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Sloppily conceived and clunkily paced, the movie goes from improbable to preposterous within its first few minutes; over the next two hours the filmmakers never miss a chance for some gratuitous piece of sadism, sexuality or sleaze.

January 23, 2004 | Comments (2)
Washington Post
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Paris McDonald

Paris McDonald

I think that you are over looking the very point of a movie these days in Hollywood. Take your every day action movie, nothing in those movies are even close to being real. Gun's fire much too loudly with a silencer to go unnoticed in a quite household or building. As in this movie, of course it is improbable. All ghost and sci movies are. Harry Potter, is that a probable book/movie series? Of course not, the likelihood of their being an entire magic using population completely hidden in this world that still has an incredible influence on it? That is preposterous. This movie is not trying to be real. It isn't trying to say, "Hey, it could happen to you!" No it friggin couldn't. I personally think that this movie was trying to get a thought in your head, "If you didn't exist," or "What if you did this instead," because in all actuality that is exactly what everyone thinks. "What if I had never met my wife?" "What if I were never born?" especially when something traumatic happens to a person. "What if I told my mum I loved her the previous night, would she have killed herself? "If I were never born, my sister would have never gone through with that dare because it never would have happened." I think this movie did a good job at portraying the Chaos Theory. If you could go back in time and change one little thing, what would be the consequence. If you were going to watch this movie expecting realism, you were obviously in the wrong state of mind because no matter what, "The Butterfly Effect" is going to involve some sort f way to undo things in the past which is in fact, very very impossible. As for the sexuality and sleaze, THAT is probably the most realist part about the movie! Very often do you have hookers and strippers with issues. The scene when Evan awake in a girls dorm with the girl of his dreams, that is every teenage guy's dream. No matter how old you are, when you were in college, that's something that would appeal to you. These things happen, the world is an ugly place. Kids do get involved with explosives. There are parents out there who film their kids naked for their pleasure and who touch their kids. The real world where a vast majority of people live is sad, involving a lot of sexuality and sleaze, every society has dark alleys. Movies make things that arent real, real. So dont say "Not realistic" because this is not realism.

Oct 30 - 11:40 AM


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