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Much better than it had to be and a lot better than many Internet critics, eager to hate it, wanted it to be.

September 24, 2007 Full Review Source: | Comments (12)



Dilbert Blake

Fail detected here.

Halle Berry herself referred to this as a "piece of ****, god-awful movie."

Aug 1 - 12:21 AM

Stop Staring At My Name

Jack Dabronzke

Well, a movie isn't good if it was above expectations, I mean if you think it will be so god awful and get 0%...and you actually liked certain parts, then probably you should've given it a 30%, but don't give a movie a FRESH rating because of it! I gave this movie a 10% because they won't let me post a comment without giving it a 10% or ...acting sucked, movie sucked, time worthless, I hope catwoman is nailed to the ****ing cross!

Sep 2 - 06:14 AM

Robot K.

Robot Ken

LMAO!!! YEAH, oooOOOkay buddy!

Dec 7 - 02:47 PM

d b.

d b

lol. No. No it wasn't.

Jun 29 - 08:58 AM

Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes

Guys, it's his opinion. If he didn't think it was bad, then fine. He has a right to an opinion. I didn't think it was that bad, either. You people just don't know how to appreciate things for what they are.

Dec 4 - 07:10 PM

Roger Willey

Roger Willey

what do you mean by you people?

Dec 6 - 07:13 AM

Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes

Everyone who is giving this guy shit for saying he liked this movie. What the hell do you think I mean? -.-

Mar 18 - 04:36 PM

Colin B.

Colin Bush

"You people just don't know how to appreciate things for what they are."

You mean, one of the worst super hero movies of all time? I do appreciate it for what it is, it is a piece of shit and I treat that piece of shit with what it deserves. Hating it.

Jul 14 - 08:04 PM

Riley Bardos

Riley Bardos

Why you so preachy...

Oct 9 - 08:21 PM

Jamie Eldredge

Jamie Eldredge

What do you mean by you, "didn't think it was that bad either?" I have lost faith in the world.

Dec 7 - 02:52 PM

Samantha Hayes

Samantha Hayes

You lost faith in the world because I like a certain movie? Lol, good luck in life, buddy.

Mar 18 - 04:37 PM

Nelson Verdejo

Nelson Verdejo

lol....i hope he meant "much worse than it had any right to be"

otherwise if he really means what he said than Mike Judge's vision of the future in "Idiocracy" is a nightmare that is slowly becoming reality

Dec 27 - 11:50 AM

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