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Ryu, Dhalsim and Vega are sent out to stop M. Bison. They befriend a teenage school student and seek out Bison. Bison sends out his own soliders, Ken and Sagat. more
Rating: Unrated
Genre: Art House & International, Action & Adventure
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Andy Lau, Simon Yam and Jacky Cheung are the future cops in this ridiculous and funny film. The future cops are sent back in time to prevent the future rascals from killing a judge that will put their leader in jail.
A lot to like in this one, from the stupid story to the outrageous performances. The back of the DVD reads that the future cops meet a retarded boy in the past, but it's really just our hero who happens to have bad luck. Also, I love how they call themselves the future cops in the year 2043. Wouldn't that be the present? And lastly, I love the reason there is no sex in the future. Just make sure when it's explained in the film you have your hands underneath your jaw if you don't want a hole in the floor.
I bought this thinking it was going to be an action film, but about 10 minutes into the film you should know what you're in for when our strapping, retarded hero pulls out a mace from nowhere. Highly recommended to those with no taste or class, like me.

Christopher Brown

Super Reviewer

Wow this was silly. Andy Lau as Vega? Jacky Cheung as Guile? Simon Lam as Dhalsim? Ekin Chang as Ken? I don't know which Street Fighter adaption was worse. Casting Chingmy Yau as Chun Li is genius though. I love how they change all the names of the characters depite being such an obvious knockoff of Street Fighter. Even Goku from DBZ is in it, go figure.

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