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May 19, 2014
Or... No, that's actually a pretty good name...

For fans of musicals, Green Day, or great documentaries, Broadway Idiot tells the story of Billie Joe Armstrong, the rock star, transforming to Billie Joe Armstrong, the playwright. I've heard many talk about the film as being a PR stunt, but I thought it was great. As a fan of Green Day, especially a fan of their 2004 masterpiece American Idiot, it was fun to watch the process of turning this album into a large scale Broadway musical. It probably won't be interesting to you if you're not into Green Day, but if you are, you have to check this out.
December 28, 2014
Decent look at the work that goes into creating a play with a killer soundtrack
July 26, 2014
I love the album and the musical. The Album is a story and the song Jesus of Suburbia is a story within its self but the musical adds to the story with new characters.
May 26, 2014
I agree that this documentary was a little superficial, but overall you can't go wrong when it's about an awesome band's awesome record being turned into an awesome stage production.
September 12, 2013
While mildly redundant and somewhat self-aggrandizing, it's also pleasantly heartfelt and works wonders as a powerhouse advertisement for the impressive stage production.
½ May 23, 2014
Not bad, I'll be interested when the movie is going to happen
½ May 9, 2014
I saw it on Showtime and when you consider my lukewarm enthusiasm for the original album and then the overly busy stage production it's kind of amazing how much I liked this film.
October 8, 2013
Once a poser, always a poser. This glorified want-to-be-punk band is now on Broadway... Joe Strummer is spinning in his grave.
October 8, 2013
Yeah, of course I want to see this.
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