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Has Steven Spielberg lost it?

October 7, 2004 Full Review Source: | Comments (20)



Brandon Tindel

Have you had sex?

Aug 22 - 12:44 AM


shane peavey

Wow, that might be the best review I've read... EVER!


(Sorry for the lame joke, it was appropriate for the review.)

Sep 6 - 06:20 PM


Witek Mosakowski

What ?!

Oct 3 - 01:22 PM

M R.


Have YOU lost it?! What a weak review.

Nov 29 - 05:28 PM


Brandon Tindel

you have got to be kidding me....

May 25 - 03:38 AM


James D'Ambrosio

You're about to lose your teeth,***wipe.

Oct 27 - 09:01 AM

Luke L.

Luke Lascheit

Are you nuts? This is the greatest Spielberg piece ever made.

Mar 30 - 07:03 AM

Christian Reese

Christian Reese

not at all true. but still it was definitely a very good film. thoroughly enjoyable and light but with thoughtful undertones and strong acting.

Apr 7 - 05:25 PM

N. D. Wilson

Nathan Wilson

No. you have. you and your opinion are alone I'm afraid.

Jun 11 - 02:31 AM

Johnny F.

Johnny Foster

Hahahah have you ever seen this guys website. You work out of Marina Del Ray right? No wonder you cant afford a designer. Tony, you just moved even further down in the pond of scum

Jul 11 - 02:21 PM


Eimear Knightly

if your going to insult one of my favourite movies and directors of all time i suggest you write a better review than a weak 5 word question.

Jul 23 - 11:28 AM

Joey R.

Joey Rhodes

This is hands down his greatest work you sir are sick in the head

Mar 13 - 12:45 PM

Greg DeMella

Greg DeMella

i'd have to say jaws is his greatest movie..

Oct 27 - 08:40 AM

Adam B.

Adam Benson

Are you serious? This is a great movie that I have seen about 10,000 times!

Apr 17 - 08:18 AM

Scotty P.

Scotty Potter

No, but you have.

Jul 22 - 04:17 AM

Rishikesh Das

Rishikesh Das

u are the lamest critic no wonder no one gives a shit about you.

Nov 9 - 08:07 AM

Hannah McDivitt

Hannah McDivitt

.... Uhhh no, he hasn't.

Dec 6 - 05:03 PM

Haris Bestowo

Haris Bestowo

wtf whose ass you lick to get you to this job???

Jan 10 - 10:34 PM

Karri M.

Karri McKealis

You're stupid.

Aug 24 - 09:54 PM

Brenden Leib

Brenden Leib

I was going to write something extremely hurtful about this review and the reviewer as a person but I think the comments below pretty much cover it.

Oct 12 - 09:16 AM

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