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May 26, 2009
Brilliant reboot of the Bond franchise, stripping away the goofy gadgets & cartoonish villains that cluttered the series and returning 007 to his Flemming roots, that of a ruthless & efficient operative in Her Majesty's Secret Service. Thanks largely to Martin Campbell's superb direction (one of the best action directors of his generation) and Daniel Craig's brilliant lead performance ( the best Bond since Connery). He is matched perfectly by Eva Green, whose Vesper Lynd is the one Bond girl who gets under his skin. To date, still the best Bond film ever.
June 23, 2015
A much different way to give bond, in a really good way. Eye-popping action sequences, a worthy villain, and a hilarious torture scene. Casino Royale has a new bond played by Daniel Craig and is now in my opinion the best Bond in the franchises history.
June 21, 2015
One simple, elegant revival of the Bond series filled with constant thrills and high levels of intensity.
May 31, 2015
My favorite movie of all time!! It is incredible, and action- packed. This is classic Bond. I am a huge fan of the James Bond franchise, I have seen them all but this, OHMSS, and Thunderball standout to me. Casino Royale especially! Sitback, relax, and showtime! Enjoy the thrills!!
½ April 10, 2009
One of the best Bond movies!
July 9, 2013
I'm not a Blondie type and couldn't see one as bond but after watching this film, I couldn't imagine anyone else filling his predecessor's spot! Man what a ride!
May 25, 2015
Daniel Craig resurrects a dying franchise with a charismatic, violent and suave rendition that will go down in film lore. Crag immediately takes command of the role and drives a complex narrative that intertwines trust, betrayal, self-discovery, love and the dark world of espionage. Easily the best Bond movie in the franchise's history (with Craig also being the best Bond).
May 16, 2015
Bond is brought back to classic formula and style with this witty and intense film that clearly establishes Daniel Craig as the Best Bond since Connery.
May 8, 2015
D. Craig makes an powerful debut as a fresh, vibrant Bond in one of the best films to date.
May 7, 2015
Der Neu Anfang der James Bond Franchise ist sehr gut gelungen!
Ich gebe es zu, als Daniel Craig als neuer Bond vorgestellt wurde, war ich auch sehr skteptisch. Aber man hat ihn noch nicht spielen sehen als Geheimagent. Also hat man ihm auch eine Chance gegeben.
Es ist eine positive Überraschung, was Craig aus seiner Rolle gemacht hat.
James Bond ist ein richtiges Greenhorn geworden. Sicherlich ist er härter und kompromissloser als seine Vorgänger. Er ist aber auch verletzlicher geworden.
Gut gemachter und bodenständiger Agententhriller mit urbanen Actionsequenzen ohne grosse technische Spielereien. Der Neu Anfang der Reihe ist gefestigt und man ist grosser Erwartungen, wie es mit James Bond weitergeht!
Fazit: Solide und klassisch, dass Lust auf mehr macht!
May 3, 2015
Best Bond movie ever. So far.
May 2, 2015
Really cool...lots of action, suspense, and surprises. The villain was perfect for Bond, and so was Daniel Craig.
May 2, 2015
It's a James Bond film. James Bond does James Bond stuff. It's entertaining, but not excellent.
½ April 30, 2015
A standout among the numerous Bond films (to say the least) deliciously entertaining, beautifully filmed, powerfully acted, and bringing Bond into darker and more thought provoking dilemmas than excepted Casino Royale isn't just a great Bond film. It's a great film period. 4.5/5 Amazing.
½ April 27, 2015
Every actor that has played Bond over the years brings something different to the table. Daniel Craig brings a toughness and grittiness to 007. I was a little skeptical about Craig playing Bond at first because he was a "blonde Bond." I can't believe I waited so long to see this film and Daniel Craig is by far one of the best of all the Bonds. This is the darkest of the Bond franchise and it's also one of the best. Eva Green is one of the most beloved Bond girls in the history of the franchise.
½ August 17, 2014
My favourite James Bond movie of recent years. Full of action and suspense, Craig delivers the goods. The cards game sequence is a highlight. My favourite film of 2006.
½ March 30, 2015
I've watched this movie after watching the sequel Skyfall. Skyfall was tenious in my opinion and most importantly, not enough action scenes. While Casino Royale completes your day with satisfying dramatic scenes! Great and interesting dialogue from Daniel and Eva! The chemistry between them is loveable!
Last, I don't know anything about poker (and the irony of that is that I live in Vegas) and the poker scenes were the best pieces of this movie!
½ September 25, 2014
Great action and drama, although a bit predictable. Cliffhanger at the end enticed me.
February 15, 2015
"Casino Royale" is part of the incredibly large Jame Bond--007--franchise, serving as a vehicle for Daniel Craig to take the wheel on the driver's seat. Is it any good? Other than the fact that I bought my copy for 2 bucks, oh, absolutely! Granted, I haven't seen many of the James bond films, but "Casino Royale" does what it sets out to do. Whether it's to establish Craig's Bond for later installments or feed off the success of the previous entries--no matter how you look at it,"Casino Royale" works. It's full of great action, suspense, and sly humor; Craig might not look like fits the role of James Bond on the surface. But let me tell you, when the iconic theme starts playing near the end, and Craig says that one famous line. That's it, he's proved himself, and all doubt is erased. It's interesting because after I watched "Skyfall"--back when the hype around it was at its height and having never had seen Craig act as 007--I had a bit of trouble identifying with him as the character. And, had I seen "Casino Royale" when it was out in theaters, my opinion of the Craig-era Bond movies might have been different. I know, for a fact, that I didn't like "Quantum of Solace" that much despite its wickedly awesome title [and 'Quantum' is a short movie compared to 'Casino' and 'Sky.']. So now I kind of want to revisit "Skyfall" before the upcoming "Spectre" is on the big screen.
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