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At a time when some "grown-up" action films are relentlessly shallow and stupid, here is a movie with such complexity that even the cars sometimes have to pause and explain it to themselves.

June 23, 2011 Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Comments (67)
Chicago Sun-Times
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Corey Gallagher

Thank you, despite the low tomato score my two favorite critics and whom I agree with most both gave it fresh ratings, I'll see it not expecting much, which I initially would have done since Cars wasn't my favorite Pixar film.

Jun 23 - 11:03 AM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

What are you talking about? If I followed Ebert blindly I would have missed my favorite film this year being X-Men First Class

It is almost as if the ghost of Armond White has taken over his body.

Jun 23 - 11:53 AM


Corey Gallagher

Because he negatively reviewed a single film that you liked he's suddenly possessed by Armond White? Oh lawdy, call an exorcist! My situation was that I'm a huge Pixar fan, but I was on the fence about seeing Cars 2 because of all the negative reviews thus far, but both Roger Moore and Ebert, my favorite critics whom I tend to agree with gave it fresh ratings so I'll take my chances, not following him blindly just appreciate the push.

Jun 23 - 12:05 PM

Scott Love

Luke Simpson

No, you're obiviously BLIND, because he's someone you "agree with most." Ha ha.

Jun 23 - 12:52 PM


Corey Gallagher


Jun 23 - 03:18 PM

Tyler S.

Tyler Schwab

His review for First Class was barely rotten anyways. It was 2.5/4 stars. He called it, "not bad, but not good either."

Jun 23 - 12:15 PM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

Back in the day Ebert was a beacon of hope for genre films that tried to be different and took chances. However here recently it seems that he has been going against the grain where he really gives a hard time to quality genre films such as Thor, Star Trek and the afore mentioned X-Men but instead he gives the fresh review to an obvious cash grab like this one. I just find myself disagreeing with him more and more.

Jun 23 - 01:31 PM


Brian Priestley

Clint - How is Thor ANY LESS a cash grab than this? I thought Thor sucked, although I did enjoy First Class. I dont subscribe to the common thought process on here that once a reviewer and I disagree I therefore can never trust him again. If that were the case this site would be pointless because at one time Ive disagreed with everyone.

Jun 23 - 04:09 PM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

Thor was a risk as he is not a A lister Marvel hero plus he comes from a Norse mytholgy background. Not an easy sell on any counts. I agree it wasn't the best movie this summer but it was nice to see a risk pay off pretty nicely for Marvel and Paramount. As for Cars 2, where is the risk in this film? Maybe making Mater the lead?

Jun 23 - 05:00 PM

Scott Love

Luke Simpson

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Thank you Ebert.

Jun 23 - 11:07 AM


Chris Burge

this looks better than the first even though mater is the main character. looks a lot more fun

Jun 23 - 11:07 AM


Mariah Mallett

Oh never cease to make me smile. Although I'm not a fan of Cars, I'm not really liking this extremely negative reaction to it's sequel.

Jun 23 - 11:11 AM


Joshua Dinsmore

Well at least someone credible thought it was good. Thanks Ebert. Now I know I won't be disappointed when I see it.

Jun 23 - 11:41 AM


david bunch

Looks like Roger didn't get the "hate on Cars 2 as much as possible" memo, or he ignored it. Good for him.

Jun 23 - 11:44 AM


Marco La Manno

Or a lot of people thought it was mediocre - bad.

Jun 23 - 11:48 AM


Ross Daniels

Maybe he liked it more than they did?

Jun 23 - 12:07 PM


Matt Goodman

I'll see bad teacher instead THANK YOU VERY MUCH. And don't go insulting me saying I'm stupid or anything I've heard it all before. Ebert is a terrible critic because he disliked films such as X-Men First Class but he liked the new Arthur movie. Actually, screw it. I'm ready for a swarm of Ebert fanboys insulting me. Come at me.

Jun 23 - 12:06 PM

Observation 99

Observation 99

Hmm... okay. And don't go insulting me saying you have the right to your own opinion or anything. I've heard it all before. You're a terrible judge because you dislike such critics as Roger Ebert but like Bad Teacher. Actually, screw it. I'm ready for a swarm of Ebert trolls insulting me. Come at me.

Jun 23 - 08:15 PM

dj Mark

Mark Marquis

38%.... seriously? A Pixar film at 60% would be considered a critical flop by Pixar's own standards. And yet Roger Ebert gives it a fresh review and suddenly some people breathe a sigh of relief... as if the dozens of other people who saw it don't count. If you're visiting RT then you have at least a passing acceptance of the rating system here. If you're going to dismiss everyone save for one or two critics, please just visit and post on their blog/website and save yourself the aggravation of coming here. I love Pixar but this has gotten ridiculous.

Jun 23 - 12:08 PM

Johan L.

Johan Larsson

As long as you trust Ebert most then damn straight they don't count. As for reasons for frequenting the site, I do not feel any need to subscribe to yours, which I think is misguided in relation to the tomatometer. I don't like the tomatometer and i don't trust it to tell me what movies to watch.

Jun 23 - 01:29 PM


In Your Dreams


Jun 23 - 03:32 PM

Tall Cool One

Tall Cool One !

What he said.

Jul 8 - 02:45 PM


Chris Michael Smith

They DON'T count. Have you read the negative reviews? Everyone's holding it up to the Pixar standard, which is a very foolish thing to do with Cars. Roger Ebert looked at it objectively, explained his point logically, and was smart enough to know NOT to compare it with WALL-E. He had no delusions of what it was supposed to be, and allowed himself to enjoy it. Everyone else is crying that it's "not as good as Toy Story 3". I could have told you that. Anyone who saw the trailers could have told you that. So, yes. Sigh of relief.

Jun 23 - 01:50 PM

Tall Cool One

Tall Cool One !

I liked it more than "Toy Story 3". There, I said it.

Jul 8 - 02:46 PM


Matt Goodman

^fucking genious

Jun 23 - 02:15 PM

Manuel G.

Manuel Granados

This is the beacon of hope they were waiting for when they love Cars 2 because Pixar made it and not because of the film's own merits. It will comfort them in the knowledge that "other critics don't count, me and Roger liked it".

Jun 23 - 03:01 PM


Corey Gallagher

This is going to stay rotten and to be honest it likely will be the worst film by Pixar, we'll see, but Chris does make a good point. A majority, or rather many of the headlines and/or reviews mention 'Pixars ordinary standards' or in varying words, they're not judging it on it's own merits rather they seem to have a separate criteria based on the studios totality of work, can you honestly say that that is fair? There's even a review that admits that 'for any other group of filmmakers, this film would be a major achievement' but since it's Pixar it gets a rotten review.

Jun 23 - 03:47 PM

Manuel G.

Manuel Granados

Oh I think critics who are doing that are coming at this the wrong way (I stated it in the critics consensus piece just now), that's why I have only "sided" with reviews that come from treating the film as an individual thing rather than putting it against Pixar's other movies. Individually, I think the first Cars is plain bad, compared to other Pixar's pieces it is just awful, but the only movies I compare to one another is sequels to be honest.

Jun 23 - 05:57 PM


Chris Michael Smith

Look, you know something is up when a review that is marked "rotten" acknowledges the movie in question is actually good. I think any review that fails to judge the film based on its own merits should be disregarded, as it's not so much a review but a comparison. If Cars 2 is to be compared to Pixar's previous efforts, then the Tomatometer is somewhat accurate. But on its own merits, it should be on about the same level as Kung Fu Panda 2.

Jun 24 - 04:27 PM


Chris Michael Smith

...And I say this having just watched the movie this morning. It was quite good.

Jun 24 - 04:28 PM

Lenny M.

Lenny Monroe

I'm just glad another Top Critic gave Cars 2 a fresh review. But its still sad seeing Pixar get a Rotten score. I havent felt this way since the first 12 minutes of Up :(

Jun 23 - 12:43 PM


ivan kargovski

So Cars 2 is better than Toy Story 3?

Ebert you're past your prime,sir.

Jun 23 - 12:48 PM

David Marvel-ous

David Miele

You fuckers haven't even seen it so shut the hell up; after you watch it, THEN make your own damn opinion... or don't see it at all.

Jun 23 - 01:00 PM

Adrian S.

Adrian Smith

completely AGREE

Jun 24 - 07:55 AM

Joseph C.

Joseph Cerra

Wait a minute. You mean a Pixar movie can be good simply because it's fun and appeals to children more than adults? Ebert gets it. The story about being taken back in time to his childhood, when his own toy cars were sentient, is the best commentary yet on this movie. My kids loved Cars more than any other Pixar film. I can't wait to take them to Cars 2.

Jun 23 - 01:01 PM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

No offense but better you than me. My children found the original boring after one viewing and have never watched it again. The original is the only Pixar film I have never watched completely because I couldn't get past characters like Mater which are just annoying to me.
However, thankfully they love animated films like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away so Dad stays pretty happy too. You can never get enough Miyazaki

Jun 23 - 01:42 PM

Joseph C.

Joseph Cerra

No offense taken. You've actually proven my point, but I'd guess you're too "smart" to understand why.

Jun 23 - 01:55 PM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

Actually Miyazaki understands how a child's brain works better than John Lasseter. Even Lasseter admitted this in the documentary The Pixar Story. Plus I don't see Miyazaki merchandising the hell out of his films like Lasseter does either. That is also a big plus in my book.
Have you let your kids watch any Miyazaki films? If not you may be surprised at how much they enjoy them over this Happy Meal friendly film series.

Jun 23 - 04:57 PM

Joseph C.

Joseph Cerra

No, my kids aren't smart enough to watch Miyazaki films, but they do beat up other kids who do.

Jun 23 - 06:33 PM


Mitchell Nash

"No, my kids aren't smart enough to watch Miyazaki films, but they do beat up other kids who do."

Wow, that's... cool?

Jun 23 - 07:39 PM


Greg Webber

"No, my kids aren't smart enough to watch Miyazaki films, but they do beat up other kids who do."

What an incredibly horrible thing to say. Cars 2 flame war aside - shame on you.

You want to do the Cars franchise, and its fans, a favor? Stop playing into stereotypes.

Jun 23 - 11:54 PM

Zachary P.

Zachary P

Joseph is clearly joking. He's under the false impression that Clint considers him and his children as mentally inferior for liking Cars, so he's getting defensive.

Jun 24 - 01:51 AM

Joseph C.

Joseph Cerra

Zach, I don't see why you say my impression is "false." His comments reek of hubris. Anyway, this is a fun movie for kids. That you are the only one who understood I was joking underscores my point, once again, about people's reaction to this film.

Jun 24 - 02:29 AM

Tall Cool One

Tall Cool One !

Stop before you ruin Miyazaki for me with your smugness, fuck-o.

Jul 8 - 03:03 PM


mack woodruff

Wow Roger actually liked it.

Jun 23 - 01:26 PM


Tony's film reviews

I cant believe that so much people think that Roger Ebert going to be "Correct" just because he likes it. You people have to learn to watch movies for yourself, and dont copy what Roger Ebert says.

Jun 23 - 01:55 PM


Link O'Fett

Eh, Ebert's been a little off lately. Not that I want Cars 2 to be bad or anything, but I don't know how much I can trust him anymore...

Jun 23 - 01:56 PM

Clint D.

Clint Davis

I knew I wasn't the only one noticing this. After First Class it just became very obvious at least to me.

Jun 23 - 05:02 PM

Andrew L.

Andrew Lim

So just because he doesn't like what most people do, suddenly his credibility is thrown out the window? He has a right to his own opinion, which he voices well with reasons. That, to me, seems like his credibility is still intact.

Jun 25 - 03:34 AM

jim l.

jim louis

Joseph C. said: "The story about being taken back in time to his childhood, when his own toy cars were sentient, is the best commentary yet on this movie."

Well said! Check out Peter Travers (Rolling Stone's long-time, and very well respected critic) take. He also gives a very fresh and enthusiastic thumbs up and defends the first Cars.

Wesley Morris of the Boston Globe also gives a glowing review.

Maybe the past couple days have been amateur hour.

Jun 23 - 02:27 PM


dethburger hates Flixster

I admire Rodger even when I don't agree with him. I feel he gives his honest opinion and isn't shilling for anyone. The only time I don't pay attention to him is on 3D films. Rodger hates 'em and nothing is going to change that...which is cool. I check Roper on the 3D films.

Jun 23 - 02:29 PM


In Your Dreams

Well, praise from Ebert at least merits a download.

Jun 23 - 03:14 PM

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