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June 17, 2007
A standout but little-known gem of the blaxploitation genre. It contains all the Blaxploitation ingredients: (Crooked cops, a black gang, jive-talking, dashes of pimping, drugs, kung-fu and sex.) But where most Blaxploitation films combine these to corny yet endearing effect, Bucktown manages to reconfigure the chronology and intensity of the ingredients, and come up with a highly refreshing and intense action movie. The whole becomes much more than the sum of its parts.

This is all helped greatly by Williamson's controlled intensity on screen, managing to almost totally eclipse Grier: no mean feat.
March 18, 2013
Enjoy it for what it is - a Western stuffed into a blaxsploitation flick (think about it, man comes to a small town to bury his brother, he gets people who want to drive him out, he brings in his own people, they get driven out, then they start their own shit). Or perhaps a Blaxsploitation take on Animal Farm, whatever works. But hey it's got Fred WIlliamson, it's got Pam Grier, it's got fuckin Apollo Creed. It's fun, if not very filling as a full dramatic experience, and it ends on a fight that is so long somewhere Roddy Piper and Keith David are like "C'mon, man, wrap it up B!"
½ July 26, 2014
I ain't no pimp. I'm Walt Disney and this is Disney World.

Duke's brother owns a bar in a rough neighborhood. The brother is brutally murdered one night leading to Duke moving into the area to investigate matters. He quickly discovers crooked cops, gangsters, and numerous people taking advantage of the system. Duke hires his own goons and takes justice into his own hands.

"Son, do you believe in God?"
"Sure. Why not?"
"Then you're in the wrong place."

Arthur Marks, director of The Monkey Hustle, JD's Revenge, Detroit 9000, Class of '74, Friday Foster, A Woman for All Men, and Bonnie's Kids, delivers Bucktown. The storyline for this picture was pretty straightforward with a badass Robin Hood type there to clean the streets with his merry men. The acting was fairly average and the cast includes Fred Williamson, Pam Grier, and Carl Weathers.

"Paying off the street scum is easy. Giving in to them? Impossible!"

I was excited to find this on Netflix and decided to give it a viewing. I was a little disappointed by this picture and felt it wasn't as good as Coffee or Foxy Brown. Overall, this is worth watching if you're a fan of blaxploitation pictures but this is far from the best in the genre (Dolemite is still my favorite).

"The lord help them that helps themselves."

Grade: C
½ July 11, 2010
Blacksploitation is one of the most misunderstood film generes. These movies are almost perfect in one sense because they're all like remakes of classic westerns. A lone hero rolls into town, gets the girl, takes out the corrupt sheriff and saves the day. Granted there were NO oscars to be given out for acting or directing but for simple action packed entertainment, you can't go wrong.
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