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March 27, 2010
After 15 minutes you know exactly how the film is going to turn out. This is another variation on a often used plot. I will say, this version is pretty well done, mostly due to Richard Crenna?s well defined performance, great casting. Add some really fine cinematography and great location filming in British Columbia and it makes it all worth watching.
July 5, 2014
Although the basic idea of this movie is good--teaching a spoiled kid how to grow up by taking him out on the trail--there are a few problems. For one thing, the kid's reformation from spoiled, disrespectful brat to good, courteous, responsible young man is too sudden and complete. Then there is the letting the horses just go after the grandfather dies. That is just as cruel as abandoning pets in the woods, because "they know how to survive." Animals who have lived their entire lives with humans don't know how to survive, and in this case probably died from predators--wild horses are in herds, which help protect them somewhat unless they are sick or young. The plot line is just not very well thought out and the script very ho-hum.
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