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Ice cold, indecent, and way too obvious to be in any way deep.

February 9, 2006 Full Review Source: F5 (Wichita, KS) | Comments (26)
F5 (Wichita, KS)



Chris baxter

no wonder your a no name critic...

Nov 17 - 03:21 PM


Ohad Akhtari

Aaaww.. little Jake doesn't like one of the best movies ever made. Stop crying now, Jake. They should have named you "Joke" instead of Jake.

Mar 31 - 12:16 PM


x c

the only thing that is ice cold is you jerk euker

May 1 - 07:34 PM


Brandon Beckelheimer


May 16 - 04:57 PM


Alex Frasier

Jun 11 - 01:36 PM


Jonny Petersson

Jun 27 - 04:25 AM


niall kennedy

Aug 15 - 07:53 AM


George Solas

you guys are pathetic,the only reason to like such movie is because it was considered to be cool back in the 80's. gsus christ

Sep 12 - 12:44 AM


Kenneth W.

Yes. That's all this movie has going for it--it was "cool to like in the 80s".


Sep 11 - 03:15 PM


Chet Johnson

Is this person off, this movie was way ahead of its time, still is actually. One of the best ever.

Dec 29 - 08:10 PM

Cat Stevens

Cat Stevens

I agree with Mr.Euker, this movie is a piece of crap and it's VERY overrated.

Jul 20 - 11:52 AM

X Y.


If you think this is a piece of crap, what do you like? Gay******s from Outer Space?

Jun 30 - 08:52 AM


Chris Mascuch

I think this movies percentage speaks for itself

Oct 8 - 05:29 PM

Captain Guy

Kyle Steele

Somebody mention Fight Club?

Dec 21 - 11:42 AM

dolly h.

dolly haorambam

The movie is way ahead. I agree to that.

Maybe you didn't notice the hilarity and the irony it provokes, right from the beginning... which is the best thing!

But only if you know to look at 'vulgarity' the other way too!

Jul 26 - 08:53 AM

Leisure M.

Leisure Muffin

If you truly do find this film to be "obvious" then you should make movies. You could be the next Stanley Kubrick. Because the rest of us morons find this film to be quite clever, and full of vision.

(So easy to condemn, so hard to create..)

Sep 20 - 10:57 PM

girly g.

girly girl

maybe if you watched it again....

Aug 2 - 07:21 PM

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Aug 9 - 07:31 AM


Kenneth W.

I'll focus on these three main criticisms.

"Ice cold"

Let's start where this is, by default, a bad thing. Kubrick's form of expression is devoid of sentimentality, but this is, if anything, for a good cause. Even when we're seeing a woman raped to "Singing in the Rain", or a homeless man being beaten within an inch of his life, it's Kubrick's objectivity and lack of sentimentality that's not telling us how to feel about it. He wants us to look at it and come to our own conclusion--is society evil, or just Alex? When a character says that "goodness is chosen, but when a man cannot choose, he ceases to be a man", that's the character saying it, not Kubrick. When one character says when "criminals hit the state, the state should hit back", and when a character says, in contrast, that criminals like Alex should have a chance at rehabilitation, neither is Kubrick talking--just the characters. This objectivity is Kubrick practicing the most important trick in the book; he's showing you, not telling you.


Well, this is even stranger. If it used the events in the film in the interest of shock value without substance, that would be one thing. But everything in here serves a purpose, even things as (seemingly) out of the left field as a threesome in fast-forward. Every bit of sexuality and violence we see in the first half, even when it appears gratuitous, is Kubrick giving us a look at Alex's world. This is in contrast to the far more straight-foward second half, which is Alex facing the consequences of the real world.

"way too obvious to be in any way deep"

I already cited how Kubrick used "show, don't tell" for the film so maybe going into this isn't necessary, but if you left finding it unsublte, you should consider what you thought Kubrick was trying to say. The depth that's celebrated comes from the moral complexity, as it's anything but morally simplistic/black-and-white.

Mar 7 - 06:11 PM

Sarfaraz Abbasi

Sarfaraz Abbasi

Get life and re-watch it again

Apr 11 - 01:21 PM

Mike S.

Mike Stankiewicz

When was it decided that a movie had to be deep in order to be a masterpiece?

May 10 - 11:22 AM


ozboy o

Hooray. Finally someone else realized what a painfully obvious movie it is and willing to tell it like it is. God this is such an overrated movie. It is so slooooooow and like most of Kubrick's movies, I wish I could get my two hours back (which felt like five).
As for you people that think it's confronting and thought provoking...gee, you really have lived sheltered lives.
Clockwork Orange - best described as a cross between Pulp Fiction and Willy Wonka & The Choclate Factory.

May 13 - 04:14 AM

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