Cilantro y Perejil (Recipes to Stay Together) Reviews

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February 9, 2007
This was very cute. It sorta had a Love Actually thing going on. It was sweet but very real and human at the same time.
July 21, 2007
Susana and Carlos are an upper middle class Mexican couple that has fallen prey to crazy schedules, too much work and stress. She demands change, and throws him out to make a point. Eveyone suffers, mostly the 2 precocious children. Susana's sister is making a documentary on couples and love and this becomes a parallel theme: What is love and what keeps couples together? Throughout there are black and white snipets that reflect the situation as though they were filmed through her camera.

Another parallel theme is the commentary from a couples therapist; it is like the Greek chorus in the background, singing the tragedy of today's societies.

One of the nicest events is the meeting of an older man and woman whose mature love blossoms and they marry at the end.
Both Susana and Carlos join a singles group and are set up for dinner at an expensive restaurant as a prize. After experiencing the miseries of dating, they rekindle the passion that was lost and squelched by societal pressures and have a renewed appreciation for on another.

A touch of When Harry Met Sally is redolent at the end, where the couple speaks to the camera about their marriage.

Very sweet and uplifting movie.
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