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puffchunk puffchunk
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March 13, 2008
Slow and pointless. Lacks great elements like Quest for Fire, which had Ron Pearlman and tons of monkey people fights.
deano deano
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½ January 28, 2007
The perfect movie for Darryl Hannah. She does an excellent job with use her sign languages in her character as a cavewoman by communicating each other.
Byron B
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February 2, 2008
I've seen some bad reviews of this and even the author of the book, Jean M. Auel, on which the movie is based evidently didn't like it. I did like it though. The make-up work rivals that of The Planet of the Apes. I thought the minimal use of spoken dialogue and consistent primitive sign language was well done. The subtitles did not distract: they helped because the characters do not use a known language. I identified with the theme of Ayla having to walk alone in the end because she questioned the ways of the clan too much. Critic Roger Ebert says, "[The movie] never quite makes them seem frightened and ignorant and vulnerable and bewildered." In a way the clan is subject to nature and these qualities, especially Brun who's primary fault is the way in which he deals with the feelings that Ebert mentions by being close-minded and macho. But I don't think Ebert has a legitimate critique because most cultures won't show these traits because they think they have it all figured out. The series of books are all about how ancient peoples who lived in caves are not so primitive as we might assume. And so, their culture just like ours and every one in between has a certain pride in their own customs and norms that help them avoid those scary feelings. Ebert also sees the fact that "every one of these people has motives that are instantly recognizable and predictable" as a fault. He misses the point by coming to the movie with expectations that it would perhaps be more like One Million Years B.C.. I think the point of the story is that the books were bestsellers because they are about how human motives have always been the same.
Marion R
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December 27, 2008
What did I just watch? This is strange and I really wasn't that interested.
Tom R ½ March 8, 2012
(3 1/2 Stars) Most negative reviews say The Clan of the Cave Bear's book is superior. To that, I say, "When isn't it?" Books can go deeper into a character's psyche and have little to worry about when it comes to screen time. Films average out at two hours, but books can be limitless. In that, they have an edge over movies, so when I review films, I try not to compare the adaptation (unless I'm a huge fan of what is being adapted), but the story that is presented to me. And this film is not bad. It has lush cinematography that exhibits the beautiful countryside, the story is basic but effective, and Daryl Hannah is convincing as a strong female in a tribe of men. The worst thing I can say about her is she may be a little too beautiful for this film, but better that than going ugly for Oscars. It is pretty slow-moving, but it kept my attention, which is hard for a movie centering around cavemen. The Clan of the Cave Bear is not for everyone, but for what it is, it's adequate.
skootertaylor skootertaylor ½ March 31, 2010
I've seen this many times and I just love it. It really makes me wonder what cave life was like. I was also impressed that they left Daryl Hannah's legs hairy and unshaven. Now, THAT'S reality!
terris85017 terris85017
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½ July 12, 2009
(1986 Director: Michael Chapman) This was not bad, some entertainment value. NOT as original as I had hoped.
MorrighanLupercus MorrighanLupercus February 17, 2009
The book was better (as is usually the case), but this rendition wasn't bad. Note: There is little or no dialog in this movie.
firstamb firstamb July 8, 2008
Darryl Hnnah plays a human woman raised among Neadrethal-like humanoids. Ha. Except for Hannah, this movie is pretty pathetic.
Marce E August 31, 2007
One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Completely ignores the years of research that went into the novel to show "character development" and the main character aging by having her spin around a forest glade calling her name. Total crap.
tashina74 tashina74 August 17, 2007
Daryll Hannah is awesome in this movie based on the book by Jean Auel i'd love to see her make movies on the rest of the books in the series Earths Children.
MovieGuruDude72 MovieGuruDude72 June 28, 2007
If you read the novel first this is a great accompanyment to that book. Though no language is used in this movie it still comes across as fresh and original.
mbzrs mbzrs March 26, 2007
A disappointing adaptation of the most excellent LeGuin books. Overbearing and ponderous, it makes my butt hurt to think of sitting through it again.
deepblueheart2006 deepblueheart2006 March 22, 2007
Loved the book, and the movie didn't bitch it up too bad....wish they'd chosen a different lead, but.....
DisturbedAngel13 DisturbedAngel13 March 5, 2007
Another movie i completely adore..a power struggle for a woman to find herself when banished from a mans world...daryl hannah did a great job
harmnsteve harmnsteve August 31, 2006
I wish they would have made the rest of the books into movies...although they could of done a better job on the clan.
Helema A April 14, 2014
This movie was nothing like the book and the places things take place were so out of whack. i am glad jean m auel got the rights back now lets see the new one made!!
Specialist M July 24, 2013
An under rated movie.
BatMime BatMime July 7, 2013
Well, it's a better movie than Battlefield Earth.... uh, it stars the mermaid from Splash as a human woman growing up amid the neanderthals. It's also a movie that takes itself way too seriously, nary an intended chuckle, and falls flat on its face.
Bryant H March 30, 2013
It is unfortunate that the film took such a wide turn from the book. From what I have seen, there was far too much detail left out. On the other hand, if someone were to re-do this into a proper film, it would have to be very long
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