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½ April 14, 2013
Who knew butter could be so interesting. Lol. This kind of reminded me of "Election". Jennifer Garner's overachieving character definitely had a Tracey Flick vibe to her. Bitching, backstabbing, a scheming hooker, what's not to like in this very black little comedy drama.
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September 30, 2012
Cute, and witty. Really well done. Excellent cast. Perfect Sunday afternoon movie....
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January 24, 2013
There's going to be a meltdown.

Good decent movie! Butter is a delightful little comedy that has most of its best jokes in the trailer but still manages to make you smile throughout. I'll admit, when I watched this I didn't have particularly high hopes. The film's strength is its short run-time. At a little over 80 minutes, the film opens up quick, makes you chuckle and sometimes laugh, and wraps up before you worry about its problems. It is necessary for me to address these problems but I honestly didn't care much for them. I had a lot of fun watching it.

In Iowa, laid-back Bob has won the state fair's butter-carving contest 15 years running; his tightly-wound and hard-charging wife Laura sees Bob becoming governor, so when the contest organizers ask him to step aside so others can win, she's incensed; when Bob won't protest, she decides to enter herself. In the county contest, she's up against Destiny, an African-American foster child, and Brooke, a prostitute Bob hasn't paid. When things don't go Laura's way, she enlists the help of Boyd, an old boyfriend. Laura's step-daughter and Destiny's foster parents are in the mix as things heat up at the state fair. What are Destiny and Laura's destiny?
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½ January 4, 2013
"What a fun quirky film. You never know what your going to get with an indie flick. In this one you get a butter sculptor, crazy stepford wife, a stripper, lesbian daughter (getting some lesbian action for you gals and guys who enjoy that stuff), an orphan, and a hillbilly car dealer. Yes, all in one movie. If that doesn't draw you to this movie like a fly to an electric bug zapper (I'm not going to pretend I know what those are formally called), I don't know what would. I liked it. It was funny. I laughed even more when they showed the blooper reel at the ending. My favorite being of Olivia eating shit on the bike. Good times."
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½ September 21, 2012
''Butter'' has an extremely likeable cast, but it's too predictable, repetitive and bland to warrant a strong recommendation.
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½ February 20, 2014
In "Butter," Bob Pickler(Ty Burrell) has won the county butter sculpting contest for the last fifteen years. So, the powers-the-be have decided to give somebody else a chance. After she calms down somewhat, his wife Laura(Jennifer Garner) figures it might as well be her and would have had a very easy time of it if not for destiny. Sorry, make that Destiny(Yara Shahidi), a ten-year old orphan who has spent most of life going from one foster home to another and also has a prodigious talent for art in any form.

I might have been of a mind to like "Butter" if only it could have made up its mind about what kind of movie it wanted to be. Destiny's touching story clashes wildly with the movie's awkward sense of humor that is much more condescending than satire.(The one laugh out loud moment in the movie combined the weirdest product placement and a truly private joke.) Not helping matters is the lack of comic timing from both Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde, with Garner also not being able to locate her inner Jessica Lange. That leaves Rob Corddry of all people to walk off with scenes, by being as down to earth as possible.
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½ April 1, 2013
Exploring the seedy underbelly of competitive butter carving, Butter is a dark comedy the tries too hard. In a small Iowa town a local butter carving competition turns ugly when the competitors set out to settle their personal scores with each other. The cast is actually pretty good, and includes Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, and Alicia Silverstone. While the film has some fun parts, the story goes to bizarre places and is overloaded with convoluted subplots. Yet despite its problems, Butter delivers a fair amount of laughs and it full of interesting characters.
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January 29, 2013
"Butter" is a star-studded jaunt into Midwest humor that doesn't quite hit its mark but still entertains with the amount of recognizable faces it contains. In cameos, Hugh Jackman and Olivia Wilde show just how impressive they are, as they steal the show on more than one occasion, as does the young Yara Shahidi. The rest of the cast plays their parts accordingly and never really go above and beyond. Is it just me, or is it tough to see Ty Burrell in anything but "Modern Family"? Many directors take jabs at Midwest humor, including Michael Patrick Jann with "Drop Dead Gorgeous", Christopher Guest with many of his films, and now Jim Field Smith ("She's Out Of My League") and although the sport of butter carving does scream some Midwest mentalities, "Butter" never accomplishes the mocking annals that the previous directors' work. Carrying very few laughs, the most interesting work done in the film is the character development, with strong characters forming, mostly against type, like that of Jackman and his auto salesman character. Jennifer Garner's character is the perfect villain, with a spot-on, prissy performance that makes you hate her from start to finish. Had "Butter" done more than just scratch the surface of satire, this could have been a much more memorable film. Instead, it remains an average attempt at poking fun at deep-fried on a stick, Middle Americans.
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June 12, 2013
With plenty of well-known actors dancing around this film, its a surprise the script is so frustrating to follow. There isn't much finesse in way jokes are delivered. This is supposed to be a satirical movie aimed at the midwest, but what you get is a jumbled movie with two conflicting problems between Jennifer Gardner's character and the little girl. The little girl is endearing and actually provides the meat of the story you actually want to pay attention to, but it's quickly chopped down when Gardner's character's ambition goes too far. Granted at only 90 minutes, not much is given for character development, but I got a kick out of Hugh jackman and Olivia Wilde playing brash versions of characters you'd usually never see them play.
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September 11, 2012
A quirky little comedy with a really great cast! I have to say, that if anything, Butter showcases the talents of Yara Shahidi. She outshone just about every actor that appeared in the movie. Which is surprising considering, she is only ten years old. This is currently available on VOD. So, if you have the money and the time to spare. Check it out!
October 2, 2012
A silly but cute and heartwarming story about a little foster girl who wins a butter sculpting contest.
February 2, 2014
"BUTTER"... Should have been called "SHUDDER"... because that's what I did... I was APPALLED by what I had just sat through... oh, where to begin...? I mean, I am being SO, SO generous on this one... THE ONLY reason I'm NOT going any lower is because I STILL think AIRBENDER is WORSE... but when it comes to something like THIS... not by much. (Can you tell by this point that I HATED this movie? Guys, it is BAAAAAD... it's SO BAD!) I mean, I REALLY HATED this movie! I COULD NOT STAND IT AT ALL! The tagline is "There's going to be a meltdown"... the tagline of this review (if I were to give it one) should be, "There already IS a meltdown" because I'm just getting STARTED... so yeah, just come talk to ME about a meltdown! Before I continue with my rant, I just wanted to get this out of the way: when it comes to movies, it's pretty rare that one actually makes me ANGRY, let alone as much as I am right now. If you haven't caught on with my reviews by now (as in noticed how good my ratings are), then you should know starting here that I am one of the more lenient types when it comes to movies, like some movies critics hate (like the majority of the Transformers movies (which I LOVE, by the way), Die Hard 5, etc.) I actually at least enjoy them because THEY don't make me ANGRY, I find something about them that I really like, and that sticks with me. THIS one, I COULD NOT think of A SINGLE THING... NOT ONE! (AND NOW back to my Rant) As much as I shuddered at hearing what they did to embarrass Wolverine's fans with MOVIE 43 (which I actually found Richard Roeper's and Spill's reviews WAY FUNNIER than ANYTHING I saw of THE MOVIE... from the entirety of the trailers and certain scenes on YouTube; I felt better doing that after deciding to pull a Neo and choosing to NOT see it in theaters), I was flat-out CRINGING as soon as I found out he was even IN THIS...! Between this and AIRBENDER, which left me horrified at what they had done to such a beloved source material, THIS is the lesser of two evils because it at least was something to fall asleep to. NO JOKE: I was ACTUALLY nodding off during this movie. This was SO bad that I REALLY did feel like I would have rather watched MOVIE 43 for Hugh Jackman (OH, YEAH... I WENT THERE...!) and even WORSE THAN THAT, I ACTUALLY considered checking to see if TWILIGHT was on TV (I say THAT because Ashley Greene (who's also in TWILIGHT) is in this...! This is coming from a guy who's actually TRIED finding time to watch THE APPARITION... A COUPLE TIMES, no less... because it actually didn't look THAT bad... I ACTUALLY WANT to find time to watch IT EVEN MORE NOW...!). I was even shocked to see that Olivia Wilde decided to do this (well, at least I had seen RUSH a couple months prior to this, so I KNOW she CAN do (AND HAS DONE) a GOOD movie)... EVERYONE who's IN this movie, I feel so sorry for you... I KNOW you can do better... I've SEEN you do better... well, at least MOST of you. DO NOT... I REPEAT, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE! If you LOVE (or even REMOTELY LIKE) this movie (AND AIRBENDER, I should add), I want A FULL explanation AS TO WHY AND HOW you could POSSIBLY have that sort of feeling...! Also, I understand this movie was picked from some sort of "Hollywood Blacklist" (Don't believe me? Look it up)... that large slab of butter... rather than being used to sculpt, should have stayed in the fridge that was that Blacklist, and rather than picked up, should have been THROWN OUT like a moldy piece of food left IN that fridge for WAY too long because of the stench watching this leaves on you!
January 5, 2014
I, myself truly never expected to watch this film, it was a cold Sunday, and I was rather bored. I've never heard the word 'Butter' used in film as many times as it was in this one. It felt as if it was said once every minute. Well anyway, onto my review of 'Butter'.

'Butter' follows Bob Pickler (Played by comedian Ty Burrell) who after 15 years of butter sculpting decides to hang the towel and step down from his seat and allow another to take it. His wife Laura Pickler, a competitive, power seeking, and socially ambitious woman (Played by Jennifer Garner) afraid of losing her power, decides to join the competition to take over the thrown. However when, a younger foster girl, Destiny (Played by newcomer Yara Shahidi) threatens to beat her, Laura will do anything and everything to win the butter competition.

I must say the script is actually quite good, providing some witty dialogue, but is also the downfall, as most of the dialogue comes out unfunny, awkward, or corny. And I feel that the overuse of the term 'Butter' in the script also comes off as an issue.

The cast is fine; 'Olivia Wilde' is a standout as a stripper, seeking revenge on Laura. The way she acts for me, is not only sexy but intimidating to say the least of her performance. 'Rob Corddry' and 'Ashley Greene' give out fine performances as well, as Destiny's Adaptive Father, and Laura and Bob Pickler's lesbian daughter respectively.

The main issue this film has here is that whenever Laura Pickler walks on screen I cringe. If I had ever seen a more annoying character on film it would be her. The film makes her out to be intimidating and saucy, but really she is a leach, and a mentally challenged power seeking hound. And matters are even worse as one of the most annoying actresses in America is playing her, thank you very much Jennifer Garner. She has the worse traits I have ever seen, she is not only power happy, she is bossy, mean, crude, crazy, obsessive, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants, and not even in a good, clean way. She wants the American Dream, but man will she do anything to have it. She drives everyone nuts, including her husband who eventually cheats on her, and when she finds out does she care? She just nearly kills him, when she hits him with a car. She is so annoying.

Remember when I called the main character annoying? That's not even the beginning. Part of the reason why she's annoying is because of that horrible score made by 'Mateo Messina' which comes out as cartoony, and childish. I know it's supposed to be goofy, but it comes off as un-necessary, annoying, awkward, and very-very weird.

With this film, it's supposed to be funny. Don't ask me why it is, but it is, truly and you can tell. It tries, what with the music, and characters. But in the end most of the jokes fall flat. Most of the jokes that actually are relatively funny come from the always reliable 'Olivia Wilde' as the stripper. Yes, when a stripper comes off as the funniest thing in a movie, you know that movie isn't a great one. And we all wanted 'Ty Burrell' act to work out in this film. But sadly his act falls cold unlike on 'Modern Family'. It feels unwelcomed, and again un-necessary. And while 'Rob Corddry' also lands a few decent jokes while chatting with destiny in a vehicle, he isn't given much to work with. And honest to god, I don't know what they were trying to do with that stalkish, annoying, idiot Carol-Ann (Played by Kristen Schaal). Whenever she says even a word, in her bubbly, unique voice it just seems out of place, and again un-necessary.

And as for characters, we get an ensemble of probably the worst list of characters ever. Most either weird, or annoying. Or both. None of them seem to be in reality. Well, all except for, maybe the stripper, but when she threatens to (No, joke, well maybe it was a joke, I certainly laughed) 'poop' on The Pickler's car, she basically lost all humanity she had going for her. And then she has sex with their lesbian daughter. Yes, definitely not usual. I mean when you're dealing with cheating, you would usual do something about it. But with the Pickler's when Bob cheats on Laura, what does she do? She first rams her car into his, and then he follows her like a puppy. I mean, what is wrong with these people? Did you completely forget what he did Laura? Don't you want to divorce him or something? No, but she later sleeps with a man, just so he could help her possibly win the butter competition. And when the husband finds out, does he care? Nope. There is something very wrong about those people.

One of the few spotlights is the direction from 'Jim Field Smith'. Everyone seemed to know what they were doing while working with the butter, and so, I must say nice work Jim, you tried your darned best.

All and All, but is just un-necessary. If this is what original movies are going to be like in the future, count me way out. 'Butter' comes off as between silly, and serious, and won't pick a side, with the worst set of characters which all won't be saved from a solid cast performance altogether, and direction from Jim Field Scott. I just wish it was butter. Opps I meant better. D 1/6/14
½ November 21, 2013
This is one of those 'is what it is' type pass the time Netflix movies... it wasn't great or anything but I think it's deserving of more than 34%. The little girl, Yara Shahidi, was great.
November 7, 2013
I loved this movie! I'm surprised by the low rating / reviews. I could see some far right conservatives being offended, but since I'm not I found it very funny. It was clever, well-acted, humorous and touching. Great cast who all did an excellent job. I was put-off by the theme of butter carving at first, and so happy I decided to give it a chance. It was a movie that actually made me feel happy, and one I could easily watch again - and will. Highly recommend.
½ October 14, 2013
Butter is quite possibly, the most boring movie I've ever seen. If it played out as a satire comedy, I think it would of had a chance, but the movie takes itself way too seriously. There is no clear antagonist and none of the characters have any likable qualities (even the little orphan
½ August 29, 2013
Surprisingly dark and messed up. I was NOT expecting this when I started watching it. It's a little all over the place without a real climax moment, but it was enjoyable overall. I loved the social commentaries. Did not love Alicia Sliverstone's weird squinty cry face.
½ August 13, 2013
Satirical comedic films premised around the fascinating world of Midwest butter sculpting competitions should be celebrated without second though.
July 31, 2013
Ok I only rented this movie because olivia wilde is in it. She is a stripper in this movie, and that 30 seconds was about the only enjoyable part. Seriously, this movie kinda sucks. The whole movie should've just been her on stage, would've given it 4 stars then.
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