• R, 1 hr. 26 min.
  • Drama, Horror
  • Directed By:
    Bradley Parker
    In Theaters:
    May 25, 2012 Wide
    On DVD:
    Oct 16, 2012
  • Warner Bros. Pictures

Alternate Ending

Just curious to find out what the alternate ending was...
I can't seem to find it anywhere
Cody Brennan
01-14-2013 01:05 PM

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Emily Findlay

Emily Findlay

Hi Cody, I got the movie on blu-ray and in the Alternate Ending was in the Special Features. It doesn't go for very long, but here it is:

It begins just as the last guy and girl (Amanda and Paul) burst through the door. The camera pans upwards, as the two stumble forward, to reveal the Chernobyl Reactors. The scene continues much as it did in the movie, with them stumbling forward, yelling "help! Help!" to the sudden appearance of what seems to be a group of people (possible military) in hazard suits. Guy gets shot. Dies. And then another hazard suit wearing person rushes forward with some kind of tarp. Fade to black. Now this is where it changes - the picture fades in to show a darkened patient's room. There is medical equipment sitting, unused, and on the bed there seems to be someone squirming under a white sheet. The camera moves closer. It's Amanda, strapped to a bed, suffering from what I'm guessing is the radiation poisoning; her hair in gone, her skin is pealing and warped, appearing melted around her ears. She is still screaming. "Help! Please HELP!". Her voice echoes on when the screen suddenly goes black, ending the scene.

Sorry I couldn't find a video anywhere, hope this helped.

Mar 3 - 06:54 AM

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