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Jack W September 22, 2012
One of the most surprising films in a while, Chronicle utilises the found footage style format and the amazing performances from the 3 leads to create a brilliantly entertaining film with a conclusion that had me on the edge of my seat.
John Eric D. John Eric D. ½ September 29, 2014
Even though I'm not a big found footage genre fan but this is maybe one of the coolest first person found footage flick this year. It's X-men meets Trollhunter meets Galerians the game. All I can say it has all the mind blowing CGI though I think it lacks the storytelling to its full potential. The second half starts to get me interested when Andrew has this wild depression and things just got crazy. Cool effects, good acting, a recommended action flick with no alcohol required of course.
wormy401 wormy401 September 19, 2014
Most of the movie is quite interesting and fun, but the end get's a little too much, too fast.
Kayla A. Kayla A. September 9, 2014
I loved it. Great story. Great actors. I wish those powers were real. :)
Sebastian O. Sebastian O. September 8, 2014
I was expecting to really enjoy this film. By 40 minutes into it, I just wanted it to end - and it's a surprisingly short film based on how long it actually felt. It started off kind of funny, with these kids and their superpowers, but little by little, it all just became far too repetitive. It was basically a montage video, where the protagonist begins pathetic, and ends completely prone to loathing. I hated the protagonist. The climax lasted forever, and it didn't really show anything new. All in all, some good acting work, especially from Jordan, but the film failed to do the minimum: keep me entertained.
Ryan A ½ September 7, 2014
What I got to say about "Chronicle" is that it's "a great found-footage gimmick with a smart script, and fast-paced direction." The performances by the cast is engaging. The directing by Josh Trank and Jay Alaimo is really good. The screenplay by Max Landis is really outstanding and different. The cinematography in this movie is really phenomenal. And the score and effects are amazing. "I'm raving that "Chronicle" is one epic and really intense movie that is good to see!"
Shayan S September 7, 2014
While sort of pretty dumb sometimes,Chronicle still manages to skip the usual found footage stupidity with smart dialouge,good effects,and some pretty good characters to the mix.
cooldudecrap1234 cooldudecrap1234 ½ June 17, 2014
Awesome, just an awesome movie. Josh Trank is one of my new favorite directors. Dane DeHaan did a great job and also Michael B. Jordan. This is by far the best found footage film yet. A very entertaining movie! If you haven't seen this flick, your'e missing out on the fun.
Mayank A September 7, 2014
It's my first found footage movie, very different from what i am use to. While the cinematography is surreal, the pacing is a bit dull in the first half. It takes time in building up, as it shows a very realistic and believable story on what a super power teenage will do. In the second half ones their power are matured the story really picks up. The way the plot handles the different characters of the three individuals is brilliant specially Dane DeHaan. Watch it for the most realistic super hero movie.
Matt L February 12, 2012
This is an ok found footage film, not great, but a nice twist on the usual.
Daniel S ½ September 2, 2014
initially i wasnt interested in this, but i heard a lot of good things so i checked it out, ill say it definitely looks good, for a small budget a lot of the effects look damn realistic, both in the flying scenes and the destruction scenes, there are some good ideas in the story, with how they address their new super powers, but andrew got pretty annoying, and i didnt really like where it ultimately ended up going, but trank def has some visual skills and im excited to see what he does with the fantastic four, also michael b jordan is good in his role, i think hes a really good young actor
David L February 11, 2012
Chronicle starts pretty generic and even annoying, but it later gets surprisingly good thanks to great character development, clever story, present dilemmas as well as fine acting. It thankfully doesn't have too much annoying shaky cam, but it has engaging plot, solid premise and first fun, than unexpectedly warm approach. It is nothing spectacular owing to its poor beginning, but for this kind of film, it really works and is a stupendous movie by all means.
Alison C ½ August 30, 2014
I was into it until the inevitable end. It reminded me of Akira but not quite as poetic. I was hoping the stuff that happens at the end would be darker. There's an earlier scene with a spider that really makes a statement and I was expecting the end to do more things like that, that were dark and violent (spoiler: Andrew telekinetically floats a spider and then rips it apart. I was expecting him to start doing cruel, violent things like that to people but all he did was fling people around and create a mess.) The effects at the end looked goofy and think the time would have been better spent on some sadistic stuff rather than pointless talking, flying, and lackluster destruction. Everything before that was pretty interesting and it was a fun ride.
Jason J August 28, 2014
An incredible documentary styled film.
Alejandro L August 25, 2014
Se me antoja que hicieron una película demasiado lineal, sin analizar consecuencias, en un estilo documental,preocupados por destruir y chicanear. Demasiado adolescente para mi gusto.
Patrick H January 29, 2012
3 teenagers acquire super powers from a strange rock and discover that great power really does require great responsibility. Excellent cast, special effects and story make for a two thumbs up flick worth seeing.
Kyle M ½ April 25, 2013
The only power the teen trio has is their performances to blow you away by how much power and force they put in their voices while being seen with fictional superpower by good found-footage formations with fast-pacing. This could've got 4 stars, but was leveled down a little by some negative behavior and few effects especially one not following the separate "great power, great responsibility" rule. It may not have a 4-star rating, but I think it was given an under-rating. (B)

(Full review coming soon)
Shreekara B August 25, 2014
Its the Power that strengthens an individual and if it crosses its limitations and begin to control once movements then no doubt that the same Power turns to be the curse, yes this is the simple summary of the 2012's sci-fi movie "Chronicle".

This is the story that revolves around three boys Andrew, Matt and Steve, each have their own traits, recognition & behaviour, their normal living changes when they discover that they have an ability to control the surrounding objectives with their mind, initially they are amused about their extraordinary powers, they use those powers without any actual purpose, in their exiting state they just play a pranks over others using their supernatural powers but when Andrew funnily sweeps away the moving car with his powers into the nearby pond hurting the driver, situation becomes bit serious, all the three get bit anxious about their powers and draw some rules about the usage of their powers, they restrict their powers on using it on any living things, initially they discover the enormous possibilities of their powers and are excited about it, they control other things, they float in the air and were able to do many things than the normal one couldn't do, but initially Andrew makes some negative use of his powers, he is been bullied by his father and the bedridden mother made him to go rebel, he turns anti towards society in this course his cousin Matt try a lot to bring him down from his hyper and negative usage of his powers but when he realizes it's of no use, the only option he got was to kill him, this is how the misuse of that Power come to an end.

First of all the plot is fine and totally has a novelty touch, the performances were absolutely great, the role played by Dehaan as Andrew is appreciable, Jordan and Russell were also superb regarding their performance, cinematography is so lively done and awesome, overall it's an unique and good kind of sci-fi movie to try a taste with.
Bryon H ½ April 20, 2012
This movie was great!
bbent315 bbent315 July 29, 2014
Incredible movie with a stunning ending. The actors were amazing, especially Dane DeHaan. The plot and script are both incredible. Make sure to watch Chronicle!
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