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Children of the Damned Reviews

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Marcus W

Super Reviewer

June 5, 2014
Hugely inferior sequel.
November 11, 2013
As with a number of horror sequels the simplicity of the original is lost and it feels the need to convey a 'message'. It ends up being a bit of a mess but ultimately still quite an enopyable one.
November 2, 2013
I should have crushed you the first time I held you to my breast.

Six children are born from women who swear they were not impregnated by a man. The human race thinks the women are crazy, but they are telling the truth. What the women do not know, is that their children are alien babies. The babies grow up into children with the ability of mind control. They all live in the city and they begin forcing the humans they encounter to kill themselves or those around them. Can the children be stopped?

"Why are you here?"
"To be destroyed."

Anton Leader, director of Father of the Bride, and episodes of Rawhide, Perry Mason, Leave it to Beaver, Espionage, Gilligan's Island, The Virginian, and Hawaii-Five-O, delivers Children of the Damned. The storyline for this picture is amazingly compelling, gripping, and a bit uneasy. The action scenes are very well done and the acting was better than I anticipated. The cast includes Ian Hendrey, Alan Badel, Alfred Burke, Shaila Allen, and Martin Miller.

"What would you recommend?"
"Simple. Destroy them."

Children of the Damned is a movie I DVR'd off Turner Classic Movies (TCM) this Halloween season. I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this picture. I haven't seen the original 1960 picture but I can tell you this is leaps and bounds better than Caprenter's remake. Overall, this is a classic horror movie that isn't a bad addition to you DVD collection.

"I want you to suffer the way you made me suffer."

Grade: B+/A- (8.75)
August 15, 2012
Not as good as the first, but it's not bad. The eeriness is a bit stale, and the plot is rather slow. The kids aren't as creepy, The characters are a bit average, and the ending is decent enough. Not as memorable.
July 9, 2013
bad acting, boring story, not even close to the original
January 24, 2013
A puzzle wrapped in an enigma and so forth--Ingenious, subtle and brilliantly effective!!
February 13, 2012
great film, I thought it was a great film, I would love it on DVD, It was a great film, it starred Lan Hendry, Alan Badel, Barbara Ferris and Sheila Allen, it was a great film and it was directed by Anton Leader
September 29, 2012
Disappointing sequel to Village Of The Damned.
scott j.
December 28, 2011
meh! it was okay i mean it was nothing special
December 4, 2011
Great but not as good as the original
October 17, 2011

Super Reviewer

October 2, 2011
This sequel to the superb Village of the Damned is pretty average considering the original Sci Fi horror film is such a chilling, effective and memorable horror film. Using Cold War propaganda, as this was made at height of the Cold War, Children of the Damned fails to establish anything effective in the chill factor. The film is good, not excellent, and considering that this is a sequel to Village of the Damned, it fails in that respect. Instead of an eerie atmosphere, the filmmakers relies more on a poorly constructed moral message in the films plot, and that just doesn't do. The film kind of reminded me of the original Sci Fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still, only this time around the message the film tries to pass along to the viewers is pretty silly, ineffective and it ruins a potentially good sequel. Unfortunately the films "horrifying" moments don't work, not like the first, and as a sequel, it's yet again a film that fails to capture the essence of the original film. A pretty ordinary sequel with nothing that really terrifies the audience. I thought the film had its decent moment, and no it's not a bad film, but considering that the first was so chilling, and cleverly built up to its horrifying conclusion, this film is a let down. The cast on the other hand delivered good performances, which redeemed the film significantly, but it wasn't enough to save this film from being an average sequel. Good idea, but average execution. This is a film that the filmmakers could have taken more time to develop a better plot to.
May 27, 2011
Cleverly combines the creepy kid factor with the paranoia of the Cold War. In some ways this follow-up improves on 'Village of the Damned'. Except for the eery mood that the original captured so well.
December 15, 2010
as good as village of the damned
cody rothenbucher
August 18, 2010
this is a pretty good sequel to village of the damned but not as scary and doesnt have quite the same feel but its a good watch 7\10

Super Reviewer

February 3, 2010
Creepy bugger of a film....loved it.
December 13, 2009
This gets a bit of a rough ride but I think it stands up on its own. Well acted, although the ending is a bit muddled.
September 27, 2009
So boring. This sequal was so slow and nothing like the first part.
Ken D

Super Reviewer

March 11, 2009
This was too boring and I didn't find the kids creepy in this movie at all. A couple of decent scenes, but this is one I would not recommend.
November 23, 2008
Eh. I usually enjoy the horror genre from this time period, but this movie was rather trite.
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