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Too many fights, not enough magic.

May 19, 2008 | Comments (12)
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b x

you suck

May 19 - 03:06 PM


Orren Jensen

Roeper this movie is spouse to me more fighting then magic. The point of this story is the regain Narnia by replacing the tyrant King Miraz with rightful era Prince Caspian X. (fight for what is ours). The first film/ book was more of a discovery of a magical place. This quote sums up the attude of the film. "You may find Narnia a more savage place then you remember it."

May 19 - 10:10 PM


Lee Burnette

to many moron critics. Do not listen to these morons Prince Caspian is a very enjoyable movie.

May 21 - 06:33 AM


Toni Shuma

That's what happens when you stop looking for Aslan ;)

May 23 - 01:05 PM


nicole adkins

the movie is supposed to have more fighting which you would know if read the book. the point of Prince Caspian is that things in Narnia have gone down hill since the kids left. things are not the same including the use and belief in magic... try reading the book

May 23 - 06:22 PM


sean miller

And to think they gave you a tv show. Now thats magic cause it aint good reviewing.

May 27 - 11:11 PM


Bianca Williams

And this is why I don't pay attention to people like you. HA! I don't even watch your show.

May 29 - 02:20 PM


Darin Grant


This is the 1/100 time that I do NOT agree with your review! At all!

As many other people have stated on this blog, this site, and all around Canada, this movie was SUPPOSED to have more fights and action and darkness to it then the previous one, as the people of Narnia have not listened to Aslan (that's what happens when you don't listen to Jesus!) and it has become overruled by a tyrant King Miraz.

As for your comment about "not enough magic" I think that is absolutely NOT true! There was tons of magic in this movie (eg. The Waterking in one of the last scenes) and probably had even more than the previous one.

All in all, I have to say that this is the rare sequel that improves upon the original (I LIKED the first one, but I absolutely LOVED this one!) and I can't wait to see "Dawn Treader" when it comes out in 2010! I do hope they continue to make all of them as I think it would be amazing to see the last book "Last Battle" be made into a movie! But at the rate the studio is going right now "The Last Battle" won't be made until 2018, but I would still see it even if it takes them that long!

This is the 1/100 time that I have to say horrible and terrible review, Richard! This movie was FANtastic!

Jul 3 - 04:32 PM


tommy williams

i don't aggree with this guy mostly. but i aggredded with him on spiderwick chronicles

Aug 21 - 08:12 AM

Max the Movie Kid

Max Chittock

I liked the film, but I agree with what he said. There's hardly any breaks from the long fight sequences.

Jul 29 - 03:18 AM

Ray Yi

Ray Yi

I agree. There IS too much fighting, though. So lets not blame him. Different people may have different taste(s) in their own style. I DO like the movie and I DO NOT agree with some of the critics. I'm most likely 50-50.

Dec 3 - 07:09 PM

Kimberlyn Wilson

Kimberlyn Wilson

i absoloutley agree roeper i thought this exact same thing way 2 much fighting that i couldnt even follow the story line anymore

Jan 16 - 04:35 PM

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