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½ September 5, 2010
A great cast, but a boring war movie. I didn't like it. I'd only recommend seeing this if you really want to see one of the actors in it.
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½ January 24, 2007
this is a great film, but it is one of the saddest films i have ever seen. the end is down right depressing as a family man. much of the film felt average at best, but the actual flying sequences were excellent, raising the overall quality of the film. a classic and must watch.
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May 27, 2006
The wrong war at the wrong time. Still one of the best "futility of war" movies ever made. Holden's performance holds up so well. Those last desperate minutes are gripping, even after many viewings and more than 50 years. And there's Grace Kelly, too. Possibly the best performances ever given by both Mickey Rooney and Earl Holliman.
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March 18, 2009
Not a bad film, but a little melodramatic. What makes this film enjoyable is the realistic war footage and William Holden. I really enjoyed all of the scenes on the aircraft carrier and it's daily workings, and the air combat scenes are fantastic and still hold up today. The scenes with Grace Kelly that are off the carrier are too melodramatic and a bit unrealistic. William Holden is great as always and the ending is really strong.
½ March 15, 2009
The last 15 minutes or so raised this film from below-average to a pretty decent war movie. The ending was taut and the movie provided good insight into the mechanics of life on board an aircraft carrier, but the overt patriotism, the obvious use of models during important scenes, and the woodenness of the characters make this a slightly overrated film in my book.
November 29, 2007
An old fashioned movie, which of course means, yes, a good story, but long and boring. It also has a sad ending. Meh.
January 18, 2007
A gritty, grim story of a doomed pilot. Riveting with the 'train wreck' fascination potential. Prefer more gung-ho, good-guys-win, but one I recommend in the genre.
February 22, 2014
I thoroughly enjoyed this suspenseful film, well directed by Mark Robson and with a wonderful cast. The scene in which the plane is trying to bomb the bridges amongst enemy fire reminded me of the boat in Apocalypse Now. The acting, particularly by William Holden, Grace Kelly and Mickey Rooney, is marvelous. Definitely an underrated classic.
January 12, 2013
Standout film set in the Korean war and praising the courage of U.S. Navy fliers. In this one, Holden plays a lieutenant who reluctantly leaves his wife and children to go back in service and on a mission that is practically suicidal. With plenty of dramatic backdrop and stunning special effects that make the visuals of the mission quite spectacular, as well as great performances by Holden and the wonderful Kelly as his wife, this film mixes well the drama with the war and even makes the effort not to be too patriotic.
April 14, 2010
The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954) is a movie I got last year but took my time to watch. You see, last year, I had an infatuation with Grace Kelly, I mean, she was really cool. When I saw a three-pack of her movies I just had to have it. Really, I just wanted it because it had 'The Country Girl' on it, and The Bridges at Toko-Ri was just part of that pack and I didn't make a lot of effort to watch it. So the opportunity came when I hadn't rented a DVD out and I had no choice but to watch this one. War movies really aren't my thing, unless they are set in World War I or II and they have a lot of romance in them. Toko-Ri was not that exciting to start with, and I kept fidgeting and trying to find other things to do. But I stuck to it, and by the end I was satisfied. Grace Kelly wasn't in it a lot, but she stole the show. Every time she came on the screen, she movie look better. I'm not saying that William Holden is a bad actor or anything, but Grace was a delightful addition to the cast and one of the few reasons why I kept watching it. The story follow men fighting in the Korean War, and it was surprising to see Mickey Rooney in it as a temperamental Irish-man. Sometimes it felt like a boring episode of M*A*S*H (yes, I used to watch that program), and other times it just felt like a reason to make a propaganda film about why war's are bad. If you love Grace Kelly, you may just want to skip to all the scenes with her in it, but other wise, just save this for when you're really desperate.
½ June 24, 2005
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