Steve Norrington to Direct Clash of the Titans Remake


In his first directorial effort since 2003's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Steve Norrington has signed on to helm Warner Bros.' Clash of the Titans remake. Back to Article



idle one kenobi

YES! YES! YES! Awsome news. Absolutely loved the original, and Ray Harryhousen is a legend. But, I for one, LOVED the remake of King Kong, even though I loved the original. (not the 70s remake)

So Clash of the Titans has the potential to be AWSOME! More Greek legends need to be put on film.

Dec 14 - 06:43 AM


Jim La Rose

From the guy who brought us League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? go to sleep.

Dec 14 - 07:04 AM


Jim La Rose

From the guy who brought us League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? go to sleep.

Dec 14 - 07:05 AM

Dave the Destroyer

Dave Hustava

You know it's the Right Thing To Do.....

Dec 14 - 07:46 AM


Liz Purcell

Ok, this sounds great...i just hope they don't make the Greek mythological characters too over the top..i'd like to see real detail in the characters and how Medusa really was beautiful before her conversion to the sexy snake haired, bow-arrowed toting self...i can see Angelina Jolie as Medusa..she would definetly pull that off..

Dec 14 - 07:53 AM


Daniel Klooster

A great classic movie that could be great as a remake. As always, I just hope it's done well with a good screenwrite and good director. Although the director of LoEG doesn't thrill me, but having Kasdan do the screenwrite is a good sign.

Dec 14 - 07:58 AM


Nova Lee

Why do i have the feeling that Gerard Butler would be in this movie.

Dec 14 - 08:44 AM

Unbreakable Samurai

Unbreakable Samurai

I like Norrington, he did a very good job on Blade and I am happy to see him back at work. He messed up on LXG, but it sounds like it had lots of problems.

Dec 14 - 10:06 AM


colin kiely

i've read the script, least one of them, pretty solid, tiamat and the water monsta could be pretty balls if they make it kewl

Dec 14 - 10:30 AM


Jeff Dutter

Ridley Scott or James Cameron should direct this remake.

Dec 14 - 10:51 AM


JD Dutter

Ridley Scott would do an amazing job with this film! or Christopher Nolan, Sam Raimi???

As long as Lucas, Spielberg and Bay keep their filthy hands out of the pot!

Dec 14 - 11:09 AM


Matt Gamble

Now this is one remake I will support!!! It had better not suck...

Dec 14 - 11:58 AM


Jesse Moore

They hired a director who is visually unstable? I mean Blade was good, but it was rather scattershot visually, and LXG was just a more severe case. He has some interesting perspective on directing, but he doesn't know how to make anything coherent in terms of visual style.

Let's hope Clash doesn't resemble LXG which looked jimmy rigged and stapled together.

Dec 14 - 02:23 PM


Anthony Vargas

This also is ruining my childhood. wheres the razor?

Dec 14 - 02:28 PM




Dec 14 - 07:02 PM


Wesley Williams

Norrington did direct the first Blade, which was great and the best one of the trilogy. SO this may be interesting.

Dec 14 - 10:46 PM

South Texas Terror

D Galvan

I hope they dont F this up. They are messing with a classic and only a classic remake will do.

Dec 15 - 01:09 AM


damv bat

yea this is going to suck

Dec 15 - 07:04 AM


D Krispin

Good grief people, stop complaining or worrying. What sort of worth is accuracy to a classic in movies like this? Hopefully it'll be an all new movie along a similar mood. That's all that matters. After all, the original entirely messed with the source material... who cares? I mean, I'm a Classicist, it's my field to study Greek myth, and I don't mind so long as a good story is told (the literary purists in this regard don't generally even know the myths properly, else they'd understand how even in antiquity things were altered between writers.) Movie making is art, and art adapts to say something to its current audience, whether that is in the form of a statement or simple entertainment. As such, expecting it to rightly 'recreate' the original is as ridiculous as wanting the myths to be directly adhered to. But then we'd have no Pegasos (who is spruing along with his brother Khrusaor from the blood of Medusa); we'd have no Kallobos... indeed, I shan't think, if I recall, even have any 'Titan' as the original movie portrayed it, and certainly not a Kraken (which is in no way Greek. Maybe Kharibdis.) But where's the fun in that? Oh, I admit, I'd want to see something exact... it'd be kinda neat to see exact adherence to the old stories for one... but barring that impossibility, I think it's better not to worry about things being perhaps messed up, and just enjoy the movies. Good grief, this is a monster movie! It's not a folk tale like the original Perseus story. So how much can we really expect from it? So let's stop complaining and just expect to at least bloody enjoy the thing, shall we?

And to whoever mentioned Tiamat as a monster... wherefrom that? Tiamat is Babylonian, not Greek.

Dec 15 - 12:11 PM


jon doe

Spaghetti sauce oozing out of Medusa's neck stump. They better keep that part.

Dec 15 - 08:19 PM

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