Will Smith Is Not The First Avenger


Just hours after Derek Luke started the rumor with a quote to MTV News, AICN has debunked reports that Will Smith was offered the starring role in "Captain America." Back to Article



Matanuki .

Hahaha. That would have been funnier if it were true. The hilarious reams of outrage sure to find its way on these boards would be worth it.

Sep 9 - 03:23 AM


Jordan Bricker

I wish that this rumor had lasted a little longer so that we could have seen the rioting on the boards.

Sep 9 - 05:19 AM


Robert Kimberlin

I can see it now, Cap does the Rap. I guess it could work as a musical. I'm sold.

Sep 9 - 05:32 AM


Matanuki .

Side Bar: I have a question for the RT staff, if they're listening. Why is it that when an article goes off the home page and into the right side screen archive, you click on the comments and instead of being taken there you're linked to the article?

Sep 9 - 06:00 AM


lance berry

Will Smith as Cap would have been as big an abomination as when he played James West. I mean, really--a black Secret Service agent in the 1800's? That's NOT what I'm talkin' about!

Sep 9 - 08:07 AM

Dark Knight jr.

Kae LaFond

I wasn't even aware such a rumor of foolishness existed. I see why, lol.

Sep 9 - 08:50 AM

the train

Vinnie Oliveri

i think a black captain america would be a great idea (yes, i know it's been done in truth) and while i think will smith could pull it off he's not an incredible actor. if i was limited to only casting black actors for cap, i can only think of denzel washington.

sadly, marvel would never take a chance like this.

Sep 9 - 09:14 AM


Matanuki .

I'm still waiting for the live action rendition of 'Truth: Red, White, and Black'. Bring on Isaiah Bradley. And THEN introduce Steve Rogers. Now that is what I'm talking about.

Sep 9 - 09:36 AM


Matanuki .

I'm still waiting for the live action rendition of 'Truth: Red, White, and Black'. Bring on Isaiah Bradley. And THEN introduce Steve Rogers. Now that is what I'm talking about.

Sep 9 - 09:36 AM

TheCaptain of TeamLoyalty

John Webb

You understand that Truth was a retcon that Marvel did to pander to blacks?

Sep 9 - 09:36 AM


joe shmo

matt damon. done.

boring? maybe a little. but he's a proven action franchise carrier, LOOKS THE PART and 'bourne' is dunzo. or at least it ought to be. heard a rumor they were trying to squeeze another one out. just let it be.

then you've got ed norton, downey jr., damon and sam jackson for the avengers movie. that cast is rock-solid. all you gotta do is somehow pull thor off (dumb character and pitt won't do it) and we're in serious business.

Sep 9 - 10:24 AM


Jeremy W.

Thank god it wasn't true. Nothing against Will Smith but, well, Captain America is white and Will Smith is not. I really hate when they change the race of comic characters. They made Kingpin black in Daredevil. Nick Fury is black all of a sudden too. Don't get me wrong, I love both of the actors (Michael Clarke Duncan and Samuel L. Jackson respectively) but it's just not right. I am sure there would have plenty of outrage if they turned black comic characters white. Imagine if instead of Halle Berry as Storm they had Nicole Kidman or in place of Wesley Snipes for Blade they had Jean Claude Van Damme. If a comic character is black, leave them black. If the character is white, leave them white. If they are blue, purple, green or whatever, leave them as is. It's a disgrace to the character and the creator to have such liberties with their characters. Changing their race or color can really affect the meaning of the character and who they were meant to be. Think of the background of Cap. Created in a time where blacks were oppressed and weren't even considered full citizens of the USA. Do you think a bunch of the whites from that time would use a black guy as their vision for the symbol of the USA? I think not. I wish they would leave the characters as they were created. Black, white, green, etc........

Sep 9 - 02:06 PM

CoUcH ToMaToE DoUgIe

Shawn Amoroso

Hey, will may not be the first avenger but if wants to be one

Marvel should definitely jump on it. You know Marvel still needs someone for

a Black Panther & a Luke Cage movie. I'm just saying, he would make an

awesome T'Challa.

Sep 9 - 10:39 PM


Tom Malmin

Jack Kirby can stop spinning in his grave.

Sep 10 - 02:31 AM


Uri Botfield

Thor could be a cool character, I mean he can fly,control the weather, and he smashes the **** out of stuff with a huge hammer. Sounds like dahluzz has something against the swedes

Sep 10 - 07:50 AM


edward makuch

Gabriel Hogan is an actor who would make an excellent Captain America.

Sep 10 - 09:27 AM

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