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September 2, 2013
When Julian(Alphonso McAuley) and Anthony(Scott Mechlowicz) open a private detective business in Montenegro of all places, their first case turns out to be trying to find Catalina(Paz Vega) who also just happened to steal Julian's cell phone and Anthony's car and is now having a lot of trouble trying to get out of the country. She is also the last survivor of a massacre wherein she absconded with a hard drive that Carver(Karel Roden) desperately wants back. So, he sends Helen Bingham(Janet McTeer) to get it back for him.

"Cat Run" is a fairly entertaining comic thriller with a very high body count and delusions of a sociopolitical statement. As such, there is nothing here that we have not seen many times before, especially in its convoluted plot. Well, there is the terrific Janet McTeer taking the movie and running with it in a change of pace role as far as it will go. That's got to be worth something, right?
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½ December 16, 2011
What a waste of time!

I watched this movie manly because it was made in Montenegro and I am familiar with most of the places there... but I can tell you that it's not worth spending more than five minutes watching it - at the beginning... if you like naked girls scenes (actually even those girls were not very classy).

Having cravings for a movie with gaping holes in a plot, soft porn, stupidity, old Eastern European cars, worst of the European, American and Balkan actors, lots of violence and blood - this is your film!
June 19, 2014
Excuse me miss, but could you steal someone else's car?

Cat is a high end escort who gets caught in the middle of a political scandal overseas involving an American senator. During her escape process, she stumbles across two European entrepreneurs and uses them to get away. She doesn't anticipate the entrepreneurs starting their own detective agency and using their encounter with her as their first case. Can the two detectives save her?

"Do you girls know each other?"
"You soon will."

John Stockwell, director of Under Cover, Blue Crush, Turistas, Middle of Nowhere, Dark tide, Dark Tide, and Kid Cannabis, delivers Cat Run (and the upcoming Cat Run 2). The storyline for this picture was actually entertaining and the dialogue was comical and well written. The action scenes were well delivered but the sex was a bit overdone. The cast delivers above average performances and includes Paz Vega, Janet Mc Teer, D. L. Hughley, Tony Curran, Christopher McDonald and Michelle Lombardo.

"Looking at her beasts, I'm thinking milk."
"You do? I look at her titties and think half and half."

I actually came across this film on Netflix and thought the plot sounded worthwhile (and the Netflix rating was higher than I anticipated). I found the characters very humorous and well written and I would definitely watch the sequel. This is a solid action picture with a decent plot, but not overly unique, and mediocre dialogue. I'd watch this once if you haven't seen it.

"What kind of person does that, cut a one armed man's arm off?"

Grade: C+
½ December 15, 2011
Storyline had potential, but...

Terrible casting, gaping holes in the plot line, poor execution, and most important false advertising (the first 5 minutes had tons of boobs, but none after that).
November 7, 2011
What can I say about this movie, its awesome, I am really sick of watching new movies they bore me and most of the time they really suck. However for some reason I loved this one so much going on so many cool actors. I could be here all day, the list is very long. However I will just focus on one right now Janet Mcteer, she blew me away, I don't think I have ever seen such an amazing performance as an older woman hitwoman ever, she should get an oscar for this performance, I almost wish she had a series around this one character. She is amazing in this role, I wish she had more roles like this one, this movie is another rare gem I just came across by accident. I am seriously jonesing and crushing on Mcteer as a hitwoman kicking ass through a movie, its nice to see an older female actor pull off such an icredible performance, she really stole the show for me, I can't wait to watch her in something else.
April 5, 2011
Lesser Tarantino ripoff. Still could be fun if one is in the right mood and doesn't think about it too much. Shot in Serbia and Montenegro.
½ April 4, 2011
It was entertaining, plenty of topless women. Lots of explosions and killings to keep anyone entertained.
½ April 4, 2011
Sort of reminds me of a Tarantino flick (minus the amazingness). But none the less cat run accomplishes a good story with an even better villain in Janet McTeer. Quentin needs to get ahold of her.
April 4, 2011
Could of been better if it had more of a sense of purpose kind of thing but the action adn comedy was def entertaining to watch. Lots of great looking women as well, which comes as a plus.
½ April 4, 2011
A worthwhile movie to go see in theatres if your need of an enertaining flick you know nothing about. While the marketing must have been bare, Cat Run shows up to theatres with a bang of action and comedic performances.
½ April 4, 2011
id go see it again with some friends when we have nothign better to do. Each actor/actress fits their role perfectly. The spanglish girl is great eye candy the whole movie and Janet McTeer pulls of a great anti hero.
April 4, 2011
CANNOT GET ENOUGH HELEN BINGHAM KILL SHOTS. What a great vilain they used in this movie, not only does she have impeccable manners but she'll also cut your fingers off!
½ April 4, 2011
"Cat Run" was very confusing the first quarter of the film. I saw the unfinished movie last year and it was not improved on by jumping around time wise. Adult nudity and OK for a DVD rental. Don't waste your money.
½ April 4, 2011
Janet McTeer's performance was GREAT!!!! I cannot help but saying how much I loved the Marry Poppins like "interrogator" character McTeer portrays. It has an ok storyline to it, mixed with some mediocre actors/actresses, but becomes funny when it needs to be me. Throw in some shoot em up scenes with a few torture sequences and you got an ok movie in my book.
April 3, 2011
The black guy is horrible comic relief & dammit, Paz Vega doesn't even get naked! The only prostitute who doesn't show anything! Boo!!
April 2, 2011
There are times when you say to yourself that you want to watch a movie, but you're feeling a little more adventurous than usual. Maybe you feel like watching that low budget horror flick that nobody has ever heard of or would rather see that independent thriller starring that one guy you liked in that other film instead of a big budget Hollywood movie. Sometimes seeing a film that is stripped of all the bells and whistles that most Hollywood blockbusters have reminds you of what a well written, well directed, or well acted film can actually be. That was my initial mindset with Cat Run. I had never even heard of the film until last week when I checked out the restricted trailer (which does contain adult content) for the film. While the film may be intriguing on the surface, the final verdict is that the film is lacking the depth of the films it may remind you of but may still be worth a look if you're a fan of R-rated action comedies.

Cat Run did a fairly good job of juggling being both humorous and practically making you feel squeamish from the brutal violence shown on screen. Most of the humor in the film is aimed towards the male perspective, so you'll probably find something in there worth laughing at at some point. Julian (Alphonso McAuley) is also the comic relief of the film and he does have his moments that'll make you laugh out loud. Meanwhile Helen Bingham (Janet McTeer) is one of the coolest assassins to be introduced in a film in quite some time. She's English and is all about being polite and minding manners, but is also incredibly ruthless. The various different types of torture she applies to others just to receive information is a bit shocking at first. Her scene with Ryder (Radik Golovkov) illustrates this point quite well. There are some pretty graphic headshots in this, severed limbs, and just a bucket or two of blood along the way. Cat Run can best be described as the lovechild of Smokin' Aces and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

On the other hand though, Cat Run does have a lot of things working against it. The main one being that it feels like there is entirely too much going on in the film. As soon as the film starts, we're introduced to what feels like a good dozen characters. And while the film may be reminiscent of Smokin' Aces and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, it's not as good as either film. It's missing that standout performance, incredible ending, and/or dialogue witty enough to actually remember after you leave the theater. The editing style was also fairly annoying. The screen was split off into two and sometimes three different sections similar to what was done regularly on 24, but it seemed to serve no purpose whatsoever in Cat Run. When they all go to Helen's house to decide their next move, it's like the cameraman decided to wait outside and film the scene through the window while it was closed. It was probably an attempt to try something different, but it just didn't work and lasted a bit too long. Speaking of Helen, most characters in the film other than her are rather flat and boring. They're either not around long enough to make a lasting impression or just aren't fleshed out properly. D.L. Hughley is an ex-marine that is missing an arm and both of his legs and other than still being perfectly capable of doing things on his own; we don't get to spend enough time with him to care about what happens to his character. There are all these characters in Cat Run that have an interesting characteristic or two, but there's no depth to them and they wind up feeling one dimensional.

Cat Run is still a fun action comedy in a brainless, popcorn entertainment kind of sense, but it'll have the same effect that Battle: Los Angeles did; it's just going to make you want to go home and re-watch the films it reminds you of. Cat Run has a few jokes that'll make you snicker, but also contains a bit more gore than you're probably expecting. Not to mention it wastes little time getting to T&A. I mention that as a supporter of both blood and nudity in film. Its one dimensional characters and hyperactive storyline hurt the film more than anything else. Fans of action films will be in an explosive, breast-heavy, bullet-ridden heaven, while fans of well-developed storylines and well thought-out characters will probably walk away disappointed.
½ April 1, 2011
The reviews were right, intensely fast paced action thriller with funny moments in between. Did not want to go see it with my boyfriend, however, I actually ended up enjoying the story line as it kept me focused on the plot the whole movie. I would def be down to go watch it again in theatres.
½ April 1, 2011
Just saw it today and have to say, for not hearing anything about it, I enjoyed the entire movie. Quite humorous throughout the entire film, besides the intense torture, but goes along with the whole story. Plenty of action to keep one entertained and even more good looking women. A must see for any movie buff.
March 31, 2011
I've been following this movie on various sites trying to figure out if I want to see it. It's starting to grow on me. We'll see...
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