Story Set for Next Bond Flick?

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There's already been a good deal of conjecture and gossip thrown around regarding the NEXT James Bond movie, and here's the latest: Apparently the next 007 adventure will be based on an Ian Fleming story called "Risico" -- but that story's already been used for an earlier Bond flick!

From IGN Movies: "The follow-up to "Casino Royale" will reportedly be based on the Ian Fleming short story "Risico," which appeared in his 1960 book "For Your Eyes Only."

The problem with "Risico" is that its basic plot and characters was already used for the 1981 film version of "For Your Eyes Only." In Fleming's "Risico," 007 is sent to Italy to investigate a heroin ring and crosses paths with the likes of Colombo and Kristatos, both of whom were featured in the Roger Moore movie." (Click here for the full article.)
Well, it's not like this is the first time film producers have had to double-dip from Fleming's back catalog. Regardless, I think that most of us would probably agree by this point that Daniel Craig was a much cooler 007 than the early naysayers were suggesting... right?