• PG-13, 1 hr. 36 min.
  • Comedy
  • Directed By:
    Ben Stiller
    In Theaters:
    Jun 14, 1996 Wide
    On DVD:
    Aug 8, 2000
  • Sony Pictures Home Entertainment


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The Cable Guy Reviews

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Eugene B

Super Reviewer

August 1, 2013
Jim Carrey shines as usual, but the film can be easily forgettable with the amount of simplistic humor and tone. The Cable Guy has its moments but is easily brought down from its bland comedy and sometimes creepy undertone. 2.5/5
EightThirty .

Super Reviewer

April 23, 2007
24/01/2013 (Quickflix, PS3)
Samuel Riley
Samuel Riley

Super Reviewer

August 11, 2012
A big hit and miss, yet it's a pretty good cult film. Confusing and not amazing during the first watch. However the second time, it was funnier and certain lines became more recognised. Lets face it, this is for Jim Carrey fans. 'The Cable Guy' is not as iconic as 'Ace Ventura'. It isn't as touching as 'The Truman Show', but you either watch it or you don't, you love it or hate it.

Super Reviewer

February 6, 2012
The Cable Guy is a decent comedy with lots of flaws. Though it's interesting to see Jim Carrey act in a more darker comedic role, at times the film tries far too hard at delivering something that for most of the time, is unfunny. The film has some good moments, but throughout the entire film, there's always something that lingers that makes this film awkward. The film is decent enough to watch, but is never anything memorable. Ben Stiller directs this film, and delivers a film that delivers decent enough laughs. Overall, The Cable Guy is one of the weaker films in Jim Carrey's career, but compared to recent comedies that he's made, this film isn't too bad. There's a good idea at work here, but I felt that the film could have been much better than this. I thought it was a decent time waster of a film, but it wasn't great or memorable by any means. The Cable Guy is an interesting idea that is more stale than anything. It's decent enough to watch, but you realize that there is something missing to really make it a good comedy. Jim Carrey's performance is over the top and wacky, and it's what saves this film from being a total disaster. Despite this, The Cable Guy could have used a script rewrite or two, as there's some good material here, but there are elements that simply don't fit. The Cable Guy could have been a memorable comedy, unfortunately the film doesn't stand out among Carrey's other comedic gems such as The Mask, Ace Ventura and Dumb & Dumber.

Super Reviewer

August 17, 2011
Jim Carrey is funny, but the rest of the film is pretty much just "ehh."
Tyler K

Super Reviewer

July 9, 2011
Are you looking for a light-hearted comedy film to show your little 8 and 9 year olds like Dumb and Dumber or Ace Ventura, both also by Jim Carrey. This is not one of those movies. This is a movie that really isn't a comedy film, to me. To me, this is a really dark thriller that isn't exactly disturbing like most people say, but just plain dark. Acting is by far the best acting I have ever seen in a Carrey film... and believe it or not, Jim Carrey isn't even the main star of this film, despite what people say as well as the name and the picture. The true Matthew Broderick, who is an amazing actor. I must say that this film is underrated because of the fact that Jim Carrey isn't really known for this genera of comedy. Infact, you are quickly introduced to this as soon as he even appears on-screen and says his very first words... okay, with the exception of "CAAAABBBLE GUUUUYYY!!!!!!!". This movie is funny, though, just a bit unsettling. This isn't a problem at all, with all of the classic scenes, this movie is definitely a film for die-hard Carrey fans, or fans of the genera (Dark-Humor). Let's not forget Carrey's face when he slam dunked that basket-ball in slow motion while glass shattered all over his face while he did his epic victory scream. Or the time where he sung the Star Trek theme at the restaurant Medieval Times (you can't forget it, he goes like "brrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!" about 4 or 5 times before giving up). Now, you may notice that I keep using the word "dark" in this review... but you don't understand, do you? The violence in this movie (despite being a comedy) is NOT slap-stick. The violence is intense and realistic. The humor said is hurtful, such as being made fun of; and the actual plot is just plain dark. The Cable Guy (known as Chip, but there is a bizarre plot twist and mind-bender closer near the end; not exactly at the end, but about 50 minutes until the end.) is a mentally disturbed freak who grew up with only one friend, the TV. His parents were very irresponsible, and he had a low IQ. He grew up to be, not a cable guy, but The Cable Guy (Th3, if you find that simpler). There is also a side-plot that, of course, is quite dark and not funny (don't worry, it's not supposed to be), with the exception of the "Asian" part (I actually had to laugh and pause when I finally got it).This movie is longer than Ace Ventura, but not as long as Dumb & Dumber; which is strange because, even at the rate it's going, it feels MUCH longer than both movies. Overall, not many people will like this movie. I just happened to. Rent it from Blockbuster or Netflix, before you buy from MovieStop because this movie is really different.

Super Reviewer

September 6, 2010
Where did this movie go wrong? It could have been a brilliant new dark comedy, but it's just not funny. It has some great actors, but the chemistry isn't there for some reason. This movie just comes off stupid, meandering, boring and predictable. Did not like it.

Super Reviewer

September 9, 2007
Another typically annoying Jim Carrey movie that isnt great at all.
I want to know how with so many rubbish movies under his belt he still hasnt ruined his career.
This movie is dyer, his stupid lisp that was rubbishly put on and its just not even a funny dark comedy.
If your a Jim Carrey fan then this movie may be bearabe otherwise its a waste of time!
Lucas M

Super Reviewer

June 6, 2011
Funny dark comedy, but not so good as look like. Rotten.

Super Reviewer

April 18, 2011
"Free cable is the ultimate aphrodisiac."

A lonely and disturbed cable guy raised on television just wants a new friend, but his target, a designer, rejects him, with bad consequences.

Jet black comedy with obnoxious Carrey (in a complex comic/creepy performance) as a friend-hungered cable guy who hooks up Broderick with free cable and a whole lot more than he bargained for. Kind of "Ace Venutra" meets "Fatal Attraction" but surprisingly with a deeply disturbing message: tv can rot your brain. Fiendishly funny and genuinely unsettling at times with Broderick making the most as the straight man with some moments of normal guy in Twilight Zone mode. Stiller (who directed) makes a cameo as a celebrity on trial for murder and the broadcast chain of events leading to a heady climax. May not be for everyone but shows some range in rubber faced Carrey; he pulls it off. Best bit: dinner and entertainment at Medieval Times and Porno Password!
Michael S

Super Reviewer

March 3, 2007
I don't care what anyone else says, I thought this film was funny as hell and just a disturbing. Should be considered a classic dark comedy.
Richard C

Super Reviewer

July 29, 2010
a really insane but also funny wierd movie. B
Cassandra M

Super Reviewer

February 11, 2010
To some people, movies are more than a passion. They are a way of life. For me, movies are not only one of my favorite hobbies, but I feel that all films express a certain reflection of the individual watching them. They say that you can tell a lot from a person by the way they act, talk, walk. I believe you can also tell a lot about a person from the sort of movies they like.

And I think that for Chip Douglas (Jim Carrey), movies and television are more than disposable entertainment. They are his entire life. He is consumed by film to such an extent that he creates multiple personas based on TV personalities. Many critics bashed Carrey's performance for being too sadistic. I think it's perfect because it's daring and hugely different than his other movies, and accurately reflects the mindset of a troubled individual who has grown up on his TV, rather than actually experiencing true life. Not many movies are like "The Cable Guy," and most of them don't have the guts to make a statement so bold and striking.

In "The Cable Guy" Carrey is the title character, his real name supposedly Chip Douglas, but towards the end we're not really sure what's true and false anymore. Chip works for a cable company and offers to hook up new apartment tenant Steven (Matthew Broderick) up with illegal cable. All Douglas asks for in return is a friendship, which Steven reluctantly agrees to. But what he doesn't realize is that Chip is an obsessive monster -- bred on films as a child and unable to separate celluloid from reality, he pursues a "Fatal Attraction" route and begins to stalk Steven. This is one of those movies, like "What About Bob?", where the hero is apparently the only one who realizes how crazy the "bad guy" is. Richard Dreyfuss went nuts trying to convince his family of Bill Murray's insanity in "Bob." In "The Cable Guy," Matthew Broderick has a tough time trying to expose Chip's sadistic side.

I am not Carrey's biggest fan. But I have to admit that over time the comedian has grown on me. And when I see him in "Dumb and Dumber" I can't picture anyone else taking on the role. Here he is in another role where I can see no one else portraying his character, and yet he still hasn't convinced me that he's a great talent. Strange.

I think Carrey's comedy is distinct and the reason his films have become more well-received over the years is because he has invented a certain area of modern-day comedy and thrived in that cubby hole for quite some time. I believe that humor is not existent; it is invented. Different forms of humor come and go. Right now, Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey are two of the highest-paid comedians the world, and yet in fifty years, where will they be?

Comedy is constantly changing. Humor is invented and re-invented to the point that what was once funny no longer is. That is why so many comedies from various eras of American history seem so outdated by today's standards. We are living in a world of Jim Carreys, Adam Sandlers, and Mike Myers. Although they still receive jobs, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, and especially Dan Aykroyd -- some of the most popular comedians of the '80s -- have found themselves all stuck in ruts, filming kiddie movies for Disney and -- some of them (especially Murray and Aykroyd) -- departing comedy to pursue more serious careers in an area of film that will never become outdated: drama (for Murray, it is "Lost in Translation"; Aykroyd is less lucky with projects such as "Pearl Harbor," which might as well be classified as comedy).

The movie was directed by Ben Stiller, who carefully balances the neurotic against the sweet. The movie has its fair share of cameos, and in a great sequence Owen Wilson stars as a confident jerk who takes out Steven's girlfriend on a date. The Cable Guy finds out and, thinking he's doing Steven a favor, assaults Wilson in the bathroom of a fancy restaurant.

Perhaps the reason so many critics disliked "The Cable Guy" when it was released in 1996 was because they found themselves relating to Carrey's character. Maybe not. All I know is that it is one of the most daring and surprising comedies of the '90s -- not especially great but very unique and entertaining. I relate to its main character because we both love movies. My obsession is much calmer than Chip's. But the film does have a good eye for spotting good areas of satire. Yes, it's often rather dark and absurd. But isn't that the point?

Super Reviewer

January 11, 2010
This film, at it's best, is very funny, but the ridiculous ending dropped my score down just a little!

Super Reviewer

December 5, 2009
This Movie was directed by Ben Stiller? Please dont get me wrong I like Ben Stiller, but this Movie was horrible.
Conner R

Super Reviewer

November 25, 2009
Jim Carrey alone makes this movie amazing. The story itself is mildly interesting, but his performance as a deranged Cable technition makes it quite intriguing. The direction from Ben Stiller is quite as good as Reality Bites, but it fits for the movie.
Anthony L

Super Reviewer

September 25, 2009
Highly overrated unfunny comedy. Jim Carrey does my head in!
Dan S

Super Reviewer

June 25, 2007
Drenched in black humor and darkness, this film shows Carrey at his demented best. However, most of the characters are too paper-thin to care for, including the victim of Carrey's insane attacks (Broderick). Although it starts out promising and funny, it starts to become a little too demanding after a while, leading to an over-the-top finale. By the end you aren't laughing at Carrey's character, you just feel sorry for him, and I'm not sure that's what Stiller intended.
Phil H

Super Reviewer

August 8, 2007
I liked this, alot didn't but I thought it was dark, funny and showed Carrey in a different comedic light. He really is disturbing lol love the trouble he causes Broderick, makes u cringe and glad its not you. Underrated, this much better than Carrey's over the top performances and you can relate to it which makes it work so much better.
Bobby H

Super Reviewer

November 22, 2008
It was kinda okay.

Out of all the Jim Carry movies I have seen (so far) this is one of the worse ones I have watched. What I did not enjoy about the movie was how awkward Jim Carrey made the entire movie feel. I understand that this was supposed to be a dark comedy but everyone was SO Serious and then you had Jim Carrey being so weird - it made for a lot of awkward moments and less funny ones.

On a high note there are some funny parts in this movie and all the actors do great jobs.

But overall it's an awkward feeling movie where nothing really is in place - even the plot is not so good, as it seems as if they just threw some stuff in there to make the movie longer and more awkward.

I probably wouldnt of took this role if I was Jim Carrey, but imagine how this flick would of been without him? I dont think no one would of liked nor seen it.
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