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Dudosamente sea la mejor de la serie, pero Daniel Craig le imprime a su James Bond una crudeza y humanidad interesantes.

January 8, 2007 Full Review Source: Uruguay Total | Comments (10)
Uruguay Total



Cody Vandenberg

First review I've seen in Spanish. Perhaps someone would find this rare rotten rating for Casino Royale insightful if they weren't sure that you couldn't understand the subtle perfection of the English-intended film.

Mar 16 - 09:34 PM


Unknown Unknown

Just because you have seen it with our Spanish language, doesn't mean the English version sucks too.

This was a perfect movie. And people like you ruin scores.

Jun 11 - 01:54 PM


mathew mcconahey

jads = just another dumb spic

Jun 16 - 09:24 PM


Corey Maddox

Nobody understands you, so your review shouldn't count.

Jun 18 - 10:36 AM

One Trick Pony

Trevor Lawrence

After reading his review (no, I'm not "just another dumb spic," you bigot; I'm Scandinavian,) I'd like to say I thought it was very fair. While it is possible that the reviewer missed some acting subtlety due to the English-Spanish translation, how are you certain that the reviewer did not view the movie in English? Ethnocentrism is not as widespread outside of the United States, many people are bilingual.

In reality, the problem here lies mainly with the yes or no, rotten or fresh rating system used by this website.

Jul 1 - 01:55 AM

James Gingerich

James Gingerich

Only knowing one language does not make you ethnocentric. I know quite a few people from France and Brazil, none of them speak English but I speak French and Portuguese, does that make me ethnodiverse and them ignorant? No, it means I speak multiple languages and they don't. Stop trying to be a prick.

Oct 14 - 08:31 AM


Brian George

This movie should not be reviewed based on it's Spanish counterpart. The Spanish language lacks the complexity to translate most great English writing property. If you want to call me prejudice, fine. But **** the PC bull****'s true.

Oct 31 - 08:59 PM

Aldo V.

Aldo Villasenor

hhmm Brian10 you have no idea how complex is the spanish language, I tell u because I know English and Spanish 100%. it has nothing to do with the translation, I loved the movie tho but hes just saying its not the best of all bond movies but Daniel Craig gives a lot of rawness and vulneravility to the movie.

I dont see why a review in spanish shouldnt count, at least not in my opinion...

Sep 23 - 05:49 PM


Allyn Skelton


Nov 18 - 06:00 AM


Brian Scott

I don't agree with it, but his review should count. And it doesn't matter whether you think it should or not coreyt, because Rotten Tomatoes doesn't put up or take down reviews based on what you think of them.

Nov 28 - 05:38 PM

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