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Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary Reviews

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½ June 9, 2012
More insightful than a lot of documentaries on cinema, but not as insightful as the best of them.
April 23, 2013
Turning the lens and the question of storyline back onto those artists that call themselves Documentary Filmmakers. With only a few brief doc excerpts, several aspects of motivation are revealed: how these individuals see themselves, their films, and the personal reward of finding a story worth retelling. Fortunately, Moore wasn't interviewed though he gets mentioned by some of his peers.
June 27, 2011
Notable directors such as Werner Herzog, Nick Broomfield and Errol Morris discussing the art, craft and unique challenges of nonfiction filmmaking.

The real value in this documentary is that it emphasizes the differing theories on just exactly what a documentary should be. There is no one right way to produce and film a documentary. Some directors like to film their interviewees when least expected to capture as much of the interviewees real character as possible, while others (like acclaimed director Werner Herzog, and one of my personal favorites) prefer to embellish the truth slightly to better establish a literary theme in the documentary.

Also, beside the sheer ideas this picture provides for student filmmakers, there are also clips from a wide variety of acclaimed documentaries for those looking for good ideas on what documentaries to watch.

Capturing Reality: The art of Documentary is a great source for those who want to better understand what non-fiction filmmaking is.
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