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August 13, 2010
A pretty good thriller. Nothing spectacular, but this film is very entertaining. The plot is simple, but very affective. It does take a few more "convenient" twists than I would have liked, but if you take this film for what it is, it's a fun ride.
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February 15, 2008
Fast-paced action. I kinda liked it.
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November 30, 2009
I think this is actually a very entertaining movie and overlooked in many ways. It has a really great pace and the characters are interesting and fun to watch. It's not all that extensive of a plot, but It's not a movie that was designed to be. You know the plot and what it's going to be like. For what it is, it's perfect. Chris Evans and the rest of the cast were great, I was pleasantly surprised. Jason Statham proves himself to be a man not to be messed with.
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½ August 3, 2006
Cellular is as corny as an Action movie can be and as a result is highly predictable, whilst I'm sure it's going to be a highly forgettable film, it did at least hold some kind of entertainment value to make it watchable.

Not one to watch for Jason Statham fans as this was far from his best role to date, he wasn't the main star and his accent yet again was terrible.

Easy watching but slightly laughable.
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July 7, 2010
Cellular is an interesting average Thriller film. The cast is decent at best and the story is not too bad either. I'm usually not a fan of Kim Basinger, but in this film shes pretty good. Jason Statham gives a good performance here, and usually I find him pretty hit and miss. The film is directed by Snakes On A Plane Director, David R. Ellis, and this film is much more thrilling than Snakes. This is a far more serious film, and is tense, and thrilling. Cellular is purely a terrific average Thriller that is a lot of fun to watch. It's not a flawless Thriller, but for what it's worth its a pretty good one at that.
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½ April 18, 2009
"If the signal dies so does she."

A young man receives an emergency phone call on his cell phone from an older woman. The catch? The woman claims to have been kidnapped; and the kidnappers have targeted her husband and child next.

Highly unbelievable, yet immensely efficient and entertaining, "Cellular" is a clever thrill ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat for a majority of the 95-minute running time. The cast is great, especially Chris Evans as the everyman who receives a random call on his cell phone by a kidnapped woman (Kim Basinger). Throw in the esteemed William H. Macy as a retiring cop and the teutonic Jason Statham as a menacing baddie and you've got a great cast to help overcome some of the standard suspense flick clichés. If you're one of those people who nitpicks at every last plot detail in movies, complaining about how unbelievable they are, then by all means, skip this one. However, if you can swallow the far-fetched premise and suspend your disbelief for about an hour and a half, then this is the flick for you.
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June 12, 2008
Another bad cliche action flick with annoying characters, annoying moments & ...
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½ February 11, 2007
A first-rate, fast-paced, adreniline-pumping thriller. It packs on plenty of smarts and thrills. Gripping and intelligent edge of your seat fun. Lot's of action and suspense. Excitment in awsome dosages. It never lets up, this is to much of an enjoyable ride that you dont wanna miss. Thrilling and exhilerating. A very well-crafted and brilliantly made movie. Chris Evans gives a star-making performance. Kim Basinger is teriffic. Jason Statham gives a great and charasmatic performance as the films main villian. William H. Macy is excellent.
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½ October 24, 2007
An entertaining thrill ride. Is it predictable? Yes, but what do you expect? Its well-acted, and the action is great from start to finish.
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½ June 14, 2006
That's what I call In Medias Res. Not wasting more than 3 minutes for a peaceful introduction the movie gets right down to business. Some of the (usually always appreciated) humor seems inappropriate and takes some of the despair the characters must be going through away, additionally the plot isn't always entirely logic. On the other hand there is a cast of good names and the movie is simply very fast and exciting. Nothing deep or earth-shattering but good thriller entertainment without regrets.
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March 6, 2007
Directed by: David R. Ellis
Starring: Kim Basinger, Chris Evans, Jason Statham, William H. Macy

I just couldn't believe this film, I had half expected a second-rate entertaining B-movie which critics did seem to say it is....but how is that possible from what I just watched?

The story follows a mother who gets kidnapped suddenly by a group of men and is locked up in an attic, but of course not before smashing the random phone....in a run down attic and of course, leaving the pieces. She manages to piece the phone together to get a tone and the call gets connected to a young guy who does what he can to save her before the kidnappers get to her husband, who has a connection with them. Chris Morgan should have been booted out before this was even made, he is obviously now going on to write more films, but this is the worst. The premise is simple with potential to be an average thriller but so much stupidity, it bogs the film down. We are introduced to no character within the first 5 minutes and then we are meant to believe this........women can piece a phone together smashed by a sledgehammer, from there you have the self-centered guy who suddenly believes this women and goes mysteriously beyond call of duty, stealing cars and shooting guns and then in comes the cop who has had enough of his career, but not before he gets connected to all this, and you guessed it....he saves the day and changes his mind....and the stupid narrow minded kidnappers mix in to all this as well. Every plot point and character is terribly illogical, that you would hope for a redeeming point. David R. Ellis is usually not a bad B movie director, he has directed above-average films such as Final Destination 2 and Snakes on a Plane and I half expected him to carry this film....he doesn't. From the random car chase sequences to the crashes (we get it, you are good at it), he adds a layer of cheese (William H. Macy's character somehow slides perfectly along the floor from behind a low couch to shoot someone with no way to propel him), but the problem is that with the lack of excitement thanks to stupidity and the surprising lack of tension (and the terrible score), everything just ends up being laughable instead of suspenseful. The acting just gets worse, Kim Basinger hasn't done a solid film in years and it shows, her performance consists of a lot of screaming and tears with no depth for us to care, Jason Statham is at his most wooden, with a character that has no menace or intensity, he plays along with nothing, Chris Evans is about the same in every film, being an irritating pretty boy and he delivers his lines with the same expressions and tones and William H. Macy....well I give him credit for only being half bad, he understands the film trying to be a B movie and he adds an interesting and hilarious performance, but mostly in a bad way.

Within the first 10 minutes of the film, I expected the stupidity and the lack of logic and character to stay for the remainder 80 minutes and I had hoped to at least be entertained along the way. With a lack of suspense and excitement under a layer of cheese, the film just ends up being dull and laughable and not even smart or sharp enough to work as a comedy or spoof, which it came across as.
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September 18, 2007
i reli enjoyed this film if you like action packed ft wet men then this is the best type of film for you
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½ May 31, 2006
Ryan: "Ricky Martin"? You named your kid "Ricky Martin"?

From the director of Snakes on a Plane comes: Hostage on a Phone.

A fast-paced thriller, that has a lot of unintentionally funny moments, but is still a lot of fun just to watch, without picking it apart too much. And it has Bill Macy as the hero cop.

The story revolves around Kim Basinger being taken hostage by a mean looking Jason Statham , locked in an attic, with a shattered phone. Fortunate for her, she is a high school science teacher, and knows how to connect circuits well enough to make a random phone call for help.

Enter the human torch, Chris Evans, as an average young man minding his own business, until he receives a call that will occupy his day.

Its a high concept film, that takes its idea and does everything it can with it.

Did I mention that Bill Macy is the hero cop?

Jack Tanner: I think all the chemicals from that beauty salon have gotten to your head.
Sgt. Bob Mooney: It's a day spa, you fuck.
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May 21, 2007
A very good thriller with a strong cast. A mix of Trapped and Falling Down.
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April 3, 2007
parts of this are exciting but most of it is so farfetched you lose interest.
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½ March 18, 2007
This would have made a great thriller - but the ACTING SUCKED BEYOND BELIEF!!! Kim Basinger an Academy Award winner, acted like a blond teen in a horror flick. She was crap as. I dont think much of Chris Evans either, and I was disappointed in William H Macy. But Jason Statham I like, and he was good as, protraying the bad guy. Cool, dark, emotionless and violent - he twisted his alter ego of the Transporter to play the bad guy and does it well.

This is a chase movie with the obvious differences. It was kinda lacking, but some of the jokes were okay, but everything else needed improvement in truck loads.

The good bit is the end - Chris Evans finally becomes a man and beats the crap outta a crooked cop with the tried and tested, but always true head bashing with a car door.
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½ March 13, 2007
Better than I expected. It's an interesting premise that doesn't come off too seriously. Plus it's got Rick Hoffman, who I always enjoy as the "annoyed jerk".
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½ January 22, 2007
What appears to be a dumb, teen-oriented thriller actually turns out to have a very good screenplay and tons of energy to spare. I was pleasantly surprised.
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January 8, 2007
Boring and not very interesting
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½ October 22, 2006
Even if it overstays its welcome, Cellular turns out to be a nifty thriller buoyed by solid performances and catchy riffs of humor.
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