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Who's Ready for a "Modern-Day Breakfast Club"?


Stop us if you've heard this one before: Five people, each from different walks of life, are forced into close quarters...and they walk away friends. Back to Article



Big Brother

I think you kinda missed the point of the original salsafish. Most people who lived in the midwest of that time in suburban America will tell you the original Breakfast Club was incredibly insightful. Of course people aren't that good looking in real life, but that's Hollywood. How does being in a minority make someone more real? Again at that time in the place it was set having minority characters would have been simple pandering to the politically correct. I grew up in Iowa and the entire time I was in school we had 1 black student, 1 hispanic kid and a handful of Indians from the reservation and No it wasn't because the people in the town were racists and ran all the minorities out. It's because it was a small town where everyones families had lived there for 150 years. The thing about the Breakfast Club which appeals I think to the majority of people is that it made the statement that pretty much everyone is a minority, everyone is odd and feels excluded even the kids who everyone thinks have it all have problems. Our society has forgotten that and become a "Well you think you've had it tough, look at me"-society. Everyone has obstacles they have to overcome and the surest way not to overcome them is by pissing and moaning about how no one's going to help you. Why should someone help you if you're not going to help yourself. Sorry got off on a bit of a tangent there.

Mar 3 - 11:32 AM


Daniel Klein

I'm fairly certain this was a pitch line, much the same as "It's like Die Hard-- ON a BUS!" or "In the tradition of Wizard of Oz.."

I can honestly say I can SEE a comparison to BC based upon the synopsis, but referencing a successful movie is a pretty far cry from making your own decent one. And it does NOT help if you are a protege' of McG -- kind of like saying Wee Man is an 'acting protege' of Johnny Knoxville.

Mar 3 - 11:53 AM


Tommy D

I'm not ready for it. I'm ready for a movie with an original idea. Hollywood often seems fresh out of those.

Mar 3 - 12:07 PM


Greg Guro

I used to say, "McG" can't be the anti-Christ, he doesn't have any followers!

But now, I gather he has a "protege"/Apprentice?

Time to get my *** to Church and wait this one out.

Mar 3 - 01:02 PM


Nick Bernardino

more like the terminal...the breakfast club doesnt have a patent on movies with people in closed quaters

Mar 3 - 01:05 PM

~*Admiral Snowstorm*~

Dominique Amsterdam

Don't forget Fourthmeal.

Well, like just about every remake of every good movie, this is a horrendous idea. I can only hope they don't mess it up too much.

Mar 3 - 01:43 PM


Eric Schulze

Ha, leftover at denny's. Classic.

Mar 3 - 01:54 PM


Richard Robertson

This makes me wonder if Uwe Boll has a protege?

Mar 3 - 02:07 PM


halibut halibut

I didn't miss the point of the original: There are people who have problems, and there are people who think they do.

The reason that this comment is about movies is that 'the hollywood formula' that everyone gets sick of is not a lack of innovation, it's the endless repetition of the same tedious after-school message: "everyones the same, everyone's different, work harder and you will succeed."

I don't even believe that, and if I did I would still be sick of it by now. This is something that could change, and it could result in a good movie again. Drawing idealogical lines in the sand may stir up conflict, but they sure as **** make for a better story.

Mar 3 - 02:29 PM


connor story


Mar 3 - 02:41 PM


Chris Scharlau

Who the **** does this mcg think he is scorsese? Hes an *** hole trying to have an ego and he sounds like a porn star.

Mar 3 - 02:54 PM


Chris Foudy

Well we all saw this one coming...

Mar 3 - 03:18 PM


Newage Lightbulb

You know, there are few things more irritating than the way people constantly complain about not seeing enough of their particular pet ethnic group in their particular pet medium. 'The Breakfast Club' was written and directed by a white guy who went to a mostly-white high school. So, big shock, the people on screen were white.

Where did this moronic mentality come from that everything you see has to have a certain percentage of every type of person in it? Oh, yeah, from liberalism. The root of all evil.

If you have a problem with white people, that's your racism. Not theirs. And you're certainly free to make your own all-whatever version of the Breakfast Club. But hurry b/c Cedric the Entertainer might just beat you to it.

Mar 3 - 05:37 PM


halibut halibut

I don't have a pet ethnic group, and I don't really believe anyone else does, either. Since I'm responsible for this offtopic, I'll try to get it back on track.

If the movie explores deeper issues than the original it won't be a complete train wreck. And by 'deeper' I don't mean pregnancy, politics, drug use, extramarital sex, etc, and yes, racism, ie all the little pedestrian concerns that are new to this particular generation. I mean deeper divisions between real groups of people: religious ideaologies, immobile social castes, chronic or incurable sicknesses, mental illness, immigrants that sharply drop in social status once they set foot in the USA, etc. Anything that challenges this country's current media standards could potentially be genius. Nothing inciendiary, just questions about assumptions. TBC was basically a children's movie, and a sequel could graduate the concept a little.

Mar 3 - 06:29 PM


Newage Lightbulb

Yeah man, that sounds like a real fun time at the movies.

Mar 4 - 10:32 AM


Link O'Fett

Hmm, this sounds interesting. I'm a fan of The Breakfast Club, so this sounds cool to me.

Mar 3 - 08:21 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

ThinPhantom & Dinobot77 & sfsilver & andygates23 & jacog &

AntonChigurh& OperaGhost21 & tomwaitsjr... all you guys deserve honory rotten

tomatoe badges of honor for some truely memorable McG insults that are

competely and utterly right on and i only wish i could come up with

something as brilliant as OperaGhost21 saying "This makes me wonder if Uwe

Boll has a protege?" or tomwaitsjr with my personal fave, " used to

say, "McG" can't be the anti-Christ, he doesn't have any followers! But now,

I gather he has a "protege"/Apprentice? Time to get my *** to Church and

wait this one out." Damn, if only the hollywood was run by people like you

who have taste, talent and integrity unlike the worthless McG and his

supposed hellspawn, Anna Mastro who don't deserve to be directing a freakin'

flavor flav movie let alone a remake of this alltime John Hughs classic. hey,

I think i can end my post with this powerful quote "I just made a funny"!

- Master Splinter from "Teenage mutant ninja turtles"

Mar 3 - 10:03 PM


Nicolaas van Oss

Why do they even bother reporting this? Every single thing about this sounds terrible.

Mar 3 - 10:13 PM


George Foster

Sounds terrible.

Mar 4 - 12:25 AM


Jakob C.

I'll only be interested if they pull a lesson from the Donnor party and one of them gets cannibalized.

Mar 4 - 01:16 AM


Newage Lightbulb

Yeah man, that sounds like a real fun time at the movies.

Mar 4 - 10:32 AM

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