Critical Consensus: "Casino Royale" Fresh, Certified Fresh; "Happy Feet" Shows Fancy Footwork; Guess The Tomatometer for "Prison"


This week at the movies prompts several questions. Will the latest Bond movie ("Casino Royale," starring Daniel Craig) leave pundits shaken and stirred? Can penguins learn to dance ("Happy Feet," featuring voice work by Elijah Wood, Nicole Kidman, and Robin Williams)? And can prison be fun ("Let's Go to Prison," starring Dax Shepard)? Find out what the critics have to say! Back to Article



Bernard Ozarowski

Off to midnight Casino Royale soon and I couldn't be more excited.

I'm thinking 19% for Let's Go To Prison

Nov 16 - 05:36 PM


David Gonzalez

Whoo! I called it. I think that was my first time. For this one let's say 10%.

Nov 16 - 06:11 PM


joe fisher

Oh come on Prison looks funny. And Casino Royale will be awesome beyond belief.

Nov 16 - 06:11 PM


Joey Chid

okay casino royale........pratically 6 more hours until i glue my eyes on to this movie......midnight showing.......cannot wait...i don't know why but i am so stoked for ths movie.....happy feet i could really care less about but since it got some pretty good reviews i will most likely end up seeing it......i dunno about let's go to prision it looks good but then again it looks stupid i dunno i am guessing somewhere between 40 and 60 percent for the tomater maybe more probably more but then again maybe less i dunno and i am out

Nov 16 - 06:50 PM


Jaja Jaja

14% for Let's Go To Prison.

Nov 16 - 06:59 PM


Chris Esenberg

While I'm sure the movie will rely completely on butt sex jokes, it has Gob in it..COME ON!!!
I'm guessing a 29 percent for "Lets Go to Prison"

Nov 16 - 07:41 PM


Nancy Elizabeth

I'm going with 23% for Let's go to Prison. Yes, I picked that number and random but I want to play.

Despite the fact that I am not a Bond fan in any shape or form, my boyfriend is, so I'll be seeing it this weekend!

Nov 16 - 08:08 PM


William Goss

Let's Go To Prison - 27%

Nov 16 - 08:22 PM


Sean Ludwig

12% for Let's Go to Prison.

I'm also sad that Bobby isn't recieving wide praise. 56% isn't dreadful, but for this kind of film, I was hoping it would end up higher than 70%. Here's hoping that when it goes to wide release, it'll go up.

Nov 16 - 09:15 PM


Dillon James

Let's Go To Prison:
Maybe 67%. If it's good, 67, if it's great, 90%, if it's bad, 24%.

Nov 16 - 09:59 PM


Victoria Leduc

I'm going to see "Let's Go to Prison" because it has GOB in it! I don't care if it doesn't have a fresh rating! XDD

Nov 16 - 11:59 PM


Katie Teasdale

Im not a bond fan until yesterday when i saw Casino Royale - it is what an action film should be .
All hail King David!

Nov 17 - 04:36 AM


James Bailey

[b]Will this weekend be a Bond-ing experience?[/b]
5 percent for lets go prison, cmon, there has been a lot of advertising for this movie, but the line 'do you want some merlot...i make it in the toilet' and 'its ok to cry, crying takes the sad out of you'..uhm, if these are what they are trying to tease the audience with (granted, i dont know who the hell will arnett or dax shepared are, though ive seen will arnett on celebrity poker showdown on bravo and he made phil hellmuth look like an aspiring oscar nominee)...anyways the movie looks like feces..

to bond, i wasn't very interested in seeing this movie, esp since the last 5 or 6 seem more like they are for the geriatic or mentally challenged set, but the good reviews are going to draw me into this one, guess i'll go see it with my dad, he likes decent action flicks, hence the possible bond-ing experience ahahahahahahahahaha wtf am i laughing that isnt funny, its stupid its..

Editor's note: The staff of apologizes to the normal people reading this stupid reply. Sowwy!

Nov 17 - 07:08 AM


Rotten Tomatoes News Submission


Nov 17 - 09:51 AM


Simon Parker

I saw Casino Royale last night and found it to be amazing! Daniel Craig is the best Bond since Connery, it deserves its now 96% totameter rating, hell it deserves 100% in my eyes. I want to see Happy Feet as well, but its not out in England til December 8th.

Nov 17 - 09:30 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I really want to see Casino Royale, I think I'm also going to see Stranger Than Fiction this weekend.
31% for Let's Go to Prison.

Nov 17 - 09:49 AM


Rotten Tomatoes News Submission


Nov 17 - 09:51 AM


Rob Brown

[b]So how tainted are the reviews for old films?[/b]
I'm wondering just how old a movie can be on here and still have a rating that's completely trustworthy.

I ask this because when talking about "Casino Royale", the article states that "Dr. No" rates a solid 100% on the TomatoMeter which is pretty unbelieveable. In fact, there are over 100 films on here that got that perfect score, most of which are decades old, not to mention older than the people reviewing them. For the most part, the reviews for older films are not reviews that came out at the time of the movie's relaease, and you'd think that they'd lack the perspective of those reviews that WERE current at the time. A lot of these films were unique in that they were groundbreaking films in their particular genres, and you can't tell me that EVERYONE looked at these new innovations or changes as a positive thing.

That reminds me, I remember an article or sidebar from Entertainment Weekly or Premiere from years back where they compared the reviews of recent re-makes to the reviews of the originals, but both reviews were by the same critic. For instance, one of the critics in question absolutely crapped on the re-make of "Night of the Living Dead" saying that it coudn't TOUCH the greatness of the original, but then you see their review of the original from '68 or '69, and they totally hated that one too.

I understand that someone's mind can change later on, but I much prefer to see someone's original reaction. Does anyone else think that maybe there should be a different category on RT for classic or older films so that the overall rating for more recent films isn't unfairly compared to a movie that no one here saw in it's initial release or at least to reviews for a movie that WEREN'T written way back when?

Nov 17 - 10:42 AM


Rajit Sarkar

Even though I though that the trailer looked okay, I'm going to throw my hat into the ring by guessing 19% for "Let's Go to Prison."

Nov 17 - 10:47 AM


Brian Lorenzo

wow people are really hating on Let's go to Prision. im gonna say 53%. it looks good and Will Arnnet is funny, but it won't break fresh.

Nov 17 - 01:42 PM


ryan mcafee

11% for Lets go to Prison

Nov 17 - 02:32 PM

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