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November 8, 2011
This kung-fu drama immediately tries to glorify Choy Lee Fut, one of kung-fu's most widely practiced styles. The main characters in Choy Lee Fut talk glowingly about the kung fu style, plus there's opening and ending titles explaining in fast, dense and uninteresting fashion the history of Choy Lee Fut.
Sadly, the climactic fight between Sammy Hung and Steven Wong is a letdown because Wong is not a martial artist and is only made to appear like one through doubling and editing.
The added bonus for fight fans is the film's martial arts legacy, starting with Sammo Hung and Yuen Wah and extending through much of the cast.
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½ October 15, 2011
As a director, Sam Wong fails to deliver any excitement with Choy Lee Fut.Based off of a Chinese martial art by the same name, the story for Choy Lee Fut wanders from its focal point. Yes, the martial art is the driver for the film; however, the storytelling pushes it to the back, thanks to an uninspiring romance subplot and mediocre character dialogues.The choreography behind the confrontations and fights show some promise, but the editing and lackadaisical camera speeds are a huge letdown. The final 20 minutes, which is focused on the competition, showcases fights that are unexciting and forgettable. What the rest of the film offers up are a handful of tame training sessions.Aside from Yuen Wah, who is under utilized, the rest of the cast come across as bland and tasteless. The great Sammo Hung is missing for a huge portion of the film and although Jia-Yin Wang is worth looking at, she is a big part of the subplot that destroys the film.Choy Lee Fut wants to get across that the martial art is amazing, but when the 90 minutes are up, it never feels that way.
August 6, 2011
Boring story, not enuf fighting, fight scenes look fake with2much slow motion
July 17, 2011
Sub-standard script, sub-standard choreography, sub-standard cast, sub-standard effects, sub-standard everything. The dialogue has the thumbprint of the Chinese Communist Party propaganda committee all over.
July 17, 2011
WORST movie I ever watched for the year 2011... might be my whole life too... damn .. lousy story line, poor casting, lousy background music (not matching scenes at all), etc. Even if you plan to waste your time... I suggest you take a walk out side your house rather than wasting time watching this lousy movie
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