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½ March 19, 2008
I had head Chris Rock's comedy CDs, years ago coming from the windows of a friend's car in front of my high-school, smoking cigarettes, cutting class and revelling in the unabashed use of the F-bombs - the same experience our parents all had with everyone from George Carlin through Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy, I'm sure.

But the immature love of Chris Rock's comedy doesn't have the staying power that his intelligence does, and I was really surprised that in the past experience I'd had with his comedy, I never saw just how smart it is. In this special he's a little hectoring in places, but he does more than tell you jokes: he frequently takes a stand. He might make dumb movies, but he is confident, at home, politically conscious and most importantly, FUNNY in his return to the stage in this special. Worth checking out!
December 9, 2011
when it comes down to it, probably my favorite Chris Rock special. a combination of nostalgia+topics i actually recognize and relate to+just being as hilarious as anything he's ever done.
½ December 30, 2007
Not his best work....

a comedian i'm a fan of has said and i trust him, that if you're not obsessed with your comedy, you're not at your funniest. It shows here. His fame became bigger than his talent could provide and frankly he's lost his spark. He's not the every man anymore... his suit screams rich, and no matter he says the N word, he's not an average joe. He's sold out... here's the proof.
½ June 24, 2011
Some good Rock material as ever, quite political tis time out. Rock is at his best making casual observation in his high pitched way. Not his best but still pretty funny by most people's standards.
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November 21, 2010
Consistently hilarious and smart. A great performance.
½ April 26, 2010
Chris Rock: Never Scared [2004]
Directed by: Joel Gallen
½ April 26, 2010
I have seen this two times and it is funny, Enjoyed most of the jokes he did well
½ April 26, 2010
Chris Rock: I have a like-hate relationship with him. Is he just angry with a big smile?

I tried to like him. Really. I enjoyed and gave his HBO special "[color=palegreen]Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker[/color]" a chance. And I took it for what it's worth. And I liked it. Yeah, I was sitting there thinking, naw, that's not funny... then I'd be laughing hysterically at stuff. So yeah, it was okay. I guess. I told my fella's to check it out... so yeah... I liked it.

Then I sat through "[color=palegreen]Chris Rock: Never Scared[/color]"... And I was thinking, naw, that's not funny at all... then I'd be laughing... but not so hysterically as I did in "Bigger & Blacker". And the reason... CR just seemed so much more angry in this one. That's his thing. ANGER. Or is it? Am I not understanding him? Give me [color=orange]Jammie Foxx[/color] or one of the [color=orange]Wayan Bros[/color] on stage or [color=orange]Tim Alan[/color] in his hey-day, or [color=orange]Richard Jenni[/color]...[color=orange] DL Hughley's[/color] stand up is fricken awesome. Those guys are funny.

So what is it with CR? The audience laughs because it's Chris Rock. They [color=orange][b]weren't[/b][/color] rollin' like they do when [color=orange]Martin Lawrence[/color] is on stage. This special seemed like he wrote the jokes four years ago and couldn't fit it in his Bigger & Blacker special so he did another.

Then I heard he's hosting the [color=yellow]Academy Awards[/color]. Now, think about it. Chris Rock ain't funny without the mouth. Is he? He ain't funny without being politically incorrect. How is he going to get away with skirting under the FCC if he's gonna host? If this network isn't running now, they'll be running after the awards. Running from all the stick-up-the-butt uptight mothers who need to say something for their 15 minutes of whatever.

I don't want to be sitting through a bunch of bleeps.

Granted, Chris Rock does what he does. And I respect him for that whether I like him or not. But he's not going to be Chris Rock if he's hosting the awards. He's gonna be watered down and it'll just make him NOT LIKE HIM somemore.

Bring back [color=orange]Billy[/color]. Get [color=orange]Garry Marshal[/color] to do it. At least [color=orange]Jim Carrey[/color] doesn't need to be so foul to be funny.

Now the like...

[color=orange]Adam Sandler[/color] and [color=orange]Chris Rock[/color] were on ESPN Radio with [color=orange]Dan Patrick[/color] last week. And yeah, CR was being CR as much as he could [color=plum][i]without getting FCC'd off the airways[/i][/color]. [b][u][i][color=purple](Note: We need to get rid of the FCC!)[/color][/i][/u][/b] Some 'off color' comments were edgy... but damn funny. So maybe he's okay off the cuff... but on the stage. Not so funny. And knowing he and Sandler were friends for a long time was kinda neat to know. Especially when Sandler called on CR to co-star in THE LONGEST YARD.

So the bottom line. Chris Rock has his moments. But I can't foresee him gaining any more 'moments' by hosting the award show. Well, maybe the moments will come in controversy. I'm surprised he even accepted the job.

Needless to say, it'll be interesting. And by, god... one reason I want to watch it this year is because of CR... Liking him or hating him, it'll be very interesting to see.

One thing for sure... At least it's not Gary Seinfeld hosting the show. We'd all get angry. Just like Chris Rock.
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