Online Film Critics Offer Their Annual Nominations


The OFCS, which is hosted right here at Rotten Tomatoes and (full disclosure) includes yours truly as a member, announced their year-end nominations yesterday ... and we hope you'll find a few solid surprises among the more familiar (yet obviously deserving) nominees. The winners will be announced on Monday the 16th. Back to Article



Nancy Elizabeth


Nathan Fillion, Serenity

Go Nathan!

Jan 10 - 08:38 AM


Kelley Kent

[b]exit Syriana from the award season .....[/b]
I am glad to see that Syriana has been widely absence from a majority of the end-of-year honors. Calling the pre-release hype over-rated would be trite, but in the end the movie turned out to be a simplistic and unimaginitive (much like Crash, which I also did not like). Oil and the corruption behind it .... an imporatant topic, yes, but Syriana does not tell a complelling story (minus the kid who converts to Islam). As for the torture scene with Clooney, it was mild at best, and the direction & editing of that scene are another example of how poorly the movie's story is told: no supspense, no urgency, just routine.

Jan 10 - 08:57 AM


Nogard64 64

I'm liking it, I actually agree with most of those noms.

Jan 10 - 08:58 AM


geoff k

[b]History of Violence[/b]

comics related material has finally come of bois be proud.

But the score for Willy Wonka was left off....and I thought that was the best part of the movie

Jan 10 - 09:39 AM


Ken Schrock

Way to nominate Sin City for a couple, being both good and truely original it deserves everything that it gets. I'm also happy that Crash, King Kong, Walk the Line, Cinderella Man, Batman Begins, The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Downfall got some nods.

Jan 10 - 11:49 AM


Eric Schulze

Really glad to see serenity making it onto there. Now what about Star Wars?...

Jan 10 - 12:48 PM


Rob Wills

[b]Online nominations - sins of omission and commisio[/b]
I am unsure just what Catherine Keener contributed to Capote. I can only surmise it was a nomination for her cumulative work during the year. If anyone can actually hum a theme from Gustavo Santoalallo's score for Brokeback Cowboy, I'd like to hear it. It's nice to see recognition for Joan Allen, Keira Knightley and Naomi Watts. Jake Gyllenhaal's is no more a supporting role than Paul Giamatti's sidekick in Sideways was last year. Compare Gyllenhaal's onscreen time with Keener's. I did not like Sin City, but it maybe did deserve nominations for cinematography and editing. Should have made the list - the score for Charlie, King Kong for Picture, Jeff Daniels and Russell Crowe for Best Actor, Ed Harris for S. Actor, Thandie Newton for S. Actress.

Jan 10 - 01:30 PM

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