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March 23, 2007
Robb and Hutcherson shine in this movie, It reaches out, grabs your heart strings and doesnt stop pulling till the very end. Me and my girls all cried.
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September 18, 2011
Bridge to Terabithia is one of the worst films that I've seen. I felt that this film was terrible because everything about the film was overdone. The acting and story seemed way too over the top for my taste. I felt that the story was pretty cheesy and overall pretty dumb. The acting was so bad and the film was pretty boring. This film lacks anything engaging and really is a waste of time. Until I saw Passchendaele, this was the worst film I had seen. Bridge to Terabithia is a wasted opportunity and the film fails to entertain. At least, it failed to entertain me. The film was very laughable. This is a film that is plainly a waste of time. I felt that the filmmakers missed the mark with this one, and it really didn't deliver anything entertaining or interesting for that matter. There's absolutely nothing good about this. The story was terrible, and the actors over did it. Bridge to Terabithia is a family film that really doesn't work, and is just pointless to watch. I really didn't enjoy this film, and I think it should've never been made in the first place. This film joins select unfortunate family films that really don't do anything to appeal to anyone. I'm trying to understand why this film is so "good" because it's not. The film is a dud, and I found it to be very boring and dull.
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½ June 17, 2011
I must say I did not see the second half of the film coming at all, it blew my emotional feelings in. It is not a film for children if you ask me. It is a charming, loving, and magical tale about a boy and girl who become friends and each is a little different, and they find a forest and make it there magical world, but then tragedy occurs. The young actors are amazing, they truly capture the drama and happiness. Don't show them this movie expecting the next Narnia, there is something much more dramatic in this movie, but I didn't like how Disney was advertising this as a sweet fantasy, when its not really. It was a great drama but dont take your kids to this.
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August 1, 2009
Not as much fun as it could have been but packs a bit of a punch with the ending. Full review later.
michael e.
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½ February 1, 2011
Great acting with great plot and drama
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October 22, 2010
Didn't realize that I read the book in 5th grade until the emotional climax of the movie. It was a good adaptation but this movie, like the book, is ridiculously sad in the face. Subtract .5 stars because of the wallowing sadness, really deep story for the children but the sadness is wallowing by the end.
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June 2, 2007
I loved this movie. It was beautiful.
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½ July 21, 2010
i hadnt read the book so i didnt know what the ending was and i was actually suprised that it didnt have your normal disney kid movie ending and i mean that in a good way. the movie is good but it moves slow in parts. i dont regret seeing it. B
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½ June 25, 2007
"So I realize that if it's hard for me, how much harder it must be for you."

There are very few movies that inspire a genuine emotional response from me. Something beyond the superficial momentary humor, happiness, and sadness that is the basis of so many films. Movies like The Wrestler, Million Dollar Baby, and Forrest Gump all take the viewer beyond the passive experience of watching, to the active experience of feeling exactly what the characters are feeling. Bridge to Terabithia is most definitely another one of those movies. I kid you not when I tell you that the last part of the movie left me stunned in a way that took me quite a while to get over.

It's also one of the best films about what being a kid is actually like. Dealing with issues that adults can't even handle well, like loss and loneliness and problems at home. And it handles those issues in an adult way that pushes Bridge to Terabithia far beyond the label of "kid's movie". Sure, it's about friendship and imagination and other topics that are the cornerstones of movies for kids, but those subjects are only the tip of the iceberg.

There isn't much fault to find with it, beyond the heavy emotional toll it may take on those who are too young or unprepared to deal with the subject matter. There are a few unnecessary and non-mainstream ideas about Christianity that the movie would have been better served by leaving out, but I can't find fault with anything else. The cast was great, the special effects were imaginative and well done, and all the elements combined together in manner that just felt "right". This is a sweet, genuine, and heartbreaking story that should be seen by anyone and everyone who has the emotional maturity to handle it.
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September 4, 2007
i really didnt enjoy this movie!!
its not really what i expected and i guess thats why i didnt particularly enjoy this movie!!
it just bored me and didnt havve as mush fantasy that i was expecting and was hoping for i just found the story really stupid and pointless !!
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½ February 25, 2007
This film's mistake is getting promoted as Fantasy film the likes of Harry Potter or something, which it is certainly not. There are fantastic elements, but they are few and all in the children's imagination. One should be aware of that before expecting something entirely different from this movie. It's more a fantastic variety of "My girl", a coming of age story about dealing with loss and the power of your imagination. The kids' and adult acting is great and it's very nicely filmed, just all around really likable. But I couldn't help it, the film made me incredibly sad and the ending could not make up for that. I don't often say this, but parents really should watch this with their kids, because they may feel the same way I did.
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½ January 28, 2010
I couldn't believe that the girl really died at the end. That was something unexpected. But anyway, this was nice. Especially good for kids.
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January 26, 2010
Majorly Imaginative! This movie delivers for people of all ages! Please make an unnecessary sequel! I'll be first in line! It's hard to make me cry, but I had tears!
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½ April 5, 2009
Interesting one this....I thought it was gonna be a kind of Narnia style film but it wasn't, its mainly based in reality and has two kids using their imagination to escape their boring bullied lives. Not totally original and not totally that interesting either. Its very well acted by the two kids and also has very good supporting actors including T2's Robert Patrick.

Buts thats about it, really great acting but alittle dull. You get bits of the fantasy world of Terabithia but thats it, you'll be yearning for more, Terabithia looks great with orges, dark warriors, trolls, giants and all sorts of weird creatures, but you never really see them and they never really do anything, you just get the reality and problems of growing up in the sticks as kids. Thats fine but from the poster and what I read I was expecting more fantasy...shame.
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½ March 12, 2007
finer film celebration of the power of imagination is hard to think of. No doubt investors had prayed for franchise-sized box office returns from Terabithia. But the heavy promotion of its "magical kingdom" CG elements seemed to backfire - boring those who wanted a family movie without hairy-hoofed creatures; and confusing others who expected Narnia 2. Considering Bridge was built by the Christian-fuelled Walden Media production group, the Narnia comparison is strong.
Indeed, I'm talking about another tale of youngsters who find themeselfs in an unreal world and have to save it en route to saving themselves.
What you notice quickly aobut warm, wise Terabithia, though, is that it keeps its CG action to a minimum. And it's more interested in real world matters than fantasy.
When loner Jess and spritely oddbod Leslie (Josh Hutcherson and AnnaSophia Robb, both exceptional beyond their years) invent Terabithia as a sanctuary from their everyday issues - school bullies, working-class home life, parents - much of what I see is the duo acting out (not in) their invented land.
For more satisfying than the first Narnia adaptation, Terabithia salutes make-believe while reminding that playtime will end.
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July 12, 2007
Wholesome children's film which celebrates the power of the imagination and surprisingly tackles death in an unpatronizing way. Clearly this has a lot to thank its book source for but I'm just thrilled Hollywood would make a film like this - recommend it to a child today !
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July 29, 2008
I'm a big fan of fantasy/adventure films. This has been promoted as such a film but I think of it more as a drama. It's more about the power of childrens imagination and well, childhood altogether.

A positive thing is that the main focus on the film isn't the wonder of SFX but the really nice story and the younger actors. They really do a nice job.

The story has a tragic side to it so I wouldn't really recommend this one to the youngest ones. A good and entertaining flick with heart for the preteens and older ones.
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June 26, 2008
yeah, I so cried.
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April 7, 2008
One of those films that seemed to slip under the radar for me. I was expecting another CGI dominated fantasy adventure (the bombastic trailer, for example, is one of the most deceiving there is!) but Terabithia is so not Harry Potter or Narnia. It's actually a very grounded and deeply moving story about friendship and of the importance of nurturing a child's imagination. I found it quite an uplifting experience. It touches on themes of tolerance, the nature of being different, escapism and, most devastatingly, grief - Nothing prepared me for what happens about two thirds into this film. At this point, if you haven't already realised, the penny drops that this is a very un-typical kind of fantasy story.
It does occasionally drift into mawkishness, especially with the 'happy-clappy' singalong moments (the decorating scene actually made me a bit nauseous) and I did wonder if this was made by some kind of Christian fellowship!! But it's a very small price to pay for such rich rewards.
It's maybe not a film for teenagers and the cynical minded may dismiss it harshly. But that's their loss. I'm of an age where I can remember, as a child, a time when you had to use your imagination. A time before computers and technology took over and did it all for you.
I'm glad I found Bridge to Terabithia - I liked it a lot. It's most definitely a kids' film but in a very traditional 'Saturday Matinee'/Sunday afternoon serial way. I was reminded a little of The Secret Garden, The Railway Children and Swallows and Amazons (but with poor kids instead of the posh ones!). I was very moved by it. The cinematic equivalent of a big bear-hug! And I needed that after all the depressing and draining crap that has passed for film lately.
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April 8, 2008
A good interesting childrens flick. They should NOT have killed the girl though because foer a child tha would definately ruin it. I believe it made the film more gritty and realistic, but the target audience would feel dissappointed and dislike it as a result. Great camera angles and setting however.
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