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This isn't an animated film, this is a cartoon.

June 21, 2011 Full Review Source: UGO | Comments (45)


Clint D.

Clint Davis

Could we about to witness the first rotten Pixar film?
Hopefully this will be a wake up call to Pixar to stop their onslaught of sequels and only concentrate on original and exciting ideas like they mostly have done since the beginning.
At least Disney animation had the common decency to release most of their animated sequels direct to DVD

Jun 21 - 09:04 AM

Jordan L.

Jordan Lofgren

That's because Disney animated sequels suck.

Jun 21 - 09:50 AM


Corey Gallagher

Sequels are fine if they're done correctly, look at the Toy Story sequels and Monsters University sounds promising, one bad sequel won't and shouldn't be enough convince Pixar to abandon them altogether, that's stupid to even suggest.

Jun 21 - 10:21 AM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

Do you seriously think that Monsters needs a sequel? To me that is the most perfectly contained movie Pixar has made plus it had a perfect last scene. There is no reason we need to revisit that world

Jun 21 - 10:43 AM


Corey Gallagher

Well it's not a continuation sequel, it focuses Mike and Sully in monster college, so really is it necessary? No, not really. Could it be a good prequel despite that? Most definitely, the world and characters are good enough, so really it has more going for it than Cars 2 had.

Jun 21 - 11:09 AM


Rob Humanick

1931's Frankenstein is a perfectly self-contained film, but that doesn't stop Bride of Frankenstein from being one of the greatest sequels ever made. The worth isn't in the conception; it's in the execution. That said, Cars 2 looks terrible. I can't wait to see how it is.

Jun 21 - 02:03 PM


James Stevens

The only sequel I want to see from Pixar is for The Incredibles. Now there's a film that deserves one.

Jun 21 - 02:42 PM

Jason B.

Jason Brown

You you don't like Toy Story 2 and 3 then?

Jun 22 - 02:01 AM


William Figueroa

Onslaught of sequels? First time in 15 years that they do more than one (1) sequel is an onslaught!?!

Jun 22 - 01:05 PM

James B.

James Bolan

What's so bad about cartoons?

Jun 21 - 09:52 AM


Harrison Foreman

This will probably be the first year Pixar will lose the Oscar.

Jun 21 - 10:04 AM

Erik Childress

Erik Childress

Monsters, Inc. lost to Shrek in 2001. First year of the award.

Jun 21 - 10:08 AM


victor lopez

And also Cars lost to Happy Feet in 2006.

Jun 21 - 10:58 AM

Sean P.

spp 41

I'm hoping either Winnie the Pooh or Rango takes it this year.

Jun 21 - 11:01 AM


Wig gins

I'm hoping Rango or Kung Fu Panda.

Anything but another Happy Feet abomination.

Jun 21 - 11:23 AM

Drew P.

Drew Perkins

It will either be Rango or Tintin for sure

Jun 21 - 11:47 AM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

Rio was surprisingly well done too

Jun 21 - 11:50 AM

Scappy D.

Scappy Doo

Hopefully Either Rango or Tintin wins. Rio sucked.

Jun 21 - 01:00 PM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

So Scappy D, you have already seen TinTin huh?
Nothing like putting the cart before the horse.
After Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and the Lovely Bones, I don't put too much stock into Spielberg and Jackson anymore

Jun 21 - 01:38 PM


Rob Humanick

I'm sorry for anyone who dislikes Happy Feet.

Jun 21 - 02:04 PM


Sean Pak

Really Clint? After one weak movie each, you don't care about Jackson or Spielberg anymore? If we lost faith in every director after one failure, we would've stopped following Spielberg after 1979 (when he made 1941). Nobody's perfect.

Jun 21 - 03:23 PM


Rob Collett

Well, given Happy Feet 2's trailer consisted of an embarrassing hip-hop bit, I think the film will bomb and not be considered.

Jun 24 - 07:37 AM


Frisby 2007

I hope any animated film gets the award over this one.

Jun 21 - 03:43 PM


Wig gins

No one should put very much into what this joker has to say, this guy also liked 9 better than Up, Ponyo, How to Train Your Dragon, ect. He's basically one of the least knowledgeable people I've seen when it comes to animation.

Jun 21 - 11:25 AM


The Watcher

Why not? Cars sucked so it's only fitting that the sequel would, as well.

Jun 21 - 11:44 AM


Frisby 2007


Jun 21 - 03:43 PM


Wig gins

It is possible Cars 2 isn't that good. But it's kind of saddening that people use a review from this guy to say "Could this be Pixar's first rotten tomato?"

I personally don't think Cars was Pixar's weakest like a lot of people (I think A Bug's Life takes that "award"), but I can understand why someone would think that. It is very plausible that Cars 2 takes that title for most people. But is this critic how we should judge that? No. If it were Roger Ebert saying this, is that how we should judge it? No.

But at least to Ebert's credit, he likes good animated movies and saw 9 for what it was.

*Cue rimshot*

Jun 22 - 02:46 AM


KC Paul

Actually, we're just allowed to discuss. That's what these comment boards are for. Unless it gets out of hand and people start cursing at eachother. But no one's done that so far, so I approve.

Jun 22 - 10:18 AM


In Your Dreams

Tell me Slogan, how exactly does someone become "knowledgeable" on animation? When their personal tastes spontaneously align with yours? So he prefers the darker stuff, what's it to you? Douche.

Jun 21 - 12:35 PM


Wig gins

This coming from the nazi-like egomaniac who accused everyone who insulted the intelligence of everyone who liked Thor? Pot and kettle much?

I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but it baffles me that anyone could like 9 over any quality animated film, seeing as 9 was nothing but a faux style that only came off as self-important.

Take a chill pill.

And it looks like I was misinformed on HtTyD, oh well, the point still stands.

Jun 22 - 02:51 AM

Jordan Hoffman

Jordan Hoffman

I've never seen How To Train Your Dragon, so how do you know I prefer 9 to that film?

Jun 21 - 02:23 PM


Link O'Fett

I think we just might witness the first Rotten Pixar movie. Had to happen sometime I suppose :( But we'll see...

Jun 21 - 11:48 AM

Lumbergh Phucter

Jamie Eakins

Maybe they just got tired of being perfect.

Jun 21 - 07:16 PM

Ryan D.

Ryan Downs

Yeah it was going to happen sooner or later, especially considering that the original Cars is, arguably, Pixar's most successful merchandising property. Yeah, their movies make a ton of money, but forcing little kids to buy toys is even more lucrative.

Jun 22 - 12:54 PM

JC Martel

JC Martel

I can't believe anyone over 12 are debating about cartoons.

Jun 21 - 11:57 AM


Rob Humanick

I doubt anyone under 12 can appreciate many cartoons. Like What's Opera Doc?

Jun 21 - 02:06 PM

Lumbergh Phucter

Jamie Eakins

Indeed. As we all know, only kids 12 and under are allowed to see Urotsukidoji and Fritz the Cat.

Jun 21 - 07:17 PM

Lenny M.

Lenny Monroe

Toy Story 3 was OVERRATED. In 10 years people will remember TS1 & 2 before they even think about 3. It was mostly aimed for children, it didnt have a universal theme like mostly any other Pixar film where people from 10 months old to 10 decades old can relate to. Toy Story 3 and Cars are the 2 weakest links in Pixar's catalog and it seems now they have another one, Cars 2. Toy Story 3 proves that people love drinking the Pixar Kool-Aid. The Incredibles, Up, FInding Nemo, and even Rattatouille are very UNDERRATED and timeless films compared to the Emperor's New Clothes that was Toy Story 3.

Jun 21 - 04:45 PM


Kaan Vural

Are you kidding me? Toy Story 3 was the Pixar film LEAST aimed at children. And if you can't see what the theme was there, I'm not sure explaining it will do much good.

Jun 21 - 05:25 PM

Chris M.

Chris Marquez

Really? No universal theme? What about accepting one's own fate (the boiler scene). What about the emotions of finding one of your favorite toys in a box years after you've grown up and forgotten about them? I'm sorry, but Toy Story 3 has plenty for everyone. Not to mention, it actually is better than the second one.

Jun 21 - 06:11 PM

Chris M.

Chris Marquez

And how can you say Finding Nemo and Ratatouille are two of the most underrated Pixar films. They are two of the most critically acclaimed and beloved of all of the Pixar films. You obviously know nothing about movies and have nothing intelligent to add to this conversation.

Jun 21 - 06:14 PM

Lumbergh Phucter

Jamie Eakins

It's usually those who believe there's a certain kind of Kool-Aid are ignorantly unaware of chugging a far more retarded flavor of it.

Jun 21 - 07:23 PM

Lumbergh Phucter

Jamie Eakins

Jesus in a fluffy tutu, this one's making a "distinction" between animation and cartoons. Guess what genius, THEY'RE BOTH THE SAME THING!! None of your wannabe-hipster whining will change this.

Jun 21 - 07:12 PM


Ian Browne

I don't much care about this film, but I'm not sure if you thought that blurb was profound or something.

It wasn't, in any case.

Jun 21 - 07:34 PM

Andrew Marfitsin

Andrew Marfitsin

Possibly the main cause of criticism for Cars 2 is the fact that it belongs to an entirely different genre than its predecessor. Unlike Cars, this sequel's value is in the small puns and comparisons found throughout, most of which not every six-year-old will be able to appreciate. For example, French rally car Raul CaRoule. Is the average toddler watching the film so well rounded in French as to understand that Ca Roule is French slang for "Let's Go"? Will a child know what "my condolences" means? If the audience cannot understand such vital moments of the film, it becomes worthless to them. Is the problem in the film or in the audience? Let's not forget that if this film was the product of Dreamworks, critics would be raving.

Aug 23 - 10:06 AM

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