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A Brazilian "Scarface"

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m z


Dec 20 - 08:23 PM


Dinis Lourenço

I could say a lot of things about your review but, as you quoted, Meirelles said it all. The point of the movie is not to show the reasons of the violence, the political or sociological explaination for thi story. It just wants to tell the story os Buscapé, a kid who tries to survive in the harsh enviroment of the City of God.
As for you not liking...well, characters aren't made for us to like, especially Zé Pequeno! In fact, the fact that you don't like Zé Pequeno is a proof that how great this film is...

Jul 11 - 10:12 AM

PDX Zymurgy

Justin Logue

Are you kidding me? Comparing the violence in this movie to the violence in a taratino flick is absurd. The reviewer even refers to L'il Ze as the main character which is not the case, you could argue L'il Ze is the main villian but that's besides the point. The point of view is from someone who lived through these events the extreme violence is to demonstrate the awful conditions how early children were becoming desensitized to brutal violence. The film indicates the hopelessness felt by the youth in the slum and the cycle of violence that was created from it. Not every film is supposed to be a popcorn flick. This critic gives "The Departed" a good rating and not "City of God", get a clue.

Jul 21 - 04:30 AM

Kassem Jaber

Kassem Jaber

scarface isn't tarantino dumbshit

Mar 18 - 06:37 PM

Ed Wood

James Bevins

You are an utter fool.

Aug 6 - 12:27 PM

Sean E.

Sean Emmerton

Err.. just from the summary, I can tell you've completely missed the point of the movie. Imbecile.

Nov 27 - 03:18 PM

Jeff W.

Jeff Warren

**** you louis proyect

Apr 30 - 10:33 AM

Charles B.

Charles Booth

I decided to look up this movie to see what kind of person would give this movie a smashed tomato....and I've found the half-wit right here. Lil ze is clearly not the main character. Did you even see the movie, or just read other reviews? next time go see the movie 'Madagascar'!

Jul 24 - 04:51 AM

The Stunner

Tiago Paulo

dumb comments

Apr 6 - 08:13 PM

Chris H.

Chris Hancock

dont get me wrong, I love Scarface, but calling City Of God the Brazilian Scarface is insulting to how well-crafted and smart this film is.

Aug 14 - 05:14 AM

Tom O.

Tom Omalley

I think you really need to watch this one again.

Nov 28 - 08:48 AM

Tom O.

Tom Omalley

I think you really need to watch this one again.

Nov 28 - 08:48 AM

Robert Cowan

Robert Cowan

Don't worry this is why he reviews for a rinky dinky outfit.

Jan 21 - 06:59 PM

Karla Campbell

Karla Campbell


Aug 22 - 10:34 PM

Pedro Guimarães

Pedro Guimarães

Dumb review. The guy didn't get the story nor the aim of this film. He even quotes the director's reasons, but states that he'd rather watch some BS film that lacks the originality and the frantic pacing this one offers. Dumb, a very dumb and sad way to review this film.

Sep 20 - 05:29 AM

Dival Lomba

Dival Lomba

This critic simply shames and diminishes the credibility of Rotten Tomatoes.

Nov 11 - 12:37 PM


Edward Stymest

I would say these comments are more likely to do that trick.

Jul 4 - 09:16 AM

Marshall Draper

Marshall Draper

LOL...your life is a sham

Jul 15 - 09:36 PM

Tom Wayward

Tom Wayward

It is a shame that you are employed sir

Sep 3 - 08:30 PM

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