, 2011
A genius piece of animation that makes me cry and feel for a the little guys in the world.
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September 5, 2010
A nice kids movie, it's very funny and cute. If you like the Charlie Brown movies you should see it. I really liked this movie.
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May 8, 2008
The first ever Peanuts theatrical feature that was Oscar nominated for Best Original Score in 1969. This was the original and the first ever theatrical feature(this was the first of four sequels) featuring Charlie Brown and the whole Peanuts gang with an impressive script written by Charles Schultz. This set the standard for some of the most breathtaking animation that you will ever see.
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December 2, 2011
A genius piece of animation that makes me cry and feel for a the little guys in the world.
January 12, 2015
It was a very funny, really cute and really entertaining animated family film. It had really nice animation, very good voice cast, great characters, great comedy, great drama, great adventure, really well done backgrounds, very jazzy music and a very interesting story. I haven't seen this movie in a very long time. This is going to be one of my favorite Peanuts movies I've ever seen in my whole life. I really recommend this movie to both kids and adults.
November 10, 2014
I watched this today for the first time since I was 5 or 6, and with the exception of a couple of musical sequences that were WAY too long, I loved it as much as I did back then. This is a great film for any Peanuts fan.
½ February 16, 2013
It had been many years since I watched this movie - on TV, as a child (it was released theatrically some months before I was born). I've never forgotten the spelling bee and Snoopy's jaw harp; in fact, years later I actually bought a jaw harp to play with because I remembered seeing it in this cartoon as a child. When I watched it today I was actually shocked a little at how mean-spirited the kids are toward Charlie Brown in the first half of the movie - not that kids can't be cruel, but I'm surprised seeing it up there on the screen in such a concentrated amount. Also, the long psychedelic digressions (like the one where Shroeder plays an entire piece on the piano) seem a bit self-indulgent and unnecessary to me now... I imagine in 1969 they had children squirming in their theater seats.

However, there are some very memorable things about the film - I already mentioned the jaw harp "I before E" sequence that stuck with me for going on forty years, and I love some of the more loveable parts like Linus's dance with his blanket when he gets it back from having been "lost" by Charlie Brown. And I did appreciate (especially now that televisions have adopted the more theater-like "widescreen" aspect ratio) how the scenes were composed to take advantage of the larger format of the film screen. I realize that this is a Peanuts classic, and it certainly has those things going for it, but those few glaring weaknesses keep me from giving it four or five stars.
November 27, 2010
Enduring characters can't save this movie from trippy graphics, insufferable music, and a whole ton of complaining and wining from the characters.
March 24, 2010
charile brown has a great idea of an older classic cartoon based on a comic strip in the newspaper called the peanuts charlie brown was made and is still around just like mickey mouse
½ April 24, 2008
Seeing "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" running and trying to kick the football is the most memorable film moment ever. Sadly, he never did. But good film, though.
November 22, 2008
This premiere Peanuts movie succeeds in much the same way as their first TV special, "A Charlie Brown Christmas." It deals with more of the heartfelt problems of adolescence while moving the drama along with great gags and memorable songs. A nice variety of pop 60's animation techniques are inserted in spots to keep the momentum going. It's unfortunate that the later Peanuts films were not as lively, but at least we have this one to keep Charlie Brown's place among the stars of Hollywood.
½ April 4, 2007
I was disappointed with the youth of schultz's imagination. They should have thrown Charlie a party when he got back from the spelling bee!
½ February 19, 2007
orginal heref them were, if you love charlie brown, you will love this one. poor guy always getting kicked around! :) :)
½ November 25, 2011
At the time of its release before Disney's masterpiece of Winnie the Pooh, the charming feature film of the Peanuts gang was one of the best films of the 60s with its same charms of cute and funny, and it's also one of the many best animated films of the 20th century. (A)

(Full review coming soon)
½ May 29, 2014
By golly this is a sweet and funny little movie! Tell you the truth I only have a very vague recollection of watching the ''Peanuts'' cartoons when I was young, and I'd completely forgotten about all these lovable characters, and the sincere yet offbeat nature Charles M.Schulz's writing.

The characters are great. The somewhat hapless yet eternally optimistic Charlie Brown is, of course, very easy to root for. Then we have Linus, Charlie's sage companion who has a childish habit of carrying around a blue blanket(which he refers to as his ''spiritual tourniquet''). Lucy Van Pelt is a bit like a precursor to Angelica Pickles from the Rugrats; Bossy and temperamental, she is quick to point out Charlie's many flaws. And, of course, there's Snoopy. The most iconic beagle of time provides hilarious visual gags and some splendid mouth-harp playing.

The story is slight, but contains buckets of wit, charm and wisdom: Essentially Charlie Brown is feeling a little depressed. From pitching at baseball to flying a kite, he just can't seem to get anything right. In an experiment to see if he is truly doomed to failure, Charlie decides to enter the school spelling bee. The movie has a surreal edge and a lot of humour that would probably go over the heads of small children. The kids in the movie don't speak exactly like every day real kids, but rather convey an endearing and frequently hilarious blend of smart-aleck precociousness and vulnerable childishness.

To raise a sore point, there are some truly horrible songs in this movie, courtesy of Rod McKuen. They really don't seem to match the tone of the movie at all, and the lyrics are so lazy and clumsy it's as if they were thrown together in five minutes. Luckily, most of them are ignorable enough, save for the mopie and violin-laden 'Charlie has a Way,' which is almost unendurable. Good grief it's bad! Such sap is an insult to the genuinely smart script and bright characters. All in all, though, this is a very funny and smart movie, which also sports a brilliant message of stoic endurance in the face of adversity.
October 24, 2013
With quirky humor, likable characters and authentic approach, A Boy Named Charlie Brown is an almost flawless film and Snoopy is hilarious. The ending is so bald and unique that you start wonder why aren't more films like this. It has such a strong message and realistic ending, emotional resonance, great character development and humor, which are all the reasons why A Boy Named Charlie Brown should be placed in every critics' list of top ten animated films of all time.
October 14, 2013
Spent the entire afternoon watching Peanuts movies :) This film is good.
July 16, 2013
I prefer the half-hour TV Peanuts specials to their full-length features. You can only do so much with these characters.
February 1, 2013
Not only do I think this a great movie, but It's probably one of the best movies I've ever seen!
April 26, 2013
With a lot of wit and a whole lot of heart, is there any wonder that the peanut films are such classics?
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