Cannes 2008: Nicolas Cage to Play Bad Lieutenant


Nicolas Cage and Werner Herzog are teaming up for a re-make of Abel Ferrera's violent 1992 classic Bad Lieutenant, it was announced in Cannes today. Back to Article


Mungo Toadfoot

sean kaiteri

1992 wasn't long enough ago for a remake of anything, let alone Bad Lieutenant.

May 15 - 08:27 AM

Now it's dark

Kirby K

Herzogs' films almost always take place in the wild. And remaking a pretty recent classic? That boys done gone and lost it! Tho Cages' hairpiece might actually lend itself to the role this time.

May 15 - 08:41 AM


Ruben Diaz

I don't think a remake will have a performance as good as Harvey Keitel's! Can't they come up with new material to make movies with these days?

May 15 - 09:35 AM


Jim Carter


How do you take on something that some one like Harvey Keitel was perfect in. Seriously I have seen Cage do a few good movies but this has bad idea written all over it.

May 15 - 09:38 AM


Rocco Savaiano

Cage hasn't played a twisted role since Wild At Heart, and he was more comical than serious in that one. I love Herzog, but why choose a remake? There is no good reason to remake this film, none whatsoever.

May 15 - 10:09 AM


Greg Guro

I'm praying Herzog is doing it for the money. . .that's the best explanation.

I don't know about Cage mentally anymore. He named his kid Kalil (Superman)? Isn't that a hell of a lot to live up to? NICE NAME JACKASS!


May 15 - 10:19 AM

The Tony Show

Tony Pagano

Oh my God! The bees!! They're in my eyes!! They're in my eyes!!!

Sorry. Wicker Man flashback.

May 15 - 02:29 PM


Alpha Z

Cage already plays a bad actor, why not a bad lt.?

May 15 - 03:38 PM


Jason Quiggle

Yeah good luck getting Cage to deliver a performance as gut wrenching and intense as Keitel's in the original...also wasn't the original NC17? somehow i think we will be getting pg-13 or a R with no balls. I'm resisting quoting from that movie in this message, so many gems could apply.

May 15 - 04:16 PM


Thomas Shepard

No no no...This does not add up at all. Taking an already superbly acted and directed film and doing a remake of it? Worst of all, getting Nicholas Cage to play the part. This is the main reason why I don't bother with Hollywood BS and not going to the cinema anymore. In my opinion I'd have a far better time just staying home and clipping my toenails. - Bollocks to the lot!

May 15 - 04:26 PM


Will Massaro


May 15 - 04:34 PM


script doctor

If by 'quite excited' you mean 'dreading this 100%', then I agree. Like others have mentioned, there's no reason to remake a movie from the 90's, and no reason to remake this one, period. Just like "Lost Boys" and "Carrie", the original films are great in their own respect, and don't demand (nor some might say, deserve) a remake.

Let's face it, Cage long ago left the realm of "serious film" and I doubt will ever make it back. On a side note, when I read recently that he was once up for the role of Stark in Iron Man, I almost soiled myself. Can you imagine Iron Man being the great movie it is with Cage in the lead? Ugh.

I like Herzog's movies, and there's no reason to waste his talent on a remake. Might as well put Uwe Boll at the helm.

May 15 - 08:33 PM


Michael Warren

What the crap?! What's with all of the sudden Herzog action? First he's working with David Lynch of a horror-ish flick, now he's doing a remake of an action flick and it's starring Cage? What on Earth?!

Plus the man is preparing to make THE PIANO TUNER this year. I am happy happy happy! And hopefully I'll get to catch ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD at the theater.

May 15 - 11:27 PM

John Z. Delorean

John Street

No way anyone tops Keitels scumbag cop portrayal in the original. What's the purpose of a remake anyway this won't do numbers at the box office and in todays market won't be able to touch the grit and grimy look of the original.

May 16 - 02:31 AM


Beau Sierens

This is an absolute mystery to me. We're remaking relatively contemporary movies now? I'm trying to think of one good reason that this movie should be remade, and there simply isn't one. I don't like the vast majority of Cage's performances, but I guess I see potential that he could be good in this type of role. Still, he is NO Harvey Keitel. Of course, with the current trends in Hollywood, they will probably release a PG-13 version in theaters to try and make more money...

May 16 - 06:00 AM


george clementi

Why?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY? Hey let's remake reservoir dogs and Pulp Fiction with OMar Epps and Giovanni RIbisi

May 16 - 07:32 AM


george clementi

Why?WHY?WHY?WHY?WHY? Hey let's remake reservoir dogs and Pulp Fiction with OMar Epps and Giovanni RIbisi

May 16 - 07:33 AM


james cochino

Just when you thought the party was over. The movie that made it cool to hammer in the house. House Party! July 2009. Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky.

May 16 - 08:16 AM


Dan Araujo

This guy, Herzog, is good. After "Rescue Dawn" and "Grizzly Man", I think I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this interesting choice.

May 16 - 08:17 AM


james cochino

This guy? Benefit of the doubt? I will give you the benefit of the doubt that you know what words mean.

May 16 - 11:09 AM


Arend Anton

It's a strange choice, but strange choices are always where Nick Cage shines. I'd rather have him do this than some lame action/adventure movie that he's not at all suited for.

May 16 - 08:37 AM

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