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It's a safe experience; but safe, in this case, is better than sorry.

June 22, 2012 Full Review Source: Christian Science Monitor | Comments (6)
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Maggie Willis

Maggie Willis

To all the critics who claim that "Brave" was "safe": "Brave" is a movie that stars a girl who has no love interest *at all.* Not even a love interest as a subplot. There IS NO KIDS MOVIE LIKE THAT. NOT ONE. Even Mulan had a love subplot.

When was the last time you saw a kids movie (or any movie at all!) in which
a Mother/Daughter team re-wrote tradition, kicked butt, solved a centuries-old political mystery together, and mended their relationship with the help of a charming "witch"?

You'll have to tell me all about the "safe" movies like these, because I want to see many, many more like them.

Jun 24 - 04:47 PM


Someone Someone

Though I'd agree with you that this movie treats its characters with much more respect and development than most, I think the critics who call this film "safe" are referring to its rather standard-set structure. You know, all the stuff about the young princess wanting to break tradition and the stuff about the curses and stuff and yeah. However, I believe that the simplicity of the story is what allows for the characters to be so well developed.

Jun 25 - 07:48 PM


Jeffy Bmed

Re: Maggie - that's a good point. While I also felt the movie played it pretty safe, you're right that having no love interest for the princess is indeed a break from tradition, and I hadn't really thought about it that way. On the other hand, if they really wanted a better twist - they could have made at least one of the prospects at least marginally attractive, and then still set her up to have no interest in a forced union. The fact that all three were complete idiots didn't exactly make it admirable in any way for her to reject them. But I do agree, it was refreshing no to have the princess falling head over heals for a prince she barely knows.

Aug 6 - 08:10 PM

Amanda Andrews

Amanda Andrews

North Carolina

Jun 26 - 01:58 AM

Erin Waldie

Erin Waldie

While it did try and be original with the princess wanting to be single that does not make it a good film. The animation made it tolerable but disney botched it and the character is not unique she reminds me alot like Katness in Hunger Games but written for a younger audience. How is this original? It was worse then cars..

Jun 30 - 04:19 PM

Michael Collins

Michael Collins

For one, the accents were just too annoying. I thought I could handle it, but there were times in the film I just wanted the main character to do sign language, because I just wanted her to shut up. I usually don't speak in this manner for Disney animated movies but since their popping out 3d films like hot cakes, and making millions off of them so it wouldn't hurt. I think I can literally count this film sequences on my fingers, or map out the movie's storyboard in a flip book. It was just that simplistic as some would say, with beautiful environments, though story was never worth its exploration. Yes there were a combination of other Disney films involved in this movie yet I notice the more movies Disney pops out lately, the least interesting the characters become. Well that is unless they are applying more installments to their older well developed stories and characters such as Toy Story for example. Sure Brave submitted a positive message, visually appealing landscapes and witty humor to keep us entertained. Yet the journey seemed forgettable and the characters unbearable.

Aug 5 - 09:51 PM

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