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½ December 28, 2010
Zellweger is quite adorable in this heartwarming romantic comedy that compensates for its relative predictability with a lot of charm and heart, and it is also very nice to see how the great songs heard in the film punctuate what happens on screen with a good deal of sensibility.
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June 24, 2007
Excellent adaptation of the Helen Fielding novel. Bridget is unlucky in love, a little overweight, smokes too much and has an embarrassing mother. This is her lucky year - two men but will she chose Mr. Right? I love the fighting scene in the street. Great cast. Funny rom com. You just sympathise with Bridget all the way, singleton in her 30s with smug married couples. Mark Darcy is dreamy. I find it amusing that they picked Colin Firth because he played Mark Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.
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November 19, 2006
Classic rom-com.
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May 24, 2006
Bridget Jones's Diary looks at the life of a thirty something trying to get her life on track. Of course this means finding a man. Enter the frame two suitors. The charming and funny Daniel Cleaver, and the dull and sensible Mark Darcy. Bridget at first falls into all the trappings laid by Cleaver. This is actually highly believable as Cleaver is played by Hugh Grant. Grant captures that unmistakable schoolboy charm, and blends it with his often cruel wit. It's simple to feel at ease with him, even though you know he's a bit of a twat. Firth plays himself wonderfully respectable. His inability to express himself can often be painful. At the heart of it all is Bridget Jones played excellently by Zelwegger. She isn't some desperate hussy, or lonely weirdo. She's a good role model that makes some mistakes. The humour often goes for that very British awkwardness, and the script is sometimes let down being based on a fictitious diary and all. Luckily we get some truly unforgettable moments, such as the fight scene between Grant and Firth, which is very hysterical, in both it's choreography and pacing.
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½ July 11, 2011
Watching Grant and Firth charm the hell out of Zellweger is thoroughly entertaining. It's a really fun romedy and although I'm not sure of the post-feminist connotations of the character, Jones is a likable quirky heroine.

Has everything a romedy really "needs". Sharp wit, charming leads and a whole lot of fun. 1 hour and 34 min of fluff is about all I can take.
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June 23, 2011
Big fan of Bridget Jones's Diary. A must see! Renee Zellwegger is amazing! One of my all time favourite films!
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November 8, 2007
My original rating for this was 5 stars, have now downgraded it to 4 after a rewatch. I guess my standards are a little higher these days. For a romantic comedy it is good, but not that good!
It seems a bit pointless to review this one as it is pretty old now, and I think all that want to see it already would have, and those that haven't probably have no interest in doing so. However, I have set out to review all movies I see, including those I saw prior to joining Flixster as I rewatch them, so here goes...
This is a familiar story of a 30 something single girl, Bridget, who is desperate to find love. There are two men on the scene - Mark, (Colin Firth), and Daniel, (Hugh Grant). Mark is aloof and Daniel is a cheating rat -okay, it is a total no-brainer, but there are plenty of laughs along the way (usually at Bridget, she is a walking disaster, and very funny and likable).
Renee Zellweger is great as Bridget. A few here have complained about the accent. It is not the best, but I didn't find it too distracting. Shirley Henderson is way worse, and hers is for real! Hugh Grant also convincing, but probably he is not stretching too far from his actual personality. Colin Firth, to me, has always been the worst thing about this movie. He is so not leading man material (even Hugh is more charismatic!), and the character is very dry and stodgy. Admittedly written that way, but fails in my opinion. (I know plenty would disagree, perhaps that one is just me!).
Overall nice, funny little movie. Just the thing I felt like today as i am unwell at home. Temperature must really be up, as I am now contemplating watching the sequel, and can remember it was a howler!
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May 31, 2008
Loved It!!! It's just one of those feel good romantic comedies!!! Renee Zellweger is adorable and Colin Firth is as well. I definitly recommend watching this movie. I love it!!! :) Such a great movie! :)
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December 9, 2008
It basically feels like you've fallen into a chick lit book, except Colin Firth is there...sigh.
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May 29, 2010
this film has a good plot and is really funny.
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½ June 24, 2010
this was an abomination. F
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½ January 1, 2007
A decent Rom-com with some very funny scenes, but sooo predictable. Not quite sure about the cult status, but quite enjoyable any how.
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September 4, 2007
i love it i really wanna watch the second
its a hilarious funny british comedy and you couldnt have found a english person to play the character bridget as well as renne did so reli worth a watch
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November 1, 2006
The heart and soul of this film is Renée Zellweger. She gives a great, hilarious performance, and has never looked so beautiful. BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY is a pleasant romantic comedy, with a great script and an (unexpectedly) impressive direction from Sharon Maguire, as well as an enjoyable soundtrack. Colin Firth also gives a good performance, and Hugh Grant, as usual, doesn't (I love his voice, though). Watch it for lots of laughs!
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March 6, 2007
Never let it be said that I will not suffer for my art because yes, I finally gritted my teeth and sat through Bridget Jones's Diary. And I got exactly what I was expecting. A piss-weak sitcom full of the kind of pseudo-observational humour that was starting to look tired by the end of the 80s. Hugh Grant is Hugh Grant again, and Renee Zellweger also suffers for her art by putting on two whole stone for her part for which she gamely falls over, models oversized pants and shows up to non fancy dress parties in playboy bunny outfits. All unbelievably lacking in originality, invention and (for me at least) laughs. But obviously I am not the target audience which clearly is the collection of self-perpetuating stereotypical 30 something women whose idea of a good time is lighting some candles and having a bath. At least I can say I've done it now so I never have to do it again...
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½ June 25, 2008
Bridget Jones: Thank you, Daniel, that is very good to know. But if staying here means working within 10 yards of you, frankly, I'd rather have a job wiping Saddam Hussein's arse.

Bridget Jones is a real person. She's someone any of us knows, as are her two would-be suitors, her gadfly friends, her stroppy parents and the melange of people who populate her life in this year. How they got a woman from Texas to sound so believably British is a minor miracle, and it's one of the many ways Renee Zellweger shines in this role. British women need not despair that an American got this role, because she does them all proud. Though I've not read all of Helen Fielding's book, the film captures the essence of a thirtysomething woman struggling for self-definition in a world of pigeon holes.

What was even more refreshing was to see Hugh Grant playing a downright scoundrel, departing from the shy, erstwhile characters he usually plays. He, too, deserves kudos for a totally believable. So does Colin Firth as the stodgy Mark Darcy. Though a couple of characters in the book were a bit forgotten, the balance of the film is charming, endearing and down-to-earth. It's a film one can enjoy "just the way it is."

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May 30, 2007
I felt embarassed for Renee Zellweger's character throughout most of the movie, but it was funny.
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½ April 13, 2007
One of all women's problems and Renee really good in showing it!
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March 6, 2007
Renee Zellweger gamely stacked on the kilos and made a great performance as a funny, aborable screen character while every romantic applauded the casting of Colin Firth and Hugh Grant.
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March 1, 2007
Good rom-com with a brilliant performance by Renee Zellweger.
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