Warner Bros. Responds to "No More Female Films" Rumors


It seems that reports of Warner Bros. president of production Jeff Robinov's misogyny were greatly exaggerated. Back to Article



Arend Anton

Amen, brother!

Oct 10 - 01:22 PM


damv bat

I bet a good batgirl movie would be great

Oct 10 - 02:27 PM


Arend Anton

Now that has to be a joke.

Oct 10 - 02:34 PM


Steven Johnson

Don't forget about the Resident Evil movies. Granted they aren't the best movies around, but they do sell well enough to warrant a trilogy.

Oct 10 - 02:33 PM


Arend Anton

Now that has to be a joke.

Oct 10 - 02:34 PM


Mike Gainer

dumb chicks, speak for yourself. My girlfriend LOVES action films. Im the one that likes the prissy ****.

Female leads are ok, its just when the female actress sucks, the movie sucks. I LOVED DOMINO, i love Milla Jovovich, and underworld works too.

Female lead action films CAN BE DONE (Kill bill baby baby), they just need to be done right and Jodie Foster was in panic room...which means all she can do is run and call the police. Jk, she did silence of the lambs.

So what if the movie canned, that doesnt mean that female leads dont work.

In society we are meant to believe girls cant be physical. Trust me when I say that a rare few know how to throw down.

Oct 10 - 02:49 PM


Jim Huete

thank god girls have cooties anyways

Oct 10 - 03:06 PM


jonathan edwards

Uma Therman in Kill Bill, and Segournie Weaver in the Alien Films should be enough proof that you can have an Extremely good action movie without a male role. I would argue that Silence of the Lambs,Contact, and Fargo could fit into this catagorie also. Too many action movies try to make the female star all about being sexy/flirty. When you take that away and simply treat the main star as an actor you get a much better, less explotative movie.

Take out the gimic (big breasted chick with gun) and make it about the story/action you get a better movie.

Oct 10 - 04:35 PM


nicholas butler

Have you guys forgetten 2 of the best movies made had a female hero and first it was horror then action horror. Alien and aliens.

Oct 10 - 05:17 PM

mike the movie sage

Mike Sage

It certainly bothers me that female-driven films tank at the box office, and believebility has NOTHING to do with it Mr. Norgard. You don't respect women as possible beacons of athleticism. Do comic book heroes (with POWERS) or gun-toting vengeance seekers need a penis? Yes a lot of flicks starring women have sucked (the Reaping, Premonition and the Invasion are amongst the worst flicks this year) but so are many starring men that MEN and WOMEN will somehow decide to see anyway. On the note of Catwoman and Elektra, yes, they pieces of ****e? Of course, but that doesn't fully explain awful OPENING grosses, when flicks like Daredevil and particularly Ghost Rider can make fabulous dough at the opening turnstiles before petering off to average 100M grosses.

Straight boys don't respect women, it's as simple as that. However, WOMEN are to blame for the underperformance of women at the BO. They account for 52% of the population and of moviegoers. They have no issue accompanying their boyfriends to see Adam Sandler, testosterone-drenched action and comic adapts like Spiderman, when they presumably don't care or identify, but what about the other side of the coin? EVEN romantic comedies topbilled ladies [unless they're Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon] can't pull in grosses like the boys' (Hitch - Will Smith; anything by Adam Sandler; What Women Want - Mel Gibson). If women want to see good films, action or otherwise with female leads, it's time to develop a spine and stand up for your own gender.

Just so it's clear, this MALE poster loves a solid film driven by a woman: anything Jodie Foster sans Flightplan, including Contact and the Brave One, Erin Brockovich, Mr. and Mrs. Smith (equally Brangelina, both paid 20M a piece), anything with Cate Blanchett and the list does go on. It seems for female-driven comedies, actions and dramas to perform at the box office, they actually have to be GOOD, the fundamental difference to male-led movies.

Oct 10 - 05:35 PM

Jay B.

Jay Bloggs

An action hero, by its very definition, denotes an individual whose physical martial prowess transcends them above the mundane. In other words, they HAVE to be good at fighting. Regardless of how many 'kick ass' women you know from your local martial arts club the bottom line is - men are better at fighting than women. period. No question.

When women start seriously competing against men in the heavy weight division of the UFC or boxing ring then fine, I'll concede I was wrong.

Hell, women don't even compete against men at professional tennis, women play only 3 sets as the 5 sets men play is considered too much for them.

Sorry but a 100lb girl/woman with a ponytail and tight black jeans killing hordes of psychotic ninjas is beyond unbelievable, it's just stupid.

Ripleys character in Alien was perfect, she showed bravery and courage in the face of horror, but what she didn't do was take the alien on in hand-to-hand combat! In that respect I don't believe that her character could be classified as an 'action hero', of course in Aliens...

May 10 - 06:32 AM


Matt Perri

Girls in the lead can do just as well with guys in the lead.

I'm a total sucker for a guy movie but half the guy movies, while they rake in silos full of dollar bills at the box office, almost all of them have been decent to fair.

I'm sick of this debate.

I would much rather choose Drew Barrymore over Shia LeBouf.
I would much rather watch Jodie Foster over Vin Diesel.

And for the record, I would much rather watch Angelina Jolie get it on in "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" than watch a bunch of oily, sweaty half-nekkid men fight in ultra-like-we're-swimming-around-in-a-giant-fish-tank-slow-mo in "300", the most hyped-up, overrated, homo-erotic film of the decade.

Oct 10 - 05:40 PM


brian Firenzi

Man, this argument's been kicking around for a while.

It's so easy to write teenage boys off as arrogant, hormone-driven misogynists with a low self-esteem streak because they, and they alone, determine whether your movie will gross enough to get you that summer house in Malibu. So you get angry when they don't seem to support a Jodie Foster movie, because, what, they think their genetalia will fall off if they do? If we could stop scampering for the easy answer for just a second, and look an inch deeper, we'd see how unpredictable the market is.

The only divining rod we have is good advertising.

I'm talking about trailers that people don't laugh at, 30-second TV spots that clearly give you everything you need to know, billboards and bus ads that present the film as an attractive, entertaining way to spend $10 for a night. Nothing in the advertising for "The Brave One" or "The Invasion" showed me why I should come. I don't want to get into the details of how unattractive those movies looked, because that's more about me than what the general public thought, but suffice to say they failed at whatever it was they were going for. Who cares if it's Arnold Schwarzenegger who wants his dog back, or if Bruce Willis is behind the wheel as plant people swarm his car? They looked bad, I heard bad things, case closed.

To anyone who says different, I welcome your interpretations on the matter, but the teenage boy is your friend, not your enemy. I used to be one, I know what it's like. If you scold him for not seeing Jodie Foster cut her hair and hold her face, I guarantee you he'll do it again.

Oct 10 - 06:44 PM


cody yeahruight


What is with the entertainment industry and caring about small, useless bull**** like this. OMG WARNER ISN'T MAKING MOVIES WITH FEMALE LEADS.

Oct 10 - 08:07 PM


mike stauber

Just as far as the original rumor goes, did it ever cross their minds that maybe these movies didn't do well at the box office because they were Bad Whether or not they had female leads?

Oct 10 - 09:19 PM


Puddin Tame

Stoober, you said exactly what I was going to say. To say otherwise is to ignore countless examples to the contrary.

Oct 11 - 12:12 AM


Hugh Gilmore

GUNNM/Battle Angel Alita. 'nuff said.

Oct 11 - 02:45 AM


Chris Gipson

All this gender equality **** is so "publically correct."

Face the facts. Women are not intimidating. They can have their moments, sure, but nine-times-out-of-ten a man is going to emit a more fearsome aura, and you need that for an action movie. You need people to honestly believe that the character is legit, and until women stop spending half the day crying, they're not going to be taken seriously in an action role. They just look out of place.

Kill Bill was awesome, sure, but Uma Thurman was more of a man, then a woman, in that movie. Even knowing that, there's still plenty of badasses I'd promote before her, and they're all men.

People need to realize that men and women are not equal, and are quite different from one another. I think we even out overall, but we're hardly equal in anything. Imposing your will physically is a man thing, not a woman thing. Women impose mentally, we impose physically. That's our expertise, and women trying to play that role will ultimately fail, because they can't do it like us.

Oct 11 - 03:26 AM


First Last

This guy is a jerk. Probably an American one, too.

Nov 23 - 10:18 PM


First Last

Backward is your society.

Nov 23 - 10:19 PM

Rusty Broomhandle

Jaco Gerber

So you're saying that men are stupid?

I used to practice Kung Fu, and I can tell you that there were a lot of women in my class that could kick your *** from here to Bangkok and back.

Personally I think Trinity worked better as an action hero than Neo did in The Matrix. As others have said, Ripley was awesome, and she was no less of a woman. She got by on resourcefulness, which made it more interesting than pure brute. Same goes for Sarah Connor. And hey, how about River in Serenity?

Where things like Elektra, Aeon Flux, and Catwoman fail, is that the characters are still written to appeal to teenage boys, so they make them all about the sex, and forget to develop their characters any further. It's all in the writing, which is for the most part just plain boring.

Oct 11 - 04:07 AM


kyle T

You wanna know the biggest problem. Scripters are too afraid to write for women. Directors and studios are too afraid to cast a women. There's only a handful of women with names that draw crowds. And its a neverending cycle. Directors and studios know that they can find a male lead for action movies that will bring in the money. Making money as a muscular big name actor has little to do with quality of a movie. Quality only has to do with staying power, how to make a classic. Well looky here, Alien is a classic, and its as memorable as Die Hard. James Cameron wasn't afraid to cast a woman, and look what it got his movie. But thats a problem too, the first movie was brilliant because of the way it surprised people. Oh a woman could actually do that. Damn right she could. Studios don't want to put a lot of faith into female led movies. Studios are as sexist as two thirds of the audience. But every once in a while you get a director, and a woman, who can handle it all.

Oct 11 - 11:34 AM


Stephen Abang


Oct 11 - 07:15 PM


First Last

You are a Moron because you're an American.

Nov 23 - 10:14 PM

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