A Third Installment for The Chronicles of Riddick?

David Twohy prepares to enter the UnderVerse.

Despite the underwhelming reviews and receipts that greeted 2004's Pitch Black sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, writer/director David Twohy still hopes to film a third installment of the series.

As JoBlo reports (via Twohy's official site), Twohy always envisioned the Riddick films as "at least a trilogy," so this news isn't exactly surprising -- but for fans of the films, it'll still be encouraging to know they may see Vin Diesel strap on the goggles again. As Twohy says on his site:

Yes, I got your emails demanding another movie; yes I keep bumping into guys at the airport and at conventions and I take your pleas to heart. All I can say now is "We're talking about it." The DVD numbers were really good -- we know that, and some potential financiers know that. But if another movie surfaces, then it probably won't be a Universal movie and probably will be an independent movie... But that's okay... Maybe it's time to go back to our roots -- as we go on to the UnderVerse.

Pitch Black, while not a classic by any definition, made good use of its limited budget, so maybe this "return to roots" could be a good thing for the series. Or not. Are people seriously demanding another Riddick movie?

Source: JoBlo



Brandon Ridenour

Bring it on! More the better.

Nov 20 - 07:45 AM


A.J. Degg

I would definitely see a third

Nov 20 - 05:54 PM


Brian -

Pitch Black was a great space/horror movie, and although the 2nd film felt completely different, i thought it was watchable as a sci-fi type movie, so yeah id be interested in a 3rd.

Nov 20 - 07:56 AM


private private

i think pitch black is ok. the second one is bad. however, i like the main character, i just wish he could be written a bit deeper than cliche anti hero.

Nov 20 - 08:00 AM


private private

i think pitch black is ok. the second one is bad. however, i like the main character, i just wish he could be written a bit deeper than cliche anti hero.

Nov 20 - 08:01 AM


Jeremiah Rancourt

Yeah, the character Vin Diesel played in Pitch Black was great. The movie Pitch Black is actually one of my all time favorite; it just sideswipped me when I saw it, b/c I wasn't expecting the action and horror spectacle I got. The story was well written, the set-up was terrifying, and the limited budget kept the filmmakers honest, only showing what they needed to and keeping the rest in the dark.

The Chronicles of Riddick was a huge disappointment. The other characters weren't as good, the situation was completely different, more like a Sci-Fi channel Dune movie than a big-budget sequel. The one good thing they had was the escape from the prison on the world close to the sun. If the whole movie had been about that, or about Diesel's character escaping from Butcher Bay (or both), the simpler storyline would have worked a lot better.

Sadly, maybe people should just let this series die on the branch. I've willfully forgotten about Chronicles of Riddick, maybe the rest of us (including the director) should too.

Nov 20 - 08:14 AM


Gimy Moo

d3mn...hope this doesn't interrupt the Pacifer 2, phew. another sequel that is not at all surprising, nor really news actually. i thought this was in the works already as a straight to dvd...

Nov 20 - 08:15 AM


Sebastian Straub-Wolfskill

COR is deff. one of the most underrated films of all time. I thought this movie was awesome with a somewhat origonal story. I really hope they make a 3rd movie!

Nov 20 - 08:19 AM

Mr. Kong

Sam jacobs


Nov 20 - 08:40 AM



There are a lot of worse movies that got sequals or have people forgotten either Fantastic Four films.

Nov 20 - 08:45 AM

A Lapse In Reason

Nick Haskell

Escape From Butcher Bay the game for Xbox wasnt bad at all beter than the movie, thats for sure.

Nov 20 - 08:54 AM

A Lapse In Reason

Nick Haskell

Escape From Butcher Bay the game for Xbox wasnt bad at all beter than the movie, thats for sure.

Nov 20 - 08:55 AM

opTIMus Nerd

Tim Ahlberg

I thought there was a third Riddick flick? Didn't I see a 3 pack available at Target including some direct to DVD nonsense? Not that it matters; Pitch Black was surprisingly decent and the sequel could have been cool (but wasn't). I do not see a need/demand for a third one necessarily but should they appeal to the style and substance of 'Pitch Black' then you never know.

Nov 20 - 09:04 AM


Jesse Szygiel

3rd was a cartoon....dont ask

Jan 5 - 09:21 AM


Curtis Applejohn

I think they consider the animated Riddick film to be the 2nd movie and CoR to be the third. So, yup, there's already a trilogy. Personally, I really hope they make it a true trilogy. I love the Riddick character and Vin plays him so well.

Nov 20 - 09:24 AM


Matt Dunn

that would rock. i thought both were cool movies... wouldn't mind seeing a new game too... that game was BADASS.

Nov 20 - 09:30 AM

Bloody Mathias

Mathias N/A

This is good news. Let's hope Twohy get something like a $30 million budget so he doesn't go all Lucas on his storylines.

I Riddick, and i want a third flick if only to redeem the character from the disappointing second.

Nov 20 - 09:34 AM


william mccloskey

pitch black was the ****. chronicles was just ok, it had some good elements though.

Nov 20 - 09:47 AM


Robert Hamer

*groan* I think I can go without a sequel to a film that calls a fiery planet "Crematoria" and a race of vicious warriors "Furion."

Nov 20 - 09:53 AM


Ben Okun

pitch black was really well done for what it was, an indy sci-fi/horror flick. CoR was fun but almost strictly worst then the original, in that it had cardboard characters and a pretty childish "plot". a threequel has potential i suppose, but i'd rather see hollywood make up for the trash that was XXX State of the Union by bringing us some more Xander Cage...

Nov 20 - 09:53 AM


Gary Sundt

Chronicles of Riddick is bad. Just plain awful.

It's like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back...

...without all the years and movies leading up to it that made that movie watchable.

Let Pitch Black remain great, and leave Riddick and the franchise to fall away in obscurity.

Nov 20 - 09:53 AM


Tommy D

Yeah, I'm ready for more of this. "Chronicles" could have been better, but it wasn't bad. Considering all of the sequels being made that I don't really want to be made, I'm on board with this one.

Nov 20 - 10:25 AM

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