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March 19, 2010
very sweet
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January 27, 2010
Much better then the rip off of it!
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July 13, 2007
Who doesn't love Charlie Brown?
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December 2, 2012
Classic holiday special
February 14, 2013
(3 Stars) You want to feel bad for Valentine's Day? I mean, REALLY bad? It doesn't matter if you're single or in a relationship... A Charlie Brown Valentine is downright masochistic. You think watching romantic movies about fictional couples happier than you will ever be makes you sad? Charlie Brown Valentine is a gauntlet of depression; scene after scene of Charlie Brown being spineless and forever alone... I can't help but think it's an allegory for some people. Although it has a kind of sweet ending, it was probably mandated since anyone who would have watched it in its entirety would have killed themselves.

I don't dislike the special since I like Charlie Brown shorts and there are a few funny parts, mostly involving Snoopy. But if you want to feel bad, look no further than A Charlie Brown Valentine.
February 8, 2013
Overall, this is cute. But the fact is, it just isn't the original Peanuts, no matter how hard it tries. It's certainly enjoyable and I didn't hate it by any means, but as a fan of the real Peanuts, I can't rave about this one. It just simply is not as good.
February 2, 2008
I love Peanuts enough said, all of them are pretty awesome to watch and I love that my own little ones will watch the same things I did as I was growing up and still enjoy. It says alot when cartoons can stand the test of time.
February 1, 2008
i crack up all the time--snoopy and his puppet show, charlie brown never getting anything for v. day. i'm sick to laugh at that, but i do.
October 6, 2007
These movies shall forever remain classics among my family. The best of all cartoons. Wat's not to love?
May 26, 2007
Peanuts!!! Don't ya just wanna go over and get the Little Red Haired Girl and drag her back? LOLOL
July 12, 2007
i love all the charlie browns. what a good wholesome bunch of cartoons. and they remind me of my childhood
March 13, 2007
The Charlie Brown franchise was really just a dark and disturbing look into a future suicide victim. The torture of Lucy and her football. The Little Red-haired girl snubbing him. Snoopy being on acid. It was all too much.
March 3, 2007
well due to the fact that Chaz is a girl way of Charlie and also this is where my nic name came from is Charlie Brown....i have seen every movie of charlie and snoopys
½ February 19, 2007
f them were, if you love charlie brown, you will love this one. poor guy always getting kicked around! :) :)
½ November 5, 2006
These charlie brown specials are depressing. I grew up watching these on t.v. but they are depressing.
October 6, 2006
Very cute PEANUTS special in which Linus crushes on his unobtainable teacher and Charlie Brown sweats over wondering if he will get a valentine this year. Very cute.
October 6, 2006
An ok Charlie Brown flick where he wants to tell his true feeling to the red headed girl and his dog gets more valentines than he does.
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