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½ March 13, 2011
"Caged" is a French horror movie that is not the great horror shocker compared with others from that country. The story offers nothing new, it is a mixture of "Hostel", the lame "Turistas" and decent "Train". It delivers good acting, lighting, sound and some good suspense moments in the last part of the movie but when the credits roles it left me with the the feeling that it was bland and it could have been a lot better, coming from a place which have made many horror classics.
A time waster that soon will be in the vault of the forgotten horror movies.
½ October 31, 2013
Storyline is not bad, everything makes sense and falls into place nicely. Character building is quite good as well. Acting is not bad, a lot better than a lot of Hollywood actors. Just some part ie picking up weapons etc would be a good idea! But definitely a watch-able movie.
July 26, 2012
Not bad. Decent plot, though fairly conventional for a horror movie, and reminiscent of Turistas. Gritty direction. Short duration, which is good.

Performances are OK.
July 23, 2012
It's cool that movie.
½ May 27, 2012
Voisko sitä enää tutumpia latuja tallata yhtä vaisusti? Tuskin.
April 7, 2012
Jlleen yksi suht. hiriintynyt leffa ranskasta.
½ January 29, 2012
the true story in Kosovo
December 15, 2011
Pretty Girl locked up ...and escapes
½ December 11, 2011
Pour un film "d'horreur" franais, on ne peut que s'extasier de voir le rsultat qui est particulirement bien soign et presque effrayant... il manque encore un petit quelque chose pour en faire un vrai film de genre mais on y va, on avance...
June 17, 2011
An uninspired, unoriginal horror that delivers ok performances but little else! A forgettable film!
June 9, 2011
french horror, set in Ex yugoslavia in fact in Kosovo, ...
nothign special in movie, three french medic's are captured yb serbs and they r kept in cages, and they were potential organ "donors," ...
June 2, 2011
Fairly basic French kidnap/torture story that manages to generate a fair degree of tension within its brief running time. Solid turns from the cast really help, while the end touches on the war-torn countryside theme- something that certainly could have been explored further, but at least lends itself to one memorable moment.
May 25, 2011
dire que ça a du couter des millions d'euros...mais ça n'a pas fait d'heureux...
May 12, 2011
Basic horror with some unexpected qualities that make this tense French film an interesting terror-treat, very well performed and directed.
½ May 6, 2011
Cómo coger una buena idea y hacer una buena película en sólo 80 minutos sin más pretensiones que lo que quiere contar. Recomendable :-)
May 3, 2011
Helt okej, men känns som att man sett det förrut...
May 2, 2011
Sc (C)nar' classique...simple mais efficace. Bien jou (C), bonne r (C)alisation. Un bon film du genre...Et c'est français.
½ April 25, 2011
Nice movie,enjoyed this one...
April 14, 2011
cool low-budget french thriller..
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