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Cleveland Vs. Wall Street (Mais mit dä Bänkler) Reviews

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April 3, 2011
Cle. v. Wall St. stirs up emotion by confronting the controversial issue of sub-prime loans in America. From scene-to-scene, the story focuses on a mock trial, issuing testimony from a diverse witness list. Most trials, real or fictitious, use a jury to determine guilt. This civil court jury is enlisted to deliver a verdict, "Are the big banks of Wall St. financially liable for the rash of foreclosed, boarded-up homes in Cleveland's Slavic Village. Just as the first witness is called, it is transparent this film sets out to convict & demand the CEO's to, "Pay me my money down, pay me or go to jail," as sung in the movie. Similar to Michael Moore films, this film targets a niche market audience sympathetic to left-leaning ideology. The movie did earn points for cinematography & music, which contributed to good production value. If you like anti-capitalist & anti-personal responsibility movies, this one is for you.
April 2, 2011
Just saw this at Cleveland Film Festival, it was a very good movie that sheds light on a tragic situation.
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