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½ June 22, 2011
This is not for everyone. Think 2 hour 20 minute walk through ballet without dancing. Previous reviews have explained plot and devices. It was an effective film and I couldn't turn it off, but stronger editing here and there would have gone a long way to my overall enjoyment. It was hard to finish. The film seemed aimless at times, repetitive, sometimes confusing and hypocritical (The relationship is over but it's not, repeats a few times) and oh so heavy handed. The use of physical expression instead of dialogue often conveyed mellow-dramatic cliches. I will say that performers could have gone way over the top but do a good job keeping things grounded. Some scenes felt a bit contrived like a walk through of an obvious dance piece where performers look longingly, approach, touch, turn away, turn back, turn away. In this simple story, no one get's to know the other. Characters see each other and fall in love. Such is the way of youth but I believe that the kind of profound love expressed here is established by more than a glance from across a space. The film has a lot of heart and the performances are good especially Miguel Angel Hoppe Canto who emotes really well. He's got angst and longing down pat. Scenes are lovely, compensating for lower production values. Some scenes are moving but the director seemed to need to repeat them deflating their impact. However actual it may be in life, it's eye-roll inducing when a character repeats the exact thing scene after scene. I have to say, I liked it, I liked the idea of it though it was excessive. I wanted to like it more and I would have an edited version.
½ June 19, 2008
I love this movie. The minimal speaking parts only adds to the appeal. Raw feelings of love and loss, how do you deal with it. Unlike the lead - I would have returned. Delicious!
November 27, 2007
The guys were cute bu the movie was just about hooking up, having sex, and no one hardly talked in the movie it was a waist of time
½ June 21, 2007
This film is one of few words and uses cinematography to really move the story along. The director attempted to show the story between the lines, and uses this technique for great effect, however, part of the story litterally gets lost in translation. While an interesting movie to watch, the film lacks something gripping to pull you in and keep you watching it.
December 25, 2006
Over two hours long, with practically no dialogue. This conflicted love story is told by actions and images. Beautifully filmed. Great movie.
October 20, 2006
Oh yes, a steamy latino version of my fave movie brokeback mountain, just this should be called, "sore- crack, mounting" if any of u got that lmao j/p i havent seen it and hope i nvr have 2
October 20, 2012
Pretty weak and self indulgent film though at times beautifully photographed. If you're into young latin boys (without a lot of story line), this is your movie.
March 20, 2011
With truly passionate scenes, a few lines during the whole film and an indecipherable ending, Hernandez's film flows sometimes sluggishly slow and some others takes you around Mexico City life, love, despair and hope through the eyes of two young boys. Those who have a hope set high for love will like it.
½ December 2, 2010
Painfully slow. Human. This nearly wordless engaging meticulously painted screenplay begged me to watch to its completion. I appreciated; the challenge the actors expressing the truth of their dialogue, and the fine brush strokes of the film maker using every last bit of "all" to convey the short lived depth of truth-youth-love, free of the confines of what screen writers only dream of conveying in words (they cannot write what I am feeling?). My soul watched and reflected on what it knows and feels. Most people will hate this film. I encourage you to watch it.
April 25, 2007
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