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TheDudeLebowski65 TheDudeLebowski65
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August 26, 2013
North Korea is infamous for numerous reasons. One of those reasons is severe human rights violations. This is the astounding story of Shin Dong -hyuk, a prisoner in Camp 14 who successfully escaped. Throughout his ordeal, he has witnessed executions, been beaten, tortured, maimed, snitched and betrayed his friends and mother and brother. Those were the rules. The inmates were forced to do this in order to survive. This is an astounding film that has the power to make you think and it is an eye opening affair that should not be missed. Some people have criticized the editing and pacing, but this isn't a documentary like any other. When you hear Hyuk's story, you're captivated and in awe and how he could survive such brutality. The book Escape from Camp 14 is also wonderful and is a true testament to the survival of the human spirit. Although hard to watch, it is a necessary viewing in order to raise awareness to this important issue. I believe that this is one of the most important documents that have ever been made. This is a well thought out film and also you definitely shouldn't miss out on this one. Like I said, this is a standout film that is worth seeing.
Katherine S June 5, 2014
Beautifully paced and filmed documentary about a modern and on-going Auschwitz. Exquisitely respectful of every interviewee -- even the sadists. Which somehow makes what they did even more awful. Shin is a model of human courage -- with the emphasis on the "human."
Roya H May 19, 2014
Powerful beyond words. Read the book Escape from Camp 14 --and this documentary was so tastefully done with the animated sequences.
Bev Q July 19, 2013
I think this is the most incredible film I have ever seen. Your local cinemax is showing the latest dog crap with no plot and shoddy writing and terrible jokes, but this is the kind of brilliant filmmaker we should be encouraging. The use of body language and silence as a secondary character had me glued to the screen. You could feel the sadness in every bone. Absolutely riveting. This movie is about the death and torture of North Koreans, the horrifying and revolting things that humans are capable of, and how a soul can be numb and still have enough spirit to want to live......and I want to watch it again. That's how good this movie is. Watch it.
Scott M ½ June 25, 2013
Pretty effective, though a bit slow.
Jim B February 17, 2013
A man that was born and raised in a workers camp in North Korea tells his story in this documentary. Very gripping and sad and the long pauses between the mans answers were heart breaking.
Paul H January 5, 2013
People need to see this film. There were a couple of moments when I thought I would not be able to watch anymore of it. I am glad I stuck with it. The animation was quietly profound. I found that the pauses beautifully and painfully demonstrated the silent agony of Shin's sorrow and isolation. I was left staring at the screen for several minutes after watching this film. Thank you Shin and Marc Wiese.
Jason M September 20, 2012
Remarkable story of a North Korean man born and raised in a prison camp, who escaped a few years ago and who globe-trots communicating his story. Very effective use of monochrome animation enhance his memories. The long pauses where Shin thinks about the questions being asked of his experiences are riveting to watch, even if it's sometimes slow-going.
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