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Okay, I was willing to reserve judgment until I saw the film, but now it's official ---- I don't like a blonde Bond!

November 21, 2006 Full Review | Comments (15)
Kaplan vs. Kaplan



lee brandt

No, you're wrong. Craig is the best 007 since Connery and he is quite comfortable in a tux. You are way off.

Nov 21 - 04:30 PM


Pablo Solano

Roger Moore? Are you kidding? you like Bond for the all reasons. Roger Moore was playing Bond waaay t

Nov 27 - 08:46 AM


Kevin Munz

this review contains every plot point and spoiler imaginable...and she liked roger moore...who was blond-ish...weird

Nov 29 - 03:42 PM


kassie colletta

I seriously wonder about the person who judged this film and Daniel Craig on James Bonds hair color

Dec 28 - 08:33 PM


Jesse Moore

Lady, you are a shallow moron. You should be writing fashion tips for Cosmo, not reviewing movies.

Mar 17 - 11:33 PM


Cody Vandenberg

Okay, I was willing to reserve judgment until I saw this comment, but now it's official --- I don't like a blonde film critic.

Mar 16 - 09:37 PM

James M.

olsen mavridou


Jul 25 - 10:03 AM


Unknown Unknown

Stop "reviewing" movies. Seriously. Because you suck at it.

Jun 11 - 02:01 PM


Tyler O'Neill

Dear Jeanne Kaplan,
I hope to god your "career" as a reviewer is a cute little inside joke with your husband that just got out of hand. At least your circle of influence is small enough that no one bothers with your opinion, but it disturbs me that you've apparently met the qualifications to be a recognized film critic. I could stick a cracked-out baboon in a screening room w/ a typewriter and likely get a review infinitely more sophisticated and insightful than any you've ever produced. Go lock yourself in a hotel room with a box of cheap wine, the entire DVD set of Sex and the City, and a copious stash of Cherry Garcia. Make slurred catty comments to the furniture and call the front desk demanding more "real men". Then, for everyone's sake, stay there. You're home

Jun 17 - 12:22 AM


Corey Maddox

It's the actor you judge not the hair yo DUMMMMMMMYYYY!!!!!!!

Jun 18 - 10:38 AM


Colin Wulff

This review gave away the plot completely, (a huge no-no for any reviewer) but had little to say against Craig other than the fact that he's blonde and doesn't knock you out in a tux. I personally thought he pulled off the tux very well. He balanced the chic of Connery with the more rugged side that the character was meant to have in this movie, since this is James earlier in his career.
Craig is easily the best bond since Connery. I'm glad you liked Roger in a tux at least, because he sure as hell couldn't act, and I got tired of Brosnan's debonair sleeziness after about a minute. You seem to like the Bond franchise for entirely wrong reasons.

Sep 12 - 01:29 PM


michael johnston

this is a crap review. It's more of a synopsis riddled with plot spoilers and no real reasoning for not liking the movie besides "I don't like the way Bond looks."
I think the reason everyone likes this Bond more than most is because it tones down the Hollywoodness in favor of story.

Oct 22 - 02:03 AM

Cade A.

Cade Arnett

Kaplan...... if Daniel Craig walked up to you and said hi, you would take your clothes off.. dont deny it

Nov 24 - 10:34 AM



I'm sure when you wrote this you had to know you'd get ripped apart for it from peeps on the internet. Most bond movies are at least 2 hours so complaining about that was dumb. Also what you wrote was a summary of the movie (With every plot spoiler imaginable) NOT a real review. You want a bond that "looks good in a tux". How shallow can you be? I didn't read anything in this review that said why the movie was bad. Besides you not liking how Craig looks. I'm a nice guy but I have to say it..Your review blows ass literally.

Oct 10 - 10:40 AM

Michael Dempsey

Michael Dempsey

This is a serious question: how stupid are you? Really? Bond has never been blonde, because he's always played by a man. Daniel Craig has blond hair.

Jan 12 - 03:30 PM

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