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½ October 30, 2015
Interesting psychedelic movie with outstanding male and female performanes.But too predictable and contrived.
½ October 25, 2015
superb. incredible build. so much delusion and paranoia. great unnerving sound effects. masterful film by a master. a tiny bit long, but boom, so good. my kinda flick.
½ September 28, 2015
Bug is an odd film that I want to uprate because it is so different and features some intense acting, but cannot because not enough actually happens. Although it is not a very scary, violent, or graphic film, I would class it as a kind of psychological drama horror. It is reminiscent of both "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" and "American Hustle" in a weird way. Recommended mainly to those with a keen interest in the psychological.
½ September 17, 2015
pure government propaganda to make it seem people that question government authority are insane tweeker crack heads who think bugs live inside them and are dangerous delusional psychotic drugged out insane bat shit crack fiends. When yes some delusional people really do exist but government corruption is way more prevalent then most people think. At the very end of this long awful weird movie. weirdo peter talks about a few things which are true, the builderberg meetings which take place ever 4 years this a well known fact and depopulation, thats been written about by our current science czar john p holdren in the book ecoscience and a couple of other topics which he briefly mentions with some made up ones to are just fluff filler to add into the movie to cover up the truth by adding a load of crap ontop of the truth making it unappealing to look at. Government propaganda in movies has been around for centuries and is nothing new, the only thing similar between countries is the people of its country are for some reason never able to see through the guise to understand its propaganda. For example we can look at north korea and see their propaganda and say wow what a bunch of brainwashed idiots how could they fall for such simple deceptions, but when it comes to our own brainwashing people fail to believe that its happening to them, and historically its always been like that. Now in terms of the movie the actors did a good job but the plot and the storylines and the dialogue are awful too much rambling for too long with too much nonsense and insanity all mushed together. But I personally think its done just to establish a new made up criteria with no scientific evidence that crazy people are people that dont mindlessly trust government and although they can seem to be smart, like peter making a wide range of connections and showing that girl that bugs were in his teeth the movie eludes that see just becomes brainwashed within his delusions Even though she never had been diagnosed with a mental disorder herself eluding to what they want you to think is that paranoid government conspiracy can appear to be smart on the surface but really they are just crazy pyshcatic people who can brainwash some people into believing in their insane theories but if you do believe in the theories with them you will end up living like insane animals jumping at everything. When the truth is the government does alot of fucked up shit Tuskgee experiments where the government experimented on black men with brain eating syphilis , the gulf of tunkee where the government blew up one of their own ships and blamed it on a another country, JFK where the warren commission claimed a magic bullets hit Kennedy, and it just goes on and on and on. Ultra MLK in which bill clinton came out and aploigized for experimenting on people with the cia. These are all things if you are too stupid to have read about have no excuse today with the internet you can find this information has already come out and is admitted by the government already its not debatable its admitted. The excuse that you just didnt have time to find it out or read about it is now void because of the internet its only stupid and ignorance that allows corruption to flowerish and movies like this are made with the full intent to give you the predisposition that anyone who thinks critically of government is a paranoid moonbat tin foil hat wearing drugged out tweeker when that couldnt be further from the truth which is that must conspiracy theorist are smarter and more logically than the average dumbed down citizen. Also the who tin foil hat thing has been exposed as well, its call ELF weapons, just google DR robert Duncan and or watch the show brain invaders by jesse ventura and be prepared to enter the world of science fiction reality these weapons have existed for a long time and are now admitted to exist by the very developers like Robert Duncan once again proving the harsh reality that films like this are just propaganda. If you are having trouble believing me get on google and have fun
May 29, 2007
It is not exactly a horror film. It's more like a psychological thriller. I did enjoy the over-the-top performances because it's the only thing it has going for it. The story is very mysterious to the point of excess, which made me not care what happened to the characters in the end; the tone of it, though very versatile, felt forced at times; and none of the characters are relatable. Don't even get me started with the political implications. Still, I like the film a bit because, most of the time, we are in one room observing three people or less interact. The film does not offer easy answers to our questions. I personally think it would have elevated the film if they did. Still, this is not a bad movie. It's just very in-your-face and unintentionally comedic.
½ August 28, 2010
This creepy little film will really get under your skin. Stellar performances
½ July 1, 2012
Bug, directed by The Exorcist/The French Connection legend William Friedkin, is a masterpiece, a frightening romance about two of the most paranoid, fu**ed up people in the world! The movie is stylish and beyond disturbing. Michael Shannon is terrifying. This is one of my favorite horror films.
August 29, 2014
When I watched the 2011 film "Take Shelter", Michael Shannon performed in an outstanding way the character of an obsessed paranoid man about tornados. Then I looked for another films directed by Jeff Nichols where Shannon was a supporting actor. Then I found him in a Herzog 2010 film "My son, my son what have ye done" and again Shannon got a great characterization of the insane main character. Now that I watched "Bug" from 2006, I see that Shannon is really suited for this kind of characters. I didn't watch this film thinking of a horror film, but some scenes of the Shannon's paranoid character really frightening me, and the way it gets Agnes (Judd´s character) to get insane too. The final monologue from Ashley Judd showing that he became as insane as Shannon is superb.
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½ April 7, 2015
The film's ambition seems to pay off towards the end, however the conclusion resolutes as a little rushed. Ashley Judd stars in Bug almost like Charlize Theron appeared in Monster, transformed by the harshness of her story, playing an extremely lonely woman who lets a chance at love destory any state of a sound mind after she meets a disturbed AWOL officer played by Michael Shannon, who also appeared in the stage play the film is adapted from. It's a film about paranoia and "delusional parisitosis" but underneath it is also about heartbreak, motherhood, obsession and abuse and is really quite affective. The lengthy dialogue and single location can end up a bit jarring however...
February 9, 2015
Story goes nowhere. Boring Awful movie. Really upset I actually took the time to see this in theaters. It's probably the worst movie I've seen besides Human Centipede II.
January 29, 2015
Just when you think they'd play it low, they chose to talk- to talk a lot.
January 20, 2015
Una de las peliculas mas horribles que he visto ultimamente , una pena que Friedkin la haya dirigido.
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September 26, 2007
A decent thriller about a strange bug which causes some problem related to some experiment of a kind.. Great acting and well made movie.
June 21, 2007
Astounding performances and a claustophobic feel add up to a successful slip into madness-type story.
October 6, 2014
This film is horrible in a good way. It's an inspired nightmare with a disturbing performance by Michael Shannon and a complete, vulnerable and vivid work by the often underrated Ashley Judd.
½ November 15, 2011
Good performances and direction, but the "story" never really clicks for me. Really, though, Michael Shannon is a pro at acting insane.
½ August 31, 2014
Almost any hack filmmaker can make a picture to shock or disgust the audience, and those no shortage of those type of films around. The real talent is to create something truly disturbing, and veteran director William Friedkin has done just that with "Bug", a frighteningly original and incredibly potent film that is also a return to form for the man behind "The Exorcist".

In fact, this doesn't feel like it was made by someone forty-plus years in the industry because it's brimming with an energy and a vitality many times reserved for first-timers. This is impossible to categorize and defies all explanations, and at the heart it simply illustrates how contagious paranoia can really be.

This is smarter than all of the "Saw" films combined, and it's led by a pair of powerhouse performances. It's the film that really started by cinematic love affair with Michael Shannon, and it should have been the picture to reignite the cooling career of Ashley Judd. Her transformation here might just be the scariest thing in the film, and Shannon immerses himself in this strange, troubled character in a way that has become his trademark in every picture he's made since this. In the beginning, when you're not quite sure where this is headed, he's charming in a sly and awkward sort of way. However he's completely believable and frightening by the film's end, becoming a dangerously paranoid and cultish snake charmer.

You've never seen anything quite like "Bug" before, and as I left the theater I was visibly shaken by its subversive power. It stays with you long after it's over.
½ July 25, 2011
Michael Shannon and Ashley Judd are the real gems of the film with there visceral performances
I cant say the same for the rest of the film which is an utter letdown
the premise sounds good but things don't get freaky until after the 1st hour and even then there isn't enough of it going on
it's just explaining and more explaining; have a rule of thumb in movies and in horror: show don't tell
'Splinter' is a better movie because it took real chances to be effective
July 9, 2007
With only five actors, one location, and a very strange script, Bug just inexplicably works for me. The horror/comedy/psychodrama screenplay is highly original (and true to the original stage version's script), William Friedkin directs like the old master he is, turning a big middle finger to modern shock horror conventions. Ashley Judd's a sympathetic anchor, Harry Connick Jr. is as funny as he is threatening, and Michael Shannon sports a hugely compelling range. Just don't expect to nail this film to a genre and you'll enjoy yourself.
October 28, 2013
Paranoid and fucked up. Authentic performances. Also: boobs.
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