Penelope Cruz talks Broken Embraces - RT Interview

The Oscar-winning actress on her latest Almodovar collab.

RT Interview: Penelope Cruz on Broken Embraces

Broken Embraces
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Is it true that you take your Oscar everywhere with you?

PC: No, not now. But I did it for three weeks, I took it everywhere with me. I even took it to the beach one day. Because I was so excited! I would wake up and look at it and say, 'No, that's not mine. How could this happen?'

Is there something you always take with you when you travel?

PC: My grandmother's ring.

You have your own production company. Are you working on some movies now?

PC: Yes. But the things I am starting to develop, I don't want to talk about them. Because they are still very green.

Is there a biopic you'd love to tackle?

PC: Yeah, there is one. That's one of the projects that we are developing. But I won't tell you it! Because then I feel like I am talking about it too soon instead of putting my energy into doing it.

Do you find making movies exhausting?

PC: Yeah, that's why I'm not going to work for the rest of the year. I can make one a year. One movie a year. I'm going to work promoting this movie and promoting Nine. But I'm not going to shoot another movie.

Broken Embraces
With Almodovar on set.
Nine is the musical you're doing next?

PC: Yes, it's a fresh and new thing, but it's 100 percent inspired by 8 . The story is the same one of Guido and his creative crisis. I play Carla, the mistress of Daniel Day-Lewis. I think Daniel is going to be incredible in it.

What made you want to do it?

PC: I love this character. I can't believe I got this role. I did five castings to get the movie, because of the dancing and the singing. I was a student of dance for many years, but Nine is the first time that I do a musical. It was a lot of fun, but it was scary also. Most of my scenes are with Daniel Day-Lewis. He's incredible. Such a gentleman.

Did you know that Pedro said you're the only woman he's ever thought of having a child with?

PC: What?

That's what he said!

PC: Because he says it to me and I think he's joking. But then he says it to you! So... I think he was probably joking. But I don't know. I will ask him again if he was joking. I mean, I know he's joking... It's Pedro!

Broken Embraces hits UK cinemas today.



Mike PArker


I may have to lift my Woody Allen boycott and watch Barcelona...if only for Penelope Cruz

Aug 28 - 11:05 AM


ankit jhunjhunwala

That woman is a goddess. You cant possibly be that beautiful. And that talented.

Aug 28 - 11:28 AM


Greg Guro

She's amazing! VOLVER WAS PHENOMENOL. And, in Volver Almodavar made her wear a fake butt. Not kidding.


Yah, lift the boycott. It's actually a good movie, and Cruz deserved the oscar. Everyone does a good job in the film, though.

Aug 28 - 12:51 PM


Dylan Hair

I love Penelope!! She was Phenomenal in Volver!!!, one of my favorite movies, and Phenomenal in Vicky Cristina, so was so great in there!! lol, so darkly funny in there. I look forward to Broken Embraces, if you ask me Almodovar is the most under-rated filmmaker around, and can't wait for Nine!! Both should be great films!!!!

Aug 29 - 03:29 AM

Linda green

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